Municipality: Penny Wise, Dollar Foolish

Municipality Dollar Foolish

Well here we go again! According to this week’s Promoter newspaper our council is once again in our pockets. This time they are raising water/sewage by 4.5% and garbage by another 3.0%. With these new increases we will now be paying close to double what we were paying for these same services just a few short years ago. As well, they are raising by 6% the municipal electrical distribution system rates to reflect the 6% they recently raised through Fortis that looks after the other half of our municipality’s electrical system. In addition, further increases are expected this fall.

How, pray tell, are people on fixed incomes, such as many of our seniors, and those on low incomes expected to keep up with a mayor, council and administration who have proven time and time again that they are nothing but out of control spendthrifts? Did any of these guys on council ever even take the time to read The Affordable Housing Survey (2008) that clearly shows the demographics and income levels for this area… households in the Crowsnest Pass consistently earn lower average incomes than similar households across the province.

Today, it seems all governments at all levels are out of control, bleeding us dry with a total disregard for the public’s ability to pay, and pay, and keep paying for their good governance. Now add greedy corporations to this list and it’s a wonder that more people are not up in arms, in revolt.

Especially now that we find out in the same Promoter newspaper that “documents obtained by The Promoter show the municipality spent $1.123 million on consultants and contractors over a 17-month period”.

The newly reactivated Ratepayers Association are having their first meeting tonight at 7 pm at the Hillcrest Miner’s Club. This latest news on how our municipal finances are being (mis)managed will just add more fuel to the fire, I’m thinking?

This municipal government has proven time and time again that they are penny wise (think Bellecrest Seniors), but dollar foolish, and soon they will find out… we ain’t going to take it anymore!!


The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions, that I wish it always to be kept alive.

from John Prince
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6 Responses to Municipality: Penny Wise, Dollar Foolish

  1. John Prince says:

    Shame you couldn’t stay awhile and share your thoughts… Must be in a hurry to get ready for the Ratepayers Association meeting tonight, hey? :-)


  2. I will see you there!

    I have been sharing my comments for a long time. It seems around here that if its not in the paper its not real. Had somebody this morning phone me and say “I can’t believe what they are spending on consultants” I asked the guy what the hell have I been telling you the last two months.
    Any way I am glad to see at least part of the media is talking about this stuff.

    For those that do have an interest in fiscal responsibility, go to the municipal web site read the Triennial Budget process and take a look at where the operating budget is going over the next three years.

    Dean Ward

  3. Anonymous says:

    Rates should go up with inflation which is about 2%.This council just keeps raising taxes by a greater amount and at the same time cutting services.When will we see something positive that this council has done? They have hired more employees in the office which does not help the average citizen. I just do not see anything that this council has done to improve the CNP for the people.Status quo would have been better as at least our services would have stayed the same and our taxes would have only gone up by inflation.I just wish I could understand what there thought process is, where is the benefit from collecting more tax?I also have noticed the 2 councilors with blogs have quit posting , I guess that they do not like to debate in a public forum, sad.

  4. John Prince says:

    You really don’t expect the other part of the media to actually inform its readers with facts, figures and the almighty truth now do you? After all, these are the guys who gave us two decades of Irwin that this poor council, while trying desperately not to lay blame on the former mayor’s doorstep, are by way of stealth taxes trying to undo the damage of years of neglect and poor management that that paper covered up so successfully. Never mind that they also covered up what voting for this neophyte mayor would give us in the way of needing his hand held by expensive consultants and out of town administrators who are changing the very character and fabric of this community while milking us dry in the process.

    No Dean, you can’t expect a newspaper that has given this community so much over the years to also admit that they have been the biggest obstacle to holding this community back, while at the same time selling it out to big city technocrats.


  5. John Prince says:

    Anon @11:46
    Good comment! Actually ‘very good’ comment!!

    The word on the street is this mayor and council will be a one-term council and the two councillors with blogs probably realize this, and say, why bother?

    Then again they could just be biding their time hoping to pull a rabbit out of the hat before the next election? Who knows, and who cares anymore, when what most residents want is to just be done with the whole bunch of them.


    p.s. Maybe someone should invite them to the Ratepayers Association meeting tonight, so they can get a sense of their new found popularity.

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