Conservatives ‘Economic Action Plan’

…. screwing Canadians out of work one job at a time.

Economic Action Plan

In Alberta, more so than any other province in Canada, there are fewer and fewer jobs going to Canadians and more and more going to foreigners. In fact, 3 out of every 4 jobs in Alberta are going to Temporary Foreign Workers (TFW)… who really aren’t so temporary anymore these days.

The following links and graphs clearly show how endemic this situation really is.

Canadian Companies Using TFW’s List


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Yesterday’s announcement by the HarperCON government to fix the problem Conservative government reverses course on temporary foreign worker program after public outcry is a joke, like putting a band aid on cancer, as one can clearly see by watching Labour’s reaction to their announcement here.

Labour on foreign worker program changes

A while back, I wrote about my own first hand experience dealing with the Alberta Works ‘Jobs Fair’ Farce?, and what an eye-opener it was for me personally. Now a few months later the whole country has their eyes open to the fact we have a federal government that cares little to nothing about working Canadians and their families, as they are clearly joined at the hip to Wall Street and greedy corporations and financial institutions.

They seek to exploit Canada’s riches and diminish its strong working class in order to make it easier to pillage down the road. That is the conservatives real Economic Action Plan they spend so much of our dollars on in prime time no less in a failed attempt to convince us otherwise. They are not job creators, they are job destroyers!

The whole mass immigration system has been used for the top 1% to line their pockets while the rest of us see constant change in our communities and become more isolated culturally in our own country. In their eyes we have become a disposable commodity. 

The graphs above clearly show under the HarperCONS the TFW’s program has been speeded up; the process of transitioning cheap labour to a full time situation for the benefit of the one percent while ensuring Reform Tory hard times continue and things get tougher for the middle class here in this province and in this country, is now implemented policy. This by any standard would be called TREASON! I and many Canadians hold you all personally responsible for committing TREASON against Canada, The Economy and it’s people.

Only a traitorous government in cahoots with soulless corporatocracy would do such things to their own people, and only a people who would allow this to be done to them, can call themselves nothing but sheep.


For over thirty years now class war has been perpetrated by corporatocracy against working people and the lower middle class in both the states and here in Canada. First they transferred our jobs by the millions overseas in what they called ‘outsourcing’ that still goes on today (think RBC), and now in the last few years they bring in foreigners for us to compete against at home, in the race to the bottom.

For Canadian society as a whole the TFW program succeeds only in making a few richer at the expense of the many while contributing significantly to unemployment, in addition to suppressing wages and benefits for ordinary Canadians, and as a result it drags this country down, rather than raising it up, immersing it in greater poverty, and therefore is a health hazard to a good portion of citizenry in this great nation and a sickness to society in general.

“It’s a system of having two classes of people, and instilling fear and inferiority and loathing.”

Naomi Klein in her book No Logo does an excellent job explaining how the working man today is being screwed, along with some tips on what he/she can do to turn the tables and become the screwer, rather than the screwy. Or put another way, how to screw the screwy screwers. :-)

It’s worth a read, if only to ‘edumacate’ yourself on a serious and growing issue that affects us all. Afterwards, subjects such as the recent (and industry common) horrific deaths in Bangladesh of almost 400 people (mainly women and children) working in a garment factory, or why you can’t find a job or must settle for below standards in pay and benefits (if you can find a job today that pays benefits), or how governments who work against your best interests in order to feed the greed and gluttony of corporations who are no longer beholding to society’s well-being, lacking completely in any type of social responsibility even to the countries of their origin, never mind the host country, all of this in reading this book will open a window of understanding in your mind that when stretched by this new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.

The Sleeper Must Awaken


Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.

from John Prince
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31 Responses to Conservatives ‘Economic Action Plan’

  1. Anonymous says:

    An inspiring letter to members of parliament…

    OPEN LETTER TO the Government of Canada

  2. Anonymous says:

    Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.

    But…isn’t this what we are all taught? Most of us that is. The select few get a different education. They are educated to become the authority. What most of us need is a re-education. Read Naomi’s book. It’s a pretty good start!

  3. Bob Laithwaite says:

    John, what is this “Anonymous said” bs? If someone has something to say, let’s hear it and know the source. Otherwise it is meaningless. These “comments” before mine appear to be extracted from your original text! Are you commenting on what’s already been said? Who else then is this “ANONYMOUS”?
    Now let’s get to some of the reasons for out-sourcing. Have you heard of productivity differences in work sources? Have you heard about the recent out-sourcing on the engineering design for projects planned to be constructed in Canada? If we’re going to comment on what’s going on, can we make sure the comments have a sound basis from which to show what’s wrong with these undertakings? Spouting off from previously prepared statistics and charts is only repeating what someone has determined to be factual beforehand, whether or not it is or does it explain the whole story. Now, I’d like to see comments on this, but can we please see a face?
    Bob Laithwaite,

  4. Anonymous says:

    Bob, enlighten me on the “productivity differences in work sources.” I can’t say that I’ve heard of them.

    Curious George

  5. Anonymous says:

    WRT the intra company transfer, there are companies that bring in Americans so they can diversify their management experience. They also send them to other countries before going back to the US. The positions they are taking could be filled by Canadians. One I’m aware of is a HR manager position, another is a regional sales manager. Easy to fill those in Canada.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I was at a few of our local establishments and noticed that the employees have changed.Did all of the old employees quit?Were they forced out?Lot of these jobs were great for after school or summer employment or part time to make a few bucks, or even full time.Are these new employees getting paid less?
    As long as there are Canadians that want these jobs they must be filled by Canadians.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Do you think that the TFW program is any worse than the other aspects of our Immigration Program? Refugee status, bringing in family, and immigration in general not only costs us many dollars, but the benefits granted and freebies given do not help the economy. What happened to the immigrants becoming part of our society rather than us granting them their demands, the very things that they “escaped” from? We are patsies for immigration in general and are letting the immigrants tell us how our society should be, rather than them assimilating into our society. Stop these freebies and the TFW program as it is.

  8. John Prince says:

    Hi Bob,
    Good to her from you. I hear what you are saying Bob, but the reality is that many (most) people for a variety of reasons who visit social media sites such as this blog for example do not want to identify themselves and therefore use anonymous. Personally I wish some of them would at least use an easily identifiable moniker so that we can track that person’s prior comments and thereby get a feel for their thinking and more of a personal connection.

    Anyhow Bob, as a previous commenter has already stated please expand more on your thinking with respect to ‘out-sourcing’ being both necessary and needed. I for one don’t disagree that in some cases this is true but even a cursory examination of the list of companies I provided at the beginning of this post clearly shows the majority don’t fit into this category being fast food establishments such as Timmy’s, A&W, MacDonalds, etc. The system is being abused by big corporations and our federal government is turning a blind eye to this abuse and thereby costing Canadians lost job opportunities in the hundreds of thousands. This ain’t right!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Former Progressive Conservative pollster Allan Gregg speech To Alberta Federation Of Labour Slams Harper Government (VIDEO)

    Gregg encourages union members to speak out on the issue of temporary foreign workers in Alberta in the hopes of “advancing the public interest”

  10. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like we are following in the U.S.A. footsteps,

  11. Anonymous says:

    Flooding Canada with foreign temporary workers drives down wages, robs Canadians of jobs and creates a two-tier society.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Tax the rich… jobs for all. People before profits.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Watch what happens when the results of canceling voyager. This is going to rock Calgary and Alberta.

    Agree 100% that foreign workers are bs. There always has been enough labor in Canada to support rationally paced development. It is only when the rampant urge to develop as fast as possible does the labor force become an issue.

    The jealousy and money grab from BC with respect to approval of pipelines does not help on the other side of things. On this side of things if there is no reason and consent Canada as a whole will lose.
    Canadians need to step back and think about the big picture.

  14. Anonymous says:

    This kind of thing has been going on forever. I remember back over 20 years ago, I knew this couple that had come over from England. They did not have to pay any type of income tax whatsoever for 5 years. Also had a lot of other perks, i.e., health paid for. So, nothing new I guess. At the time I could not imagine it happening anywhere else.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Anon 5:00pm, interesting that BC has a small amount (17%) of temp applications, yet has 65% or 628 employers who are questionable. Any bet what two countries are on top of the list? The program is nothing but a way to scam the system. Who thinks up these crazy programs, some desk jockey who knows nothing about the real needs out there?

  16. Kev in the Pass says:

    Anon 7.40am. It would help if you put some “meat on the bone” to your comments about the English couple. Can I ask, 1. How many years over 20? 2. What were the Terms of Immigration at that time? 3. What skills did they bring? 4. To what area of Canada did they locate to considering that the CNP population reduced by 4.8% between 1991/1996? 5. Were they employed by a Company that provided health care to ALL employees or not? 6. What other “perks” did they receive? You say it has been going on forever and could not imagine it going on anywhere else. Have you changed your views and if not how would you change it? I totally agree that all jobs in Canada should be filled by Canadians. However you have to look at the Government and Employers recruitment processes. They will advertise positions at the lowest rate legally allowed. The question is at the end of the day ” Would you get out of bed for 10 hours a week for $12.00 an hour?” You may not but someone from another country WILL. Kev in the Pass

  17. Anonymous says:

    To answer your questions quickly, as I don’t believe it is good to write a book, yawn, yawn.
    The person I am referring to is someone that came to Calgary, exactly 22 years ago. To me the biggest perk was that he did not pay taxes for five years after moving here. I did not understand that as they would have been paying taxes in England. The government also gave him money towards buying his house. I think that maybe if this was not allowed, that employers might have to start paying their people better and treating them better. Look at a company like Tim Hortons for example, I think the people work there really hard for not very good money with a corporation that makes a lot. It has turned around the last while; employers used to share their wealth with employees, does not happen very much anymore I don’t believe.

  18. Kev in the Pass says:

    Anon 6.44am. Thanks for the reply, however I did not expect a book or a disrepectfull, yawn yawn. JP provides this medium, allowing people like us, to discuss issues important to all. Thanks JP. The info you provided is interesting to me, I am from England and Immigration is a topic very close in a lot of peoples conversations. In the late 70s due to the rise in unemployment, many young people emigrated to Australia on subsidised packages, does that sound familiar? From the 80s onward many started to immigrate to the UK. I asked what skills did the English person bring to Canada, you did not elaborate. The people coming to the UK in the 80s were not classed as skilled. The Immigration policy to Canada from 22 years ago is very different, there are no “perks” Unfortunately due to the greed and the attitude, that number one comes first, the Government Policy on TFW as had an impact on jobs for Canadians. Currently, as people arrive at the UK border seeking work, benefits etc, from European countries, more nationalised UK citizens are leaving to pastures new, Canada should be thankfull for the Atlantic Ocean. Kev in the Pass

  19. Anonymous says:

    Can’t blame the UKers from wanting to get out now that the UK has been taken over and is becoming radicalized by elements known. Most I’ve met here are good people and as long as they leave the Queen bit behind and don’t pine for the old country, fine. Best get out before the British pound has some value. Canada has a lot to offer and sometimes it takes an “outsider” to realize how good we have it. If only the government would recognize who will help the country and who will milk the system…….re TFW program.

  20. Kev in the Pass says:

    Anon 9.57am Agree with your post, thanks for an interesting discussion. Thanks to JP. Kev in the Pass

  21. John Prince says:

    Kev in the Pass,
    Thanks for sharing. Come back again anytime.


  22. Anonymous says:

    Anon 3:30 pm, that’s what happens re Brooks when immigration related to refugee status or quotas are combined with TFW and greedy employers. The other side is that when things were booming, the employees demanded more and more and held the employer at ransom. The employees just moved across the road if their demands weren’t met.

    Good until….the recession. Then WTSHTF, the government keeps it’s head in the sand and keeps the various programs going, or are bought off by the employers. Add in the RBC type fiasco where the locals are fed to the dogs after being used up. The backlash added to the lack of jobs puts us where we are now. In dodo.

    Next will be the demands by the TFW and their rights. With a few bleeding hearts we will all be paying for unemployed TFW. Another program gone wrong.

  23. Anonymous says:

    You certainly live under a big rock by yourself or in a cave.
    “Canada has a lot to offer”… “If only the government would recognize who will help the country and who will milk the system.”
    The “outsider” found out how good we have it. If you don’t speak English they kill you at the airport and deny it on T.V. Who milk the system if not the politicians themselves and blame someone else for it.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Anon 11:08 am, can’t argue about the airport bit nor that the politicians milk the system. But if you think that we aren’t being milked by many recent arrivals to Canada then it is you that is living in the cave.

    Canada is one of the better places to live; how one chooses to live his or her life is up to them. Many many immigrants have done well through hard work and are living the dream. They even surpass those born here, through hard work and living within their means.

  25. Kev in the Pass says:

    Anon 2.24pm Not sure about getting shot at the Airport, but then again who am I to argue. Your 2nd paragraph I would agree with. Anyone given an opportunity to earn a living and add some wealth to a local community should be welcomed. Shirkers should be put on next plane out. Kev in the Pass

  26. Peter Rosner says:

    I believe ANON 1108 am on May 8 is refering to the polish immigrant who was tasered to death at the Vancouver airport in 2007. He was suffering from medical conditions and was handled wrongly by security and the police due to his lack of english and mental state. With apoligies to the family that from that tragedy i dont beleive that is a fair example of what you can expect from Canada. On the subject of immigration i dont think we have the right to be too judgemental. Check your family tree and unless you are a native you will find an immigrant somewhere. As long as they are willing to come here and make an honest living good on them. Through my work experience i can tell you the more you welcome and accept them the quicker they will raise their level of expectation to our standard of living. There is no doubt employers recruit foreign labour for their own puposes we have to be smart enough to deal with it. Most want a better life and move beyond the lower end jobs, and will work hard at a couple part time jobs in the process just to stay here. There is lots of service industry like hotels and fast food chains that require this type of help. We cant have it both ways how much do you want to spend on a quick meal or to stay at a hotel. I find most people dont think about the built in costs of the products they purchase they just want a cheap deal. That usually ends up taking money out of the hands of the people producing,transporting and handling the product. You dont have to look to far to see what that kind of thinking does to a local economy. Getting a little long winded here but worth the discussion. Thanks again

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