Death of the Liberal Class

Death of the Liberal Class

Been doing a lot of reading lately, especially books by John Ralston Saul and Chris Hedges. With respect to the later, for an uncompromising look at the state of liberalism in this country and how it happened, read Chris Hedges’ book Death of the Liberal Class. I did. And I’m glad I did as it cleared things up in my mind as to the state we are in.

A major point in the book is that the Liberal Class, and the media, are THE problem. They talk a good game but do not actually fight the fight.

“The Death of the Liberal Class” examines the failure of the liberal class to confront the rise of the corporate state and consequences of a liberalism that has become profoundly bankrupted.

Populations will endure the repression of tyrants, as long as these rulers continue to manage and wield power effectively. But human history has demonstrated that once those in positions of power become redundant and impotent, yet insist on retaining the trappings and privileges of power, their subject populations will brutally discard them. Such a fate awaits the liberal class, which insists on clinging to its positions of privilege while at the same time refusing to play its traditional role within the democratic state. The liberal class has become a useless and despised appendage of corporate power. And as corporate power pollutes and poisons the ecosystem and propels us into a world where there will be only masters and serfs, the liberal class, which serves no purpose in the new configuration, is being abandoned and discarded. The death of the liberal class means there is no check to a corporate apparatus designed to enrich a tiny elite and plunder the nation. An ineffectual liberal class means there is no hope, however remote, of a correction or a reversal. It ensures that the frustration and anger among the working and middle classes will find expression outside the confines of democratic institutions and the civilities of a liberal democracy.

Below is a video clip of Chris talking about his book. Worth viewing in my opinion for being a pretty good summary of the book. But read the book too, for the devil is in the details.

(Click here to watch the enlarged version on YouTube)


Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most; that has made it possible for evil to triumph.

from John Prince
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