Councillor Emile Saindon is back… on the campaign trail

Campaign Trail

Back on the Campaign Trail

Just in time for Christmas, Municipal Councillor Emile Saindon is once again posting to his blog It’s Been Awhile. Is he back on the Campaign Trail, I wonder?

Thought I’d give him a plug and help him on his way to being a man for the people. (Isn’t that what all politicians aspire to be?)

Unlike a certain other blogging councillor, I’ve found Emile to be an honourable man who actually welcomes discussion without trying to manipulate the process in an underhanded manner.

Check him out. I’m sure he’s dying to answer some of your questions. At least he, unlike the rest of his council, is trying once again to reach out. Could be a nice Christmas present for those who believe in sharing. Hopefully, it’s one that lasts.


In order to understand the truth, you should not suppress your intellect. On the contrary, you should purify your intellect, exercise it, and intellectually try and test everything which we can possibly put to the test.

from John Prince
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16 Responses to Councillor Emile Saindon is back… on the campaign trail

  1. Judy says:

    Personally, I don’t care how much they reach out now … it’s too late! They made their bed and it’s time they laid in it and reaped the rewards of their actions.

  2. John Prince says:

    I think most people would agree with you there, Judy. Too much water under the bridge to save them now.

    Arrogance by an individual or a council can be their biggest undoing, no matter their good intentions.


  3. Anonymous says:

    j JOHN and JUDY both of you are not giving M’Saindon a chance.May be he grew some horns in his absence that he can push up the old gray Mare ass you never know.At least ask him few important questions before you shoot him down.Then you find out if he is fishing or serious.After having his nose in a stinky place for that long MAY be he come to his sence

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have read Emile’s blog. He is always forthcoming on issues. I was surprised at his comment about no one from Ratepayers or regular bloggers being at any of the budget meetings. What is up with that I wonder.

  5. Anonymous says:

    On Pincher Creek Voice: Every councillor should be required to take these courses. Might be a great help. No one has the education required, it must be learned. This would most definitely help. Good for them. Great commitment to their job.

    MD of Pincher Creek No. 9 Councillors Helen Cyr and Terry Yagos recently received certificates upon completing four core courses and three secondary courses of the Elected Officials Education Program (EOEP). Cyr and Yagos are currently serving their first term on the MD council.

  6. Jack says:

    Mr. Saindon is getting reeady for an electiom. We the people of the CNP will not forget what they have done.

  7. Anonymous says:

    to 6.oo no councilors need education some one will figure out how to miseducate you.What you need is No chickens s–t run for council.when the Mare is wrong you tell him rite there in the council chamber in front of everyone and than if you are wrong the rest of the council will deal with it.The decision have to be made by a person over 19 years of age and live in the area for 6 months no place where i found you had to smart otherwise the MARE whould never got there.

  8. Judy says:

    He had his chance … two years of chances actually. He lost his chance with me when I read in every local newspaper how it was OUR fault Rumrunners failed because we didn’t attend the venue. That’s the trouble with this whole council … they simply will not see that maybe, just maybe, they have screwed up a time or two. If they would LISTEN they might get another chance, but they just bulldoze their way through us as if we don’t exist. Now it’s approaching election time they will put on their phoney faces and pretend they care about us again … pfffft! I smell you know what.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Judy, I rest my case. You said it all, it does not matter if you put lipstick and a fur coat on a pig it will still be a pig. I believe I smell the same thing you do throw it back at him.

  10. Jose says:

    Here is a reply by Mr Saindon to a comment from John Prince, on Councillor Saindon’s blog:

    emilesaindon PERMALINK*
    December 11, 2012 8:48 am
    John I have been getting it for the last 2 plus years.
    As for living in an ivory tower not sure if you mean where I live or the stuffy basement council chambers, either way I do not consider myself above any other resident. What I do think is that I want to see this community change it’s way of existing.
    As for positive issues to send out that has been very difficicult as every time we get one issue out another comes crawling in from around the corner. I for one knew we would have numerous issues to deal with and we are. Had we seen fit to make some changes over the last decade this past 2 years might have been different.
    As for the next election that is a long ways off and has no impact on today’s issues. I have not even considered running.
    You can find fault in any comment or action or you can try and look at it objectively and take part in the process. To be negative on all fronts only stalls the process.
    REPLY”. End Quote.

    The part ” that has been very difficult as every time we get one issue out another comes crawling in from around the corner.” Now why would this be?

    Each issue is like a thread, and it appears that this thread gets longer as a result of the various actions and reactions taken by the Mayor, Council and Administration. Let’s take the Firemen Issue as an example:

    Simply following “The Firemen Thread” from the cancelled Thunder In The Valley show, to the reorganization of the Fire Departments, to the hiring of one or more new Fire Chiefs, to the firing of the Blairmore Fire Chief, to the mass resignation of Volunteer Firemen, to the replacement of local Volunteer Firemen with paid firemen from the present Fire Chief’s old stomping grounds, to the hiring of a paid Deputy Fire Chief from the Chief’s domain (what happened to the original Deputy plan) tells the story. This is one thread where one action led to another, and so on. Who created this thread — the negative citizens you say –HARDLY!

    The relative indifference shown by the Mayor and Council regarding the Firemen Thread shows that there is a BIG problem here. This is but one of Threads that have hit this community, resulting in the Ratepayers Petition. There is the Tax Increase Thread, the Utility Franchise Thread, the Peace Officer Thread, the Rotating Admin Staff Thread, the Rum Runner Days Thread, and now perhaps the Powerline Sale Thread. How many of these threads would be as long as they are had they been handled in a different manner?

    We can only guess the amount of wasted time and money that this Mayor and Council have and are causing by not being upfront with the citizens? Did they not expect any reaction, and for the citizens to just roll over? They blame the “negative” citizens and not once point the finger at the real culprits– the Mayor,Council and some Administrators.

    Mr Saindon is right, the Investigation is a welcome event. We will then in his words “see that this community changes its way of existing”.


  11. Anonymous says:

    Jose, this is too clear, they will not understand. You have to keep it muddy just like their mind, then it will sink in. What a good job you did. Too bad you are talking to a meat head.

  12. Judy says:

    Awesome post, Jose. And don’t forget … all the council will come out and try to make out like they are open and honest and we all get along like kids in a playground because of this investigation. I’m sure more than one of them will be reaching out pretending to be approachable. Too little, too late in my books.

  13. John Prince says:

    Jose, I agree with Judy, well done! Each issue is a thread as you say and there are many of them. Like a spider they have spinned a web of lies and deceit and are now caught up in their own entanglements. You made that quite clear. Good work!

  14. Anonymous says:

    How can anyone respect or trust a person who bold face lies without even blinknig an eye.

  15. Anonymous says:

    4:07 You really fooled us with this one. What are you talking about?????

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