Black Friday

…. because television says so.

Black Friday. Because in America and Canada, you can pitch a tent for capitalism but not for democracy…

Black Friday


Some folks have posted on our page asking where it’s ok to shop and other questions along the lines of ‘should I do this, or should I do that?’. Others, enraged that we would dare question their practices, tell them what to do or where to spend their money. Our page is not here to tell you what to do or where to spend your money. What we are telling you to do is to practice self-reliance. Think for yourselves and stop looking for indisputable answers tailored to your life on a Facebook page. We are a world of 7 billion people all with our own thoughts, feelings, and opinions so there will always be someone to dispute what we say. The answers you seek are inside of you. Human beings have forgotten their own potential due to a deliberate campaign waged against them by some members of the ruling classes. We need to respect every ones right to exist and have these opinions but opinions are now shaped and formed through mass psychological warfare techniques being deployed in nearly information outlet available to us. Don’t be afraid to take the unpopular course if you feel in your heart it is right. An entire generation is waking up around the entire world right now because when they stop and observe the world around them, they know in their heart it is not right. What our page is ‘telling you to do’ is realize the impact of the choices that you make extend beyond you and are radiated out to the entire world like waves from a pebble dropped into a pond.

This movement may be new but it has always existed because it is based on the creative guiding principle that governs all things. What started as a flickering idea in the mind of a single human being has now grown into a worldwide movement. This is how energy works; it is the basic guiding principle of creation in the known universe. It cannot be stopped. As Albert Einstein said…this is not philosophy, this is physics. Like a few small burning embers scattered throughout a forest, each individual focused on this positive change has sparked the flame in others around them. Those small embers begin to gain intensity as the energy spreads further to those around them and soon what started as a few small embers burning individually has amassed into a raging inferno which will continue to burn and spread long after the original ember has gone out. This is similar to the way thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle without shortening its own life. It can only be extinguished when all the fuel is gone, and our fuel is the human spirit which has burned deep in the hearts of all men since the dawn of time. So long as man exists, so shall this idea. The real ‘Spirit of the Season’ has always been, and always will be, the human spirit. This is the time, this is the moment, where we stand up united to return balance to the whole of humanity by welcoming the return of Truth to all mankind.

Occupy Christmas


Human need vs corporate greed.

from John Prince
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