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In Party of One, investigative journalist Michael Harris closely examines the majority government of a prime minister essentially unchecked by the opposition and empowered by the general election victory of May 2011. ...

Party of One

Stephen Harper and Canada's Radical Makeover

Harris, Michael

“The F-35 saga shows an essential part of a broken military procurement process in the United States," Winslow Wheeler told me. Wheeler spent thirty years as a national security advisor on Capitol Hill, and is the director of the Straus Military Reform Project at the Centre for Defense Information in Washington. "The heart of the broken process is 'setting the hook,'" Wheeler noted. "The manufacturer over-estimates the performance and underestimates the cost and offers 'fantasies' about the scheduling. The F-35 is classic. The key to 'setting the hook' is making sure that production starts before you begin testing. Contractors like Lockheed Martin say testing can't take place first because it would waste a lot of money. Once a lot of public money is spent, the argument used is that you can’t waste all that money that has already been invested. At that point, you have entered the 'buy-in' stage." end marker

Like his colleagues, Sheila Fraser and Peter Milliken, Robert Marleau sees a quiet and destructive revolution taking place under the nose of a country seemingly in a trance. "I see a government that is dismantling, piece by piece, a Canadian mosaic that in a small way a lot of us here helped to build. It is happening behind people's consciousness of it, without the knowledge that it is happening. Canadians are sleepwalking through dramatic, social, economic, and political changes surreptitiously being implemented by a government abusing omnibus bills and stifling public and parliamentary debate.... We operate under Westminster rules - an honourable understanding that you will play within the rules and by the rules. Mr. Harper has not played within the rules. Having attained absolute power, he has absolutely abused that power to the maximum." end marker

I ask Farley which of his books he liked best. “If you mean the one that was the most important, it would be, Sea of Slaughter. If you mean my favourite, it would be And No Birds Sang." The war book. end marker