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After a 9 year hiatus from posting on a blog of mine, I’ve decided to return. Why? Well, After Giuseppe Mazzini says it best:

“Life is not given to us that we might live idly without work. No, our life is a struggle and a journey. Good should struggle with evil; truth should struggle with falsehood; freedom should struggle with slavery; love should struggle with hatred. Life is movement, a walk along the way of life to the fulfillment of those ideas which illuminate us, both in our intellect and in our hearts, with divine light.”

All of the posts dating from before this post here are from my previous blog that I shut down back in 2013. From thousands of posts I’ve selected just a few that are not necessarily political in nature, for the most part, but rather of a feel good variety along with also being some of my favourites. I’ve done this because I felt I needed some filler to get things rolling, and how better to start a blog than with interesting, thought-provoking, heartwarming, soul quenching, and inspirational posts and videos.

“Bringing you information, opinions, and views on the socio-political scene since 2008”

Above was the tagline on my homepage that says it all on what my old blog was all about. This one will be more of the same (I think?), beginning with 2022.

So with that, lets get the ball rolling. Always keeping n mind, “Ain’t but three things in this world that’s worth a solitary dime, But old dogs and children and watermelon wine”. šŸ™‚

John Prince


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