Aboriginal Peoples in Canada

Aboriginal Peoples in Canada


Aboriginal Peoples in Canada

The way the HarperCONS and their bought and paid for MSM are portraying the Attawapiskat situation is a travesty. Blaming the victim, much like what society and the justice system once did to rape victims, when you yourself are much to blame, is unconscionable.

The following link offers a statistically backed researched analysis of the true picture of the plight of the FNs people in our land. It is a section out of a book by Mel Hurtig ‘The Truth About Canada’ that should be required reading by every Canadian. Some of it is truly appalling, like the section on Aboriginal Peoples in Canada.

“The shameful neglect of appalling, disgraceful, grinding poverty.”

Like the book says, “Many of us just don’t give a damn.” Harper, who refuses to even visit Attawapiskat and who killed the Kelowna Accord, is certainly at the top of that list. SHAME on him!

Aboriginal Peoples in Canada


We, the great mass of the people think only of the love we have for our land, we do love the land where we were brought up. We will never let our hold to this land go, to let it go it will be like throwing away (our) mother that gave (us) birth.

from John Prince
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  1. peter rosner says:

    The present system is not working it is more a system of mass genocide than a program that will help these people evolve into the 21 Century. You dont have too go to far to see the results of what a glorified welfare system produces.Their way of life is gone they are not interested in preserving it themselves. It would probably take at least tweny years or more to install a progam that would work and start to show some tangibale results. Meanwhile the government will throw more good money after bad and ignore a broken system.

  2. peter rosner says:

    Thats a good piece of information and the following comments show how little we all know about that situation. Unfortunately the same story is repeating itself across the country because of a mismanaged Indian Affairs department.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Peter, you might find the following thread on a blog I follow of interest, in which there is a varity of opinions on this subject, including from your’s truly…



  4. John Prince says:

    Anon @11:34

    The link you provide to a National Post story on the Attawapiskat situation is a rip off of a metis woman’s blog. This conservative leaning paper stole her writing without adequately crediting her for the story. Over the weekend it went viral.

    Instead of linking to NP, go directly to the source, and bookmark it while you’re there. She speaks truth and she translates legalese!


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