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More questions on our $50,000 payment

 …. for a Best Western franchise we don’t own. More Franchise Questions The following are two emails I received from one of my readers who wishes to remain anonymous regarding the now infamous $50,000 payment our mayor and council made … Continue reading

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Blair Painter is a ‘nice guy’… so?

Below is a blog comment exchange I had late last night with ‘S’ who claims to be an employee at Summit Hardware who wrote in in an attempt to defend his/her boss Blair Painter but had difficulty in where (which … Continue reading

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Who’s in charge? asks S.C. Rudegan. We are!

Who’s in Charge Feature columnist S.C. Rudegan of the Pass Herald strikes again! Rudegan raises many local concerns, suggests creative and proactive solutions while at the same time offering a common sense idea that maybe the biggest challenge we as … Continue reading

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Ratepayers deserve thanks… or do they?

Ratepayers Association In our local newspapers this week one will find the following letter to the editor… Dear Editor, Ratepayers deserve thanks With the election and the release of the Municipal Report approaching we would like to express our sincere … Continue reading

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Today’s, Crowsnest Promoter’s final edition

Joni MacFarlane, our much loved and respected editor/reporter with the closing of the Crowsnest Promoter has written her last editorial. Give it a read here… Thank you to community As you’ve read on the front page of this Crowsnest Pass … Continue reading

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Orcas off the shores of Galiano Island

For a Whale of a good time check this out…. Orcas (To view enlarged click here) Now read all about it… Eat your hearts out, whale watchers’: Citizens capture stunning footage of huge orca pod off Galiano Island   A … Continue reading

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There’s a calm before the storm

Calm Before the Storm Today, is four weeks to the day for potential candidates to step forward, register, and declare they will be running for a seat on council. How many brave and hardy souls will take up the challenge … Continue reading

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The WAR! is on!!!

Well, according to Editor Sheena Read with the Nanton News the M.D. of Ranchland is about to go to war in protecting what they’ve got from the dreams of empire invasion attempts of Shogun Decoux and his samurai warriors on … Continue reading

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BREAKING NEWS!!! ‘Crowsnest Promoter’ closing

Crowsnest Promoter closing Just heard from a reliable source who wishes to remain anonymous but who nevertheless would be in the know (having a very reliable source within the SunMedia organization) on this sort of thing, that as of next … Continue reading

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The ‘Hijacking’ of our Municipality

It seems in recent weeks I’ve ruffled some feathers and interfered with the planned take-over or hijacking of our municipality by the Ratepayer Executive, and their mayor and councillors in waiting. Some of these people have been giving me sly … Continue reading

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