Oh Canada, Our Bought and Sold Out Land

Oh Canada, Our Bought and Sold Out Land

This is a fantastic series. Why the hell are we NOT printing our own money here in Canada????

We need control back.


Finance is the art of passing money from hand to hand until it finally disappears.

from John Prince
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  1. Anonymous says:

    another great little documentary
    doubt whether emails and phonecalls will bother them much
    We are not printing our own money because the elite response would be much the same as the response last two regimes that tried something like that ….who were they? … oh ya Iraq and now Libya (under Qaddafi).
    lets see…Canada establishes its own bank …America makes an outrageous demand for water (it’s coming anyway) Canada demands compensation …America refuses declares it a security issue and annexes…39% of voting Canada cheers…
    Its been over for at least 50 years and will play out in favor of the several layers of power above bilderburg. They used everything you ever cared about as a tool against you. They won.

  2. Jose says:

    Anon 2:52AM, OUCH!!! Sad but true. NAFTA allows for the purchase of Canadian water by the USA, according to the USA. Once the big oil companies and hedge funds buy up all the water rights in the USA (these go with the land in some areas), all eyes will point North.

    The old NAPC-North American Power Commission (Bechtel?? Co) in the 1960/70s had it all mapped out. Dams all over Western Canada for water diversion south into the USA. That is why some of the newer dams were built on the Peace and Columbia Rivers systems in part — to move water (and electricity) south to the USA. This appeared to die with Trudeau but has always been there.

    So far the Canadian banking system has held its own, but it is tied to the USA for sure. We don’t have any gold bullion left in the Canadian Mint in Ottawa so at least they won’t come after that re Qaddafi’s stash. The Canadian $ won’t be gold backed like Libya was going to do, so no bombs expected.

    But the Canadian farm land is being bought up by corporations, the oil, gas, coal, etc is sold off, so yep WATER is next. Not sure if this will happen before the revolution starts in the USA though. When that happens, the Canadian border will be like the US/Mexican border is now. Harper had best upgrade the Customs/Immigration folk and build the detention centers besides his new prisons.


  3. Fred Poirier says:

    Hi John,
    the video says it all. BUT, you said it just a little better. “Hand to hand until it finally dissapears”
    All this corruption starts at home with our local politicians that are just interested a looking after their own interests and their friends. I have a paper trail on are local Community Futures, a Federal Society that gives money to a Provincial Society and I mean BIG MONEY ($000,000). This Society passed some of that money to another Provincial Society also in the big numbers, that gives up to $10,000 to some of the people that have their own little Provincial Societies. At the same time are on the Board of the larger ones. I will not use any names at this time, I will wait for somes parasites to deny that. All these Provincial Societies dissapear now, a dozen people kidnapped all the money and if you compplain they take you to court and again, using your own money to do it. They keep what they have stolen because some of the local politicains are on the Board of that federal Society, that would be shooting yourself in the face if you say anything, not in the foot.

  4. peter rosner says:

    the clock is ticking in the USA and the financial meltdown to come will be even worse than in 2008

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