Honouring The Democratic Process

…. in the Crowsnest Pass.

Democratic Process

Now that I have removed around 1900 daggers from my back, I’m ready to kick ass again here in the land of the Prince. :-)

Got a request yesterday from Christopher White from the Crowsnest Promoter who wants to do something similar to the Q&A’s candidates submitted to the newspapers here during the election, but dealing instead not with Q&A’s but with the thyme “Honouring The Democratic Process in the CNP”. He is asking each candidate who ran to give him their thoughts, in 300 or so words.

At first, I thought he was putting me on. After all, anyone wanting to avoid my supposed anger would be best to avoid asking me a question like that, right? :-)

Anyhow, once I found out he was serious I thought about it… and thought about it… and thought about it. Until I decided “the hell with this, just sit down and write”. Which is what I am doing now.

“Honouring The Democratic Process” WOW!!! Where do I begin?…

If the fix is always in is it still democratic?… If all you get here is decades of autocratic rule by the elite (Tossing out one set of bums for new ones just keeps giving us more of the same bums with different faces, right?) is that democratic?… “Where is democracy, for I think she has hid her face here in the Pass, for I do not see her?” Instead, I see a game played out over and over again, election after election with the same people working the polling stations. That game is the ‘facade and illusion’ of what is called the ‘democratic process’ here in the Crowsnest Pass:

  • 300 plus people from a population of around 5850 attend a forum only one week after nomination day and a full three weeks prior to the election, answer 3 questions followed by a closing speech of 1-1/2 minutes. Chamber of Commerce provides 200 Candidate Packages containing CV’s
  • Q&A’s in our local newspapers
  • newspaper election ads
  • election lawn signs scattered throughout our community of communities
  • Meet & Greets by some candidates that for the most part are poorly attended

From this the people made their decisions? I think not! I think the majority of people relied on others to tell them how to vote, instead of doing their own homework and then exercising their own individual decision making process. In other words, most people here go along like sheep voting for who ‘others’ tell them to. Which explains how 73% of voters landed up voting in a Mayor who is a virtual unknown, having no council or municipal government experience, while at the same time voting out the gang of four (new school) and voting in a new gang of four (old school). It seems here in the Pass, “where all think alike, no one thinks very much”.

We are a closed society where money, power and ‘history’ (family) dictate how things are decided around here.

If and when things start to not go their way they release their dogs of war (The ‘rag’)… “For them democracy is no more than a bright tinsel wrapping to be torn off the moment it poses any real constraint around their freedom.” At the end of the day, the elite give marching orders to their individual community ‘mine bosses’ on who to vote for, and the message is relayed down the line. VOILA! DEMOCRACY IN ACTION IN THE CROWSNEST PASS!!

“Honouring The Democratic Process”… Yes Christopher, I think you ask too much when you ask me this?

UPDATE (Nov.06): For more on the above post with respect to the Promoter’s article, you can go here.


Democracy cannot be advancing if its parts are autocratic.

from John Prince
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  1. John.

    I know a lot of people read your Blog. I wanted to share something that I had written in my Blog. If you will allow me a link, I would appreciate it.

    Much Thanks,



  2. Sasha Dodds says:


    I was born and raised in the CNP and am from what one would consider the “younger” generation. I have moved away, had children and moved back to a community to which I love and want to nurture my offspring in. Although I have not followed politics until the last three years or so, the diminishing core of the community since the previous election has forced me to lose the apathy and begin to focus on what I want our community to be. I have never seen as many young people give thought and consideration to their votes as they have this time around; not swayed simply by a name, money or power as you write. Like you, we all believe that change is necessary. Like you, we all want those changes to take our community to another level. However, UNLIKE you, we want positive change. We don’t want to make the same mistakes that we have in the past. Choosing to vote for only who we know, as opposed to who we think we know. I for one, voted not based on my predetermined opinion of the candidates, but for who I thought could really step up to the plate and successfully lead our community with dignity; not those who would bring their pre-concieved and ultimately convinced, close-minds to the table. I had not much awareness of your previous campaign efforts and so you too were given a fair chance. After reading your blogs, it became quite clear that you were just the candidate that would continue to keep the community in a dissolving state, for no man can step up for the plight of others or the true good of the community when he can only focus on himself. In saying this, all five of the candidates I voted for were elected. Many of my friends and townspeople voted alike; as was the outcome. You rant that this is a result of old school/new school politics. I rant that this is you and only you who has determined your fate here. If this fate of our is one of illness, as you may think it, then so be it. The people of the CNP have clearly chosen. As hindsight is often 20/20, for every post you write after the election results, it only confirms to me and I am sure many others, that WE have done the RIGHT thing.

    I would also like to clarify that we are not sheep nor cowards and are not being herded to making our choices. We are not running or hiding from past secrets. We are simply moving ahead. What has been done has been done. The only way to look is forward, with a council that we have elected to make the appropriate decisions to do so. There are many things I would like to change about this community and I believe that with new council, we are heading in a new direction. That, in itself, is positive. Please don’t assume that by any means we are all stupid, irrational or naive just because we didn’t name you as our leader. I choose to post my name here as opposed to anonymously as I, like you, am not afraid to stand up for my values and am by no means a coward. Being that you often utilize quotes within your blogs to emphasize your notes, here is another for you.. you are “the author of your own misfortune”.

    Sasha Dodds

  3. Karyn says:

    I lived in the Crowsnest Pass for 10 years and moved away 7 years ago. I frequently visit and it is “home” to me.
    It saddens me to think that after so many years the community does not have more to offer. You are right in that regard. A recreation center would be a huge asset to the community. Unfortnately, to aquire one,the town needs to have some pretty large and well established businesses to help support it. (Extra Foods would be SO much better in a new location). We have a new Rec Center here and it is AWESOME. There are so many activities and programs for people of all ages. The Pass would definitely benefit from something like that! That was the part of you blog that I agree with it.

    When I lived in the Pass I would have never voted for you anyway, so your blog does not change my opinion of you in that respect. Character is much easier kept than recovered, and you really have your work cut out for you now. “Kiss my ass, WTF, shallowness and stupidity” It disgusts me to read things like this. As someone who wanted to lead the community I would have hoped that you would have more integrity and could present yourself in a much better manner. I know that I would be horrified if my children ever said anything like that and I am astonished that an “adult” would act in this way. You say you will not run again? I would have thought a better farwell to something that you have done for a while could have been accpeted with more grace and dignity, even if the outcome was not what you wanted.

  4. John Prince says:

    I find that people who are long winded are so because they really have nothing to say aside from criticizing and character assassination, that is. Neither of you ladies bothers to deal with the facts as I have presented them but rather take exception to ‘how’ I presented them. I do not apologize for my manners or language as I consider them perfectly appropriate for this type of forum. The ones who usually take exception are the ‘prudes’ who like to use that as an excuse to not deal with the subject matter at hand. It’s called bait & switch. In this regard, I must say “I prefer the company of peasants because they have not been educated sufficiently to reason incorrectly.”

    This community, as far as I can remember has had as its leader either a doctor or a teacher. Neither profession turns out business people, and since our municipality is for all intents and purposes a business, we have suffered the consequences of having people who are on the one hand unqualified, and on the other have treated the position as nothing more than an ego-tripping, social affair. You say you wanted change and now you’ve got it. How can this be when all you have accomplished is more of the same old same old? Replace Decoux with Irwin and you have a council made up of pretty much what we have had for many a year i.e. a majority of ‘status quo’ old school with a sprinkling of new blood. Where is the change? Instead of Irwin we have Decoux, more of the same. Nothing has changed, except as I said previously “tossing out one set of bums for new ones just gives us more of the same bums with different faces.”

    Sasha, you take exception with my ‘personal’ blog (I take exception to your premises) but I don’t hear you criticizing Decoux for not having one so that you too could get to know him as you think you know me? Like who is he, what’s he stand for, what’s he going to do for me and this community, what’s his vision, ideas? Whose behind him and directing him, etc., etc. before blindly voting for him. It has been said, “Most people vote against someone rather than for someone”. I suspect this is the case here with both you ladies and the others. I gave you too much information while the others provided you with nothing. In your ignorance you chose to go with someone you did not know hoping for a brighter future than take a chance on someone of my ‘lower standing’ and crudeness. What does that make you people? Snobs? Hypocrites? Shallow and stupid? You’d rather have one of your own; regardless if he lacks the qualifications and brings huge limitations to the office, than go with someone from the other side of the tracks? And now you rant and rave because I dare call a spade a spade and tell you what fools you have been, and why.

    As far as being the author of my own misfortune goes? As I said before, it is not I who have lost… but this community. Pomp and circumstance don’t interest me (but it does the others who crave prestige) but having the chance to be in a position to do good works, did. I would and could have done wondrous works, but for the fact a retired teacher was felt more deserving, not by qualifications but for the fact his middle name is ‘Vernon’. The name Vernon done me in! Done in by a name? This goes to my earlier point in this post on history (family)… people here being sheep, blah, blah, blah.

    You say that you and your family voted as individuals rather than sheep. I say you are the exception rather than the rule in our community. The results speak for themselves.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I see in today’s Promoter that our new Mayor is being referred to as Bruce Decoux, instead of Bruce ‘Vernon’ Decoux as has been customary throughout the election campaign.

    Imagine a man in his late sixties riding on his father’s name. Your going to have some kind of leader there, if he ever becomes his own man, that is?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Those who do not think independently are under the influence of somebody else who thinks for them. If you give your thoughts to somebody else, it is a more shameful slavery than if you give your body to someone to possess.

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