Credit-Card Companies

Harper needs to be a peoples PM and do like Obama.

Credit-Card Companies

I see my man Obama is taking on the banks and credit card companies. Obama seeks to protect credit-card users. The president told credit-card companies Thursday he wants to halt arbitrary rate hikes and get more protections for consumers.

This is a peoples President. And the vast majority of credit card holders are saying… Go Obama, GO!!!!!!!

Now where is Canada’s Obama? I heard the other day that two of our banks are now rated in the top 6 banks in the US. These same banks (Canadian) are not charging transaction fees at ATM machines, nor are they charging a whole slew of other user fees and bank charges for this and that, to their US customers. But they do charge us Canadians… to the tune of billions of dollars annually.

I’ve spoken before about this issue and the unfairness being perpetrated upon Canadians by these shylock financial institutions, while our government does nothing! Other types of white-collar crime are running rampant in this country too, with absolutely no accountability what-so-ever when the odd one does get caught. A jail sentence that for all intents and purposes is nothing more than a tap on the wrist with time served at a country club. A two-tiered justice system is what we got i.e. The law for the poor and justice for the rich.

The powers to be in this country (from all parties) need to wake-up to the fact that people are ‘hurting’, and they’re not going to take it no more. In my opinion, they better do something about it soon, or we will have a crisis on our hands that will make the last depression look like a cake walk. Hostility boils in the underclass. These days life is tough enough, without having piranhas and sharks taking bites out of you every time you turn around, while the people who are suppose to protect and look after you have their collective heads buried in the sand.

The real sadness is that Harper and his ‘fat and happy’ conservatives seem oblivious to what is going on in the real world, and are behaving like status quo demi-gods. Isn’t that what King Louis and Marie Antoinette did before Lady Guillotine chopped off their heads? That’s it!!! We need heads to roll in this country before real change takes place for the people, by the people. Bowling anyone???


For in a world where anything or anyone can be owned, manipulated, and exploited for profit, everything and everyone will eventually be.

from John Prince
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2 Responses to Credit-Card Companies

  1. Gary Taje says:

    Yeah I would like to add my 2 cents worth about bankers….but my wife would kill me

  2. John Prince says:

    Gary, Your wife and the people who work at her branch from the tellers to the manager are ‘terrific’ people, who have been there for me during trying times. My problem is not with any particular bank or with the people who work in them, but with the one’s who sit in the ivory towers and perpetrate predatory practices on the masses.

    From the time credit cards were first introduced to this country back in 1967 to the present time, we have gone from a saving nation to one that is a debtor nation. Over half the people who have a c/c carry a balance at the end of the month and in recent years find themselves being nickeled and dimed to death, and preyed upon.

    Consumer protections are desperately needed but politicians (and their parties) are afraid to act. The odd private members bill soon dies a slow death because the powers of money and greed know which palms to greese.

    Politicians talk the talk and go through the motions that they are working on your behalf but at the end of the day you find little action, just a lot of talk and phoney promises (just like here). But some of us know who is who and when the time is right… we will remember… Je me souveigns.

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