Senategate: "Give Steve the Heave"


The following are a couple of letters to the editor that can be found in the last two editions of the Prairie Post dealing with Senategate that I found of special interest as they relate to giving “Steve the Heave” over this latest conservative scandal in Ottawa, which has captivated most Canadians with angst the last couple of weeks or so.

Senate problematic for Harper

Stephen Harper had a chance to be a leader, ethically accountable, humble and contrite by accepting responsibility for the Reform Party-led Conservative Senate Scandal, even to put it behind him. “He blew it” is the conclusion observers of Canadian politics are reaching, including the National Post’s John lvison.

Harper blew it. Instead of accepting responsibility, Harper tells us “Canadians want the Senate to change.”

But what is needed isn’t “Senate Reform”. Ethical conduct in appointment, yes. Patronage and partisanship, no. Divisive provincial senate elections, absolutely not. But that is what Harper wants and where he wants to deflect the Harper Conservative Senate Scandal.

Harper is using the scandal of his making and that of his party to push the Reform Party – his old party – divisive agenda on the Senate, to rewrite 1867 as 1776.

What we see in Harper’s failure of leadership today is Harper’s choice to deny responsibility for his appointments to the Senate and choice of Chief of Staff, to deflect responsibility onto the Senate itself and onto individuals – others – who he says should be held accountable and away from himself and his party. Harper is saying such individuals should leave his party and caucus. Instead of accepting responsibility for his ethical and leadership failures, Harper chooses to exploit the moment to advance the divisive “new Conservative” Reform Party agenda and policy directions.

Harper needs to be held accountable and to pay the political price which ranks with his conduct in the 2008 prorogation crisis he originated in calling for his resignation and a new ministry formed.

Whatever you wish to call the Reform “Conservative” Party, it is time to “Give Steve the Heave.”


Senate-gate’ driving down Conservative gov’t credibility
The Oxford English Dictionary defines honour as the quality of knowing and doing what is morally right.

Yet, we are hearing nothing from our MPs about the corruption and scandal now engulfing the Conservative Party. Where is the response from our provincial government?
Where is the outrage at the unethical and unscrupulous behaviour of those who have whitewashed documents, made improper expense claims, or conspired in the attempted cover ups?

We citizens, need our elected members to stand up and express our angst for us to the government, and be our voice, not the voice of the Conservative Party. Government should be accountable to us, the people, not the other way around.

The continuing “Senate-gate” is just the latest in a series of fumbles and controversies that we have witnessed, by a government that has failed to live up to their own self-professed values of transparency and accountability.

It is time that the leaders we have elected take that trust seriously and clean up the mayhem that has descended upon Ottawa through the acts and failures of themselves or their cohorts.

How you handle these scandals for us will define how a lot of people will remember your term as our representative. Edward L. Flom says it well: “One of the hardest tasks of leadership is understanding that you are not what you are, but what you’re perceived to be by others.”



The lack of any type of mechanism in our Canadian democratic system by which mayors, councils and even Prime Ministers can be impeached/removed from office by way of a checks and balance system as what they have in the States with their legislative branch, or even a recall mechanism, is scandalous. Our system is broken and therefore in need of a major overhaul.

When you lose the faith and trust of the people, you should also lose your job. Both Toronto’s mayor and our PM refuse to come clean and answer questions openly and honestly regarding their conduct while being both arrogant and insolent in the process, openly showing contempt and disdain, and thereby little to no respect to the people they represent, along with zero accountability.

Our own mayor and council avoid open debate by way of a public forum, such as a town hall meeting, while completely ignoring the fact 2510 residents here have a problem with them, since last year. In addition to a litany of abuses of privilege and power it has recently come to light that they have been circumventing the democratic process by holding ‘secret meetings’ on our dime in direct contravention of the Municipal Government Act.

The way things are now, once someone gets elected they pretty much get a free ride, no matter what they do, and we the people have no means to kick them off the bus, even when we feel we want to, or must, because they now endanger the public liberty, and/or to avoid damage to both us and/or our vehicle (city/province/nation).

There’s something definitely wrong with the system we’ve got, and therefore something has got to give if we don’t want to continue seeing more wrecks, as we are seeing now.


We have to realize that playing within the system is not going to work, some revolution is needed to bring evolution in the system.

from John Prince
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9 Responses to Senategate: "Give Steve the Heave"

  1. Anonymous says:

    How true. What on earth is the point in electing “dictators.”

    It seems like we have deMOCKracy, instead of democracy.

    Hopefully they don’t think up some silly war or something to take our minds off of them. Yikes! “Slip Sliding Away” would be a good song for this dance.

  2. Chloe says:

    Why do we end up voting in crap? We get what we deserve because we do not go to council meetings on a regular basis. We do not read,connect with our neighbours, our communities, as we are so damn busy making it from Monday to Friday. Canada is a nanny state, bitch we may, but get off our ass and protest? Not going to happen as long as we suck up all the benefits that are thrown our way by politicians wanting nothing more than a second term and their pension. Things will change when we wake up, toss the Kool-Aid and get really, really angry. Write, call your local representative and let them know you are angry, not happy with their performance or their party. Let them know, they do not have your vote come the next election.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It really doesn’t matter who is in power, what level of government or what country, the result is the same. The politicians have high jacked the system, and think we the people are there to serve them rather than the way it was meant to be— they are there to serve the people. Power is their aim, and with it comes the money and control. They will not willingly give these trapping up.

    The Entitlement Society or Nanny State makes it difficult for the old time revolution to occur. Also, over regulation has tightened the grip on the people and we are becoming indifferent and let it all go by. It will be interesting to see just what has to happen to make it tip. Nothing coming up that I see.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I will take Prime Minister Harper any day over all the previous prime ministers we have had from Quebec, who always just have Quebec’s interest. Justin Trudeau has made no bones about it either. Let me see, Primer Minister Harper, Justin Trudeau, or Mulcair, no brainer in my opinion. And I think most people in Alberta would agree.

  5. John Prince says:

    Anon @12:54
    And with all that you never gave one good reason why? Except that he is not a Quebecer, which says more about your bigotry than your politics. Canada: one country – united, strong and free.

    Your presumptuousness in stating you speak on behalf of all Albertans goes to the heart of the matter i.e. “Get all the fools on your side and you can be elected to anything.” I think the HarperCONS did just that in Alberta, with you, don’t you? :-0 :-}


  6. Anonymous says:

    No John, it is jut common sense.
    You were obviously still in Quebec when the NEP was in Alberta, devasting us, people walking away from homes, losing jobs. I am a 3rd generation Alberta, and will believe whatever I want. We have not had a good history with all the Quebec prime ministers, and why does that happen- just because they have more people. Hope that changes with the new boundaries.

  7. Anonymous says:

    We will see when the upcoming Have/Have Not payment negotiations conclude. Bets are that Quebec will cry foul again, wanting more and more, while the rest of the provinces that are hurting take hind place on the piggy again. Ah, but we have to support the unbridled corruption like in Laval and the rest of Quebec. Get rid of that and John can have part of his utopia. Trudeau NOT, Mulcair NOT, Harper hopefully NOT — leaves a new PC leader doesn’t it?

  8. John Prince says:

    Anon @1:14
    Fair enough, but what most Albertans don’t seem to remember is that Lougheed himself played a pivotal role in bringing calamity to Alberta over the NEP. It wasn’t just Trudeau and the boys from back east, as most Albertans like to remember it… only.

    “Alberta retaliated in response to Ottawa’s moves in September 1973 to freeze the price of oil and to impose an export tax on oil shipped to the United States – acts which Lougheed considered “political aggression.” In December 1973 the Lougheed government moved unilaterally, without consulting the industry, and announced that future royalties would rise with oil prices, while the oil industry would be offered $130 million to expand exploration. That an avowedly conservative government made these changes was little comfort to the oil industry, which clung to “purple arguments about the sanctity of contracts.”

    I’m in total agreement with you that we need change… democratic change – an overhaul of our system so that regional tensions do not keep escalating with certain powers actaully working actively to play one off the otehr. That is plain BS. We’re one country. Save the anger for those deserving of it like corporatocracy and our bought and paid for politicians who are but their lackeys playing us off one another while robbing us blind.

    Anon @1:52
    What it leaves is none of the above which goes to my point above, we need an overhaul of our democratic system but that ain’t about to happen any time soon. In this regard, I was watching 22 minutes the other night and one of the skits really got my attention. Three people were sitting around the kitchen discussing and arguing about politics when the camera cuts away to the moderator who goes on to say “Canada’s favourite pastime bitching and complaining and then doing nothing about it.” That pretty much says it all about our sorry lot, I think.


  9. Anonymous says:

    We have long given up on “doing something about it” and have accepted that the governments rule and nothing will change. So that leaves our solution to the issues– bitching and complaining. We know the politicians are crooked but with the advent of the Intenet, the issues are now real time and do not remain hidden –for now. Perhaps we will find out that the CIS has been listening in on us and will also find out if anyone did more than complain. Stay tumed.

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