Gossiping at the Trade Fair

Trade Fair

BOY, oh BOY!! did I get an ear-full at this year’s Chamber of Commerce Trade Fair. But first, let me say, the attendance as far as display settings was far down from usual? Another sign of what seems to be our recent never-ending slide downwards?

Ted Menzies, MP: Shared with ‘Ted’ my concerns about his party and the standard they were setting. In this case, Ted got an earful (and probably more than he bargained for) but took it in good stride giving back as much as he was getting, but of course having the weaker argument due to his misguided beliefs, values, morals and ethics. But hey, what else do you expect from a politician? :-)

Shar Lazzaratto: The Manager of our local Community Futures office and I shared a few pleasantries at which time I noticed a tinge of blush on her cheeks (must be of the remembrance of all the fond moments we have shared together in the past on the political and economic battlefields of the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass) that gave her pause? At which time Evan appeared…

Evan Berger, MLA: Asked Evan if he thought what happened in Quebec with the orange wave resulting in the NDP getting so many seats might happen here with the Wildrose doing the same thing? Said he hadn’t thought of it that way but ya, who knows? Told him I thought his seat was safe but that we’ll probably end up with a minority PC government with Wildrose as official opposition, and hopefully, the NDP and Liberals will land up with far more seats than they do now. That will serve the people better than what we have been getting with lopsided one party majority governments running things, accountable to no one but themselves.

Municipal ‘union’ employee: Employees both inside and out (CUPE) are beside themselves. Management has recently been served with several grievances (with more to come) in the midst of very contentious union/management negotiations for a new contract. It’s getting uglier by the day, apparently. CAO Myron Thompson and CFO Marion Vanoni are thought to be the bad guys in this piece.

York Creek Lodge: Seems there is plenty of turmoil happening here with disgruntled employees and residents. Apparently 19 employees who were recently working there, are no longer doing so? Manager and Board have a revolt on their hands??

Municipal Councillors: None chose to talk to me, so I didn’t disturb them from talking among themselves. :-( Or from sitting silently alone, looking forlornly, I’m thinking, to a better place and time? :-(

General Gossip: The community is going to hell in a basket. There is an actual hate for this mayor and council, including open hostility. The rumour has it that one councillor with his wife were booed at Sobey’s, and days before that he was asked to leave Chris’ Restaurant when making a disparaging remark about some locals being ‘hillbillies’? Shocking!! To think some of our elected officials could think that some of our own fine upstanding ‘Mountain people’ (residents) could in fact be… dumb, redneck ‘hillbillies’. Will the wonders never cease? :-)

There is definitely a lot of anger with this council, and in most people’s minds the clock has already started ticking down for this gang.

What they need is a ‘PRINCE’ to safe them… but unfortunately, I don’t do house calls. :-)


Show me someone who never gossips, and I’ll show you someone who isn’t interested in people.

from John Prince
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10 Responses to Gossiping at the Trade Fair

  1. Hussein says:

    You might as well run for mayor again. Things couldn’t get any worse than they are now.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Hussein, I’ll take that as a compliment. I think? :-)


  3. Anonymous says:

    Is CUPE being attacked from two fronts? Myron, Marian and Sharon… sounds like quit a team.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Local ‘pissed off’ sign business bypassed by Marian V. in favor of a Pincher Creek company to do the banners for the municipal booths at the Trade Fair.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Bad precedent set by Marion to not support a local business and instead giving it to outsiders. But on the other-hand, if this is the same business I talked to and went to during the last election, seeking their support (donation of signs), only to be rebuffed because I told a truth or two, resulting in this individual colluding with others to do an email smear campaign against me… well, my heart don’t bleed for him. And it just shows that what goes around, comes around.


  6. John labour relations are going to hell, none of the staff are happy.
    There is no doubt there are a few bad apples amongst our municipal workforce that need a good kick in the ass. I don’t have a problem with that, but 95% of those employees are good people, who do a good job on a daily basis. The problem at the municipality now is even the good people are getting pissed off.
    I have a feeling that the workforce are going to get screwed over in bargaining to pay for all the administration staff. There are areas where positions are not being filled so the books can be balanced. Old municipal finance trick build a position into the budget and then not fill it for months to create some “flexibility”.
    Don’t get me wrong its the municipalities job to get the best deal possible for the taxpayers, just as it is CUPE’s job to get the best deal possible for it’s members so hard bargaining is not a problem.
    But don’t go to the table and cry poverty when you have created a management structure that will cost a $1 million a year to maintain.
    People are being moved all over the place to try and accomodate the shortage of space issue at the office, instead of addressing the real issue too many people.
    Like I said previously they are in trouble when even the good people are getting pissed off.

    Any day now I expect to see an ad in the paper saying only “78 more weeks to the election.”

    Dean Ward

  7. Fred Poirier says:

    Hi John,
    About your 9:30 comment, looks like another one got caught in his own trap. Many more to come before everything settles down. Keep on telling a truth or two. Some people like to live like worms, they have to accept what is fed to them, simple. If you have no guts, you don’t deserve soplid food, just manure.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Good comment, Dean. Couldn’t agree with you more. Especially the part about “… even the good people are getting pissed off”. I heard some of these ‘good people’ have recently been reduced to tears because of what’s going on at the office. Sad!

    Fred, my good buddy. Again you speak from the heart telling it as it should be told, while at the same time making me laugh. lol! :-)

    Thanks again Fred for taking an interest in our community, for the truth be told we are all one community.


  9. Anonymous says:


    just who was it that was saying that about the york creek lodge? are they a reliable source? you know rumors are always abound. is the board aware of the issues? is it just sharon that the staff has issues with or management in general? this 19 people, have they quit, got fired or walked off the job? do you have any more information? thanks

  10. Anonymous says:

    From what I understand the manager comes to board meetings with a big smile on her face, and says everything is ‘just wonderful’ in her Shangri-La. Meanwhile, there is apparently a lot of dissension while at the same time she has been ducking (with one excuse after another) meeting with the union reps(CUPE) to deal with these matters? The board apparently is oblivious to what’s going on (if anything?)? Which suggests things have been simmering for a while below the surface and have only recently started to boil over.

    Also, from a very reliable source I understand the loss of 19 employees has occurred over a period of time (?), not necessarily in the last little while.

    That’s what I know to-date.

    Maybe, someone who sits on this board, a worker(s), and or resident(s), or maybe even the manager herself, will soon step forward and add more to this story, or set the record straight.


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