Oh what a tangled web we weave

…. when first we practice to deceive???

Tangled Web

Having read Joni McFarlane’s editorial of this week in the Crowsnest Promoter Occupiers struck a nerve I was aghast at both the misinformation and her analysis that this movement was a done deal. While also suggesting that the protesters were behind the violence we have been seeing, rather than the police and authorities, in most cases.

First of all, Canada did not escape the financial collapse. In fact the Harper government gave our banks $75 billion of our tax dollars in bailouts, despite the fact they neither asked for it, needed it, or wanted it? And if she thinks our economy being a commodities based economy for the most part is stable and will remain so with everything that is going on in a world that is tightening its belts and cutting back, then I’ve got to assume she either does not know what is really going on, or more likely, part of the concerted effort by our media to ‘spin’ this global movement as nothing but hippies and the great unwashed belly aching about their collective misfortunes, only. Never mind our dependency on the U.S. market that is both in a major spiraling downturn and becoming more and more protectionist with each passing day. And in this regard let us also not forget the ‘lag effect’. i.e. ‘when America sneezes, we catch the cold’ (usually about 6 months to a year later). Hard economic times are already here with 1 in 6 children going to bed hungry every night in this country, with things only going to get much worse. Seniors are struggling, with more and more of them relying on food banks like so many others in our society are now forced to do, homelessness is reaching epidemic levels, joblessness for youth and others is at record highs, growing inflation is hurting us all in our pocket books daily… the list goes on and on…

I suggest Joni and others of her ilk do some reading and ‘edumacate’ themselves in this area. Suggested reading:

  • The Truth About Canada, by Mel Hurtig
  • The Price of Citizenship, by Michael B. Katz
  • The Working Poor, by David K. Shipler

Mel Hutig’s book is especially relevant in that it shows quite clearly (Statistics Canada – is this why the conservatives want to get rid of this vital tool?) how Canada has been sold out and how poor we really are in so many ways that totally justifies Occupy movements in this country as well. Maybe, even more so than to our neighbour to the south, and elsewhere?

Unfortunately, media in Canada are the most concentrated in the world – and our laws to protect the public interest from excessive media power are the weakest anywhere. As a result, the message is not getting through to the people because of the conservative right-wings domination of mainstream media and control of the message, as evidenced by Joni’s editorial… and so many others doing the bidding of the 1%ers.

Occupy: Canadian media turns its back on the homeless, the marginalized, the disenfranchised

Secondly, with Occupy movements taking to the streets in at least 1600 cities in the U.S. with at times tens of thousands marching at any given time in anyone of those cities, almost on a daily basis, it is laughable how the media attempts to dismiss this movement (especially here in Canada) as a done deal. “Lets go home and forget about all this nonsense.” Continue being wage and debt slaves to a system in desperate need of an overhaul and/or replacement. No Joni, I don’t think that is going to happen despite you and your masters best efforts at wanting it so, because “You can crush the flowers, but you can’t stop the spring”.

Occupy Wall Street: Civil society’s awakening

As the quote below suggests, our country’s media in the last few years has been hijacked by the far right to serve their interests at our expense, by attempting to change how we see ourselves.

Today, corporatocracy rules… that needs to change! Which in part is what the Occupy movement is all about. Building a better world for all, rather than just for a few. You are the 99%ers! The whole world is watching and soon the whole world will be marching too! Join in and be the change you want to see in the world.


You alter the character of a nation by changing how it sees itself. You change how it sees itself by changing the media.

from John Prince
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9 Responses to Oh what a tangled web we weave

  1. peter rosner says:

    This is a very good post John. Too bad one of the local papers doesnt hire you to report full time. You are obviously very good at doing research on the subjects that the general media likes to avoid. Have you considered approaching a larger newspaper chain that is a litle more open to the left point of view or are they all bought off

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks to all for your postings.

    Peter, today, 90% of Canadian media has become concertedly conservative, moving to the right of the people. So someone of my leaning you would think would not only be in demand, but needed? In this regard, I’m waiting to be ‘discovered’.
    When I am, I will put Crowsnest Pass on the map. :-)


  3. Anonymous says:

    Where there is no vision, the people perish.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Oh, for the good ol days, when our system of government, however flawed, worked to protect the interests of most of its citizens, while offering the possibility of democratic change. When it had a press that was diverse and independent and gave voice to all segments of society, including those beyond our borders, to impart to us unpleasant truths, to challenge the powerful, to reveal ourselves to ourselves.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Decreased demand for Canadian exports, in part due to the European debt crisis, has “weakened significantly” the outlook for the Canadian economy, according to a new report from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development… With greater financial turmoil overseas and the weak U.S economy, that’s starting to get transmitted to the Canadian economy through weaker exports…

    Weakened’ economic outlook forecast for Canada

  6. Anonymous says:

    Meanwhile, our corporate media continues their spin…

    “We are diverted by spectacle and pseudo-events. We are fed illusions. We are given comforting myths – the core of popular culture – that exalt our nation and ourselves, even though ours is a time of collapse, and moral and political squalor.”

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