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The CNP has become….

…. a ‘junkie’, when it comes to spending. The ‘Pass has a spending problem, not a revenue problem Many of my faithful readers know that for some time now I have spoken out on my concern over our municipal finances … Continue reading

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Are we being ‘gouged’ by our….

…. local gas stations here in the ‘Pass? Getting hosed at the pumps When Suresh owned FasGas in Frank the price at the gas pump would fluctuate with the rise and fall of oil prices and the dollar, resulting in … Continue reading

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Media tyranny in the Crowsnest Pass

…. or how we ‘don’t’ report the news if we don’t like you. Crowsnest Pass Media Tyranny As many of you know, over the years the media here in the Crowsnest Pass have been anything but fair, kind and unbiased in … Continue reading

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Ralph Goodale on Census and Conservatives

Census and Conservatives Ralph Goodale is a man of the people who has impressed me over the years, and who I think would make an great Liberal leader, and an excellent future Prime Minister. The country needs a man like … Continue reading

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Council’s stupidity and arrogance

…. only exceeded by their vanity. New CAO I see in this week’s paper that council is pushing ahead with hiring a new CAO. With only 2.5 months to go before in all likelihood a new mayor and council takes … Continue reading

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The time has come….

…. to get your heads out of the sand. Where is the leadership? Besides the Movie Gallery and Work N Play being the latest businesses to close their doors here in the ‘Pass, now the word on the street is … Continue reading

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The King is dead, Long live the Prince

Long live the Prince Now that I have declared that I will be running for the mayor’s chair this coming election I see my ‘good friends’ :-) at the Pass Herald in Gail Sygutek’s Town Talk have laid John to … Continue reading

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Election 2010 – PRINCE FOR MAYOR Website

Prince For Mayor Well, don’t say I don’t take care of business. First out of the gate to announce my candidacy for Mayor in the upcoming municipal election, and now first with my official PRINCE FOR MAYOR campaign website. Check … Continue reading

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It’s RUMBLE in the JUNGLE time!

Lets get it on!!! This week’s Crowsnest Promoter asks, what people who are thinking of running in this year’s municipal election are waiting for, in declaring their candidacy? I hear some are actively trying to build alliances so that the … Continue reading

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Feel Good Story

Read this story this morning which made my day. After running playful circles around the elderly horse, the agile foal bolts across the open pasture, brakes to a halt and shoots back to his companion to get up to more … Continue reading

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