Technological gadgetry and banditry….

…. enslave and exploit us all.

Technological gadgetry

Man that’s nothing but buzzard luck how we Canadians have allowed our conservative governments to sell us down the river to American corporations whose greed knows no bounds and ingenuity for finding new ways to nickel and dime us to death knows no equal.

Today, I opened my Telus cellphone bill to discover a $2.00 charge for what they call a ‘Summary Paper Bill Fee’. I contacted Telus and found out that for the last couple months or so they are now charging people the above amount for the inconvenience and expense of having to send you a paper bill through the mail, as is what has been the customary habit by businesses for the past century or more? This fueled the flame that had already been lit a while back when I discovered that for months I had been paying late fee charges on my overdue account, when in fact they had been paid on time each month through on-line banking on the day they were owed. I soon learned that apparently this method of payment can take 2 or more business days to reach the intended target (earning banks untold interest on your money and an additional revenue stream for corporations like Telus), resulting in the customer who paid their bill on time finding out that in fact they did not, and as such have incurred additional costs on their account.

The above two examples (for this one corporation alone) involve millions of dollars a month in additional revenue for all concerned (except you) and is just the tip of the iceberg in how corporations today, such as this one above, are finding ways of nickel and diming (gouging) people any and every way they can, with American corporations being especially bad in this regard.

We have become prisoners to technology which is dominated by two types of people: “those who understand what they do not manage, and those who manage what they do not understand.” With you and I, the consumer, caught in the middle between planned obsolescence and corporate greed.

Pyramids of Waste


No tyranny is so irksome as petty tyranny: the officious demands of policemen, government clerks, and electromechanical gadgets.

from John Prince
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  1. Oh don’t get me started. lol

    My Direct Energy bill is one that really frosts me off to no end. It makes no sense whatsoever.

    Fact #1 – I only use gas for hot water (showering, washing clothes and dishwasher). I heat my house solely with my wood stove, no furnace hooked up at all.

    Two points here:

    #1) I will use this months bill as an example. My cost of gas used is $7.11, but my bill is $57.19. Of that total, $50.08 of that is administration costs. WTF??? This is ludicrous!!

    Fact #2 – My usage is usually one gigajoule or less, in the summer. The only thing I use hot water for is showering, washing clothes and my dishwasher. It never changes throughout the year. I use the same amount of gas in the summer, as in winter.

    Point #2) If my usage is the same all year, why do they tell me I am always using three gigajoules (three times the amount) in the winter, if it is not being used for heat??

    Therefore my cost of gas triples in winter. Why???? It is not for heat!! That would make the only sense, if it were.

    They can not give me any reasonable explanation. My thought is that since it is winter they are charging me more just because they think/feel I should be using the gas to heat my house?!?

    Still, either way, to be charged over $50.00 in administrative charges on a $7.00 bill is ridiculous!!! Someone try to explain the rational of that one!!!

    That is just my thought on how we continue to get ripped off at every turn.

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