Class War

…. a struggle to stop the other half getting what “we” have.

Is Class War about to kill the American Dream?

With the American election coming up in November in which Obama looks like a sure thing because of Romney’s foot-in-mouth disease gaffs after gaff, I read a great post today that summarizes today’s new reality in that the American Dream for the 99% is not only dead, but buried as well. Give it a read:

Naomi Wolf’s Eulogy for the American Dream


Mitt Romney – “A Corporation Running for President Masquerading As an Individual”.

from John Prince
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6 Responses to Class War

  1. Anonymous says:

    “The comfort of the rich depends upon an abundant supply of the poor.”

  2. lungta says:

    my days of optimistic window shopping
    moved to realistic alley cruising and garage sales pretty early
    nice that it’s official now tho
    saves slipping back into dream mode
    re: the mitt/obama sluggfest

    do not count out the Diebold factor
    remember that sinking feeling with your first elaborately composed email?
    that when you pushed send your stomach churned and your heart sank?
    thats touch screen voting in the states
    uncountable, untraceable indisputable results which never seem to remotely match the exit polls
    the empire may get a new posterboy

  3. John Prince says:

    “… the empire may get a new posterboy.”

    Would not surprize me one bit! After all, this is the empire that gave us Reagan who started the ball rolling for the 1%ers followed by a string of others, irregardless if they were rep or dem (different sides of the same coin), all of whom are pushing the same corporatocracy agenda.

    The US is nothing more than an “empire of illusion”, feeding the masses BS entertainment while fleecing them for all they are worth. Laughing all the way to the bank.

    Meanwhile, people still go to the polls to vote thinking that is going to change things. One of two choices, both of which give you the same results… ‘bad government’! Might as well play Russian roulette… same results. Even the Miss America pageant gives you 50 choices. The presidency only gives you two? That’s how fixed the system is.

    Good point on the Diebold factor. Nothing like simplying the corruption factor, hey. After all that’s what got us GW, wasn’t it? This time we’ll probably get Mr. Corporatocracy himself.

    Thanks for your comment lungta!


  4. Jose says:

    Considering that the Company tallying the votes is in Florida and is owned by a Spanish company that George Soros has a share in, it is doubtful that any votes will go to Romney in the cyber world of vote counting. Yep, untraceable. The Presidential race is closer than the bought and paid for multi media groups are saying it is. The Chicago Obama Machine run by the local Boyz is in full operational mode. Al Capone would be proud.

    Really matters not who wins since they are both puppets controlled by the big corporations. Plus the Congress is bought lock, stock and barrel by the big corporations and banks. Congressmen are lining their pockets knowing the end game is in play. We’d all be in jail if we took the bribes and playoffs that Comgress takes.

    Any Stimulus money and G1 through the current G3 program was or is channeled to the big boys who get richer at the expense of the 80, 95 or 99%ers – your choice. None of the money reaches the people needing it or who could benefit from it. Never was in their game plan.

    The latest G3 program is the unlimited purchase of mortgage backed securities which means that any house with a mortgage is now owned by the Federal Reserve, which is a private entity owned by the big banks. Many of these mortgages were bought from the banks in the Big Bailout at full price and are now being sold back at a discount. Same old crooked dealing as the USA slips into Corporate Fascism.


  5. John Prince says:

    Right on, Jose! Totally with you and lungta on this.

    Just wish more people would open their eyes, wake up, and shut the system down, so that we can retool it and get it back on track again working for the people… if that is even possible anymore?… What am I saying?! It is possible, we’ve seen an example of this with the recent Quebec Student Protest victory (my next post).


  6. Anonymous says:

    “The reason they call it the American dream is because you have to be asleep to believe it.” – George Carlin

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