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News Reporting: Like day and night

News Reporting The above expression, is similar to night and day, but “day and night” implies things got worse whereas “night and day” implies things got better. This week’s news reporting with respect to the Crowsnest Learning Centre (CLC) by … Continue reading

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Get with the program, why dontcha?

Get with the program It seems my readers haven’t much to say, so my not posting today because I have to take my wife to the hospital in Lethbridge for a special test, won’t be missed. I can’t believe with … Continue reading

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Now THAT’S a pole dancer!!!!

Pole Dancer This lady’s got talent! A true performer worth watching. (click the little square box to the right to enlarge)   And those who were dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music. … Continue reading

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Province plans change to four-year council terms

Province plans change EDMONTON – Municipal Affairs Minister Doug Griffiths confirmed Thursday the government will seek to pass legislation this fall that will set four-year terms for municipal councillors, up from three years. Comment: Now this I think we all … Continue reading

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Bridgecreek seeks discharge from Bankruptcy

Discharge from Bankruptcy Sought Well the Bridgecreek (Gold Dust Twins) are in the news again seeking discharge from bankruptcy, while investors are still seeking justice and jail time for them instead. The following is an email I received today from … Continue reading

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Chickaloon resident speaks out to me on Riversdale

Chickaloon on Riversdale Had an interesting email exchange yesterday with an apparently influential and well-informed resident from Chickaloon, Alaska regarding Riversdale Resources. Mr. Prince, I have read many of your most recent blog entries, starting when Riversdale invested $47 million … Continue reading

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Devon donates Ski Hill to Crowsnest Pass

  Ski Hill After leasing the land to the municipality for the Pass Powderkeg Ski Resort for over 30 years, Devon announced it is donating the ski hill land to the community. For some really good news read here a story … Continue reading

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Councillors nothing but mushrooms

… kept in the dark and fed… Councillors like mushrooms Chief Administrative Officer’s Report Councillor Saje queried whether an In Camera conference call could be held with Council and the potential light manufacturing plant. The Chief Administrative Officer noted this … Continue reading

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Crowsnest Centre site sold

Crowsnest Centre Joni MacFarlane Crowsnest Promoter A large construction company has just been awarded the sale and contract of the former Crowsnest Centre site. Council voted unanimously on Jan. 22 to enter into a sale and construction agreement with Medican … Continue reading

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Riversdale gets the (gold) mine….

(We get the shaft?) Gold Mine or the Shaft With all the hoopla over a new coal mine opening up here in the Pass, so far all we have gotten out of Riversdale Resources backing up this ‘proposed’ mine project … Continue reading

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