Ratepayers deserve thanks… or do they?

Ratepayers Association

In our local newspapers this week one will find the following letter to the editor…

Dear Editor,

Ratepayers deserve thanks

With the election and the release of the Municipal Report approaching we would like to express our sincere thanks to the Ratepayer’s Association Executive for their tireless efforts on behalf of the citizens of Crowsnest Pass.

The report would certainly never have happened without the tremendous amount of work they have done.

Thank you also for holding public meetings, issuing press releases, and otherwise making every effort to keep us informed about the activities of our Mayor and Council.

We all owe a huge debt to these dedicated people.

Thank you.

Dick and Susan Burgman


Personally, I can’t disagree with anything here that Dick and Susan said. They are right, this community owes them a huge debt in keeping this mayor, council and administration’s feet to the fire, holding them accountable, and making them aware their every move was being watched and monitored. Because of their actions they probably saved this community from who knows how much more harm which would have otherwise been inflicted upon us by this spend-crazy, out of control, gang of despots and tyrants.

However, as I have already stated in a previous post, they could have and should have done more. While themselves respecting the rules of the democratic process in curtailing their excesses, underhandedness, and the hypocrisy of their right-wing conservative establishment driven agenda. Forgetting ones grassroots beginnings while replacing that which you don’t like or agree with by way of using council’s own disreputable methods is the equivalent of replacing one evil with another evil, which lands up only giving us more of the same old same old… evil.

Ratepayers: What have they done?


Please identify one right-wing idea that has moved Crowsnest Pass society forward.

from John Prince
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  1. Anonymous says:

    If the Ratepayers deserve thanks?? Then only the executive needs a kick in the pants. Does this translate? If we (the members) replace the executive with people that don’t take sides in the election process that would eliminate the clique. Who did the work? The executive, or us (the volunteer members)? Dick and Susan you’re out to lunch. The Ratepayers Ass. executive is suppose to be controlled by its members not backwards here the way you believe the Exec. control the members. Exactly what our councils have been doing for the last 3 decades. The COUNCIL is elected to SERVE the public not to Control the people in it. Now we find that both have the same ATTITUDE which is not good at all for all of us. Some serious change is needed in order to control the SHYSTERS.

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