VIDEO: Canadians Deserve a More Accountable Government

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Canadians deserve a more Accountable Government

Stephen Harper is losing control of his government. The scandals are threatening to topple him and he is running out of options.

I agree with Stephen Harper. We deserve better.


The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.

from John Prince
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18 Responses to VIDEO: Canadians Deserve a More Accountable Government

  1. Chloe says:

    Be they Liberals, Tories, NDP or Greens, politicians in this country are all the same. Spineless wonders concerned only with the power they possess once elected. Few have any real economic knowledge, care only about winning in the next election and have total and utter contempt for the citizens they supposedly represent.Until Canadians give a damn, we will continue to be raped, knowingly and without so much as a whimper from every level of government. Have a kangaroo court election, replace Harper with the Liberal goon of the day or better yet a coalition of goons and see how much better your quality of life becomes in Canada. We are our own worst enemy. Take care.

  2. peter rosner says:

    i dont get it i guess their spin doctors gave them this type of advice. Make it look like its the other guys we have to worry about. There is a reason politicians are the least respected profession and this is just another example. Also on the controversy surrounding the forged document and minister Bev Oda is there ant one in their right mind who cannot see that this document was not altered, If the intent was not to approve the funding it would have been written as such. When have you ever in your life signed a document involving money that was drafted this way. We are not talking chump change here.

  3. John Prince says:

    Totally agree with you Chloe. Sad but true. What we need is a total paradigm shift in how we think and are governed. The world is awash in revolt and revolution while Canadians behave and act as nothing more than spectators. To ignorant, lazy or scared to get off their couches and away from their TV’s and do something about our problems here. It seems for most of us “To see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle”. I’m afraid it will take something along the lines of self-immolation which is what that poor brave and frustrated 26-year-old Tunisian struggling to support his family acted out in desperation, triggering anger against a rotten and corrupt government that cared little for the average person in their country… which is quite similar to our problems here. Until people rise up governments go on as before oblivious to the hardship they are imposing on their people. As we are seeing in the Middle East, once the people do rise up demanding better, government coffers open up, opportunities magically arise, jobs are created and the well being of the people suddenly is paramount. Canadians need to rise up and be counted but that will only happen once something shocks their psyche to act. What is it going to take that will do that?

  4. John Prince says:

    By the way, is it just me or do others see the eerily similarities between the end result in Egypt and what took place here in our own Crowsnest Pass? We to had a megalomaniac and old boys club running things here for decades with a populace to scared and intimidated to do anything about it. When change finally came his replacement was none other than one from his own inner circle. People may have died on the streets in Egypt whereas they did not here but there are more ways for an individual and community to die than just physically. We are a community that recently saw change in leadership and government but not change in opportunity and equality, and therefore we too are still dying… and as such, nothing has really changed.

  5. peter rosner says:

    john it is not a question of being intimidated. For most residents its just as easy to do nothing and complain if you dont like what thier doing vote them out next time. That has been the attitude here for years. That is why there is no clear vision or direction for this community. As you promised to counciller Saindon give them a chance and lets see. Sure individual councillers are coming up with some ideas that are well lets say “out there” but lets see how they deal with it as a complete functioning body. As i have stated several times to you people will make the right choices when there are legitimate options put in front of them otherwise they will continue to repeat the past. Maybe we are on the right track now but lets be open minded.

  6. John Prince says:

    Peter, you say the populace here is not intimidated? Then please explain to me how an unknown entity to the majority of the population here not only beat out two well-known individuals coveting the Mayor’s chair but did so by a landslide. In fact, he did not even bother to advertise in the Promoter on the Friday before the election on the following Monday? That is how sure he, his handlers, and those in positions of trust, were of the final outcome of what I suggest was a ‘fixed’ election. Which most people living here do not want to think about and have turned a blind eye to, as they have also done in past elections.

    Having just stated how the establishment here conducts business and maintains control I will conceed however that I believe our newly elected Mayor and council appear to be on the right track. I wish them well but that still does not erase anything I have stated previously in my last comment, or what I have stated above. This is a community run by the elite (gangsters) for the elite, who care little about those on the bottom. That is why there are no real jobs here, no opportunities, and unless you are part of the ‘in crowd’ you are sol.

    Until the above changes it matters not what benovolent dictator you have at the top that got put in there by hook and by crook, their interests are not those of the vast majority in this community. In my opinion, the Pass’ past has more in common with the dictators of the Middle East and N. Africa than it does with true democracy, equality of opportunity and fairness that is suppose to be our mainstay, as a municipality in Alberta, in Canada.

    Anyhow, for all intents and purposes I have washed my hands of this community and its politics, as I will speak to in my next post.

  7. Anonymous says:

    What ever happened to that old mayor? I heard he was in tight with that Bridgecreek bunch and may have lined his pockets off of the unlucky investors who were tricked into believing in his marketing videos.
    The white collar, uhhhm, people, of course filed for bankrupsy, then disappeared back into their holes and are living out their days in hiding in who knows where.
    Then I heard the old guy lost his medical licence for reasons unspecified. Wow..not a great ending to an “illustrious career” in the twighlight of one’s life …too bad greed takes the GOOD out of people!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    “Abundance has awakened us to denials of self while blinding us to poverty. We idly suppose that the poor have disappeared. They haven’t. They’ve merely become invisible.” Michael Ignatieff..

  9. Anonymous says:

    Harper needs to go out now!

  10. Chloe says:

    Harper needs to go? To be replaced by whom? Another arrogant male, be he English or French, totally oblivious to the laws of the country, willing to spend the country into the next millenium? Gee maybe we can try for one that can actually tell the truth to the voters. One that is capable of uttering a single sentence complete with a noun and a verb. Gosh do you think we could find a politician that gives a rats ass about the taxpayers that support this country once the election results are in? Welcome to fantasyland. We would have to find a politician that has a backbone and a conscience. Not going to happen anytime soon in Canada. Why am I not running for political office? I don’t have the skills required to give the people leadership. So I vote, write letters to my politicians, thank the Finance Minister for his Christmas card. I read, I argue, I harangue my kids in both Canada and the US to do the same. Change will only come from the voters. Take care.

  11. Chloe says:

    PS. I thank Jim Flaherty for the numerous Christmas cards he sends to those businesses in his riding of Whitby which is where my company is located. At my expense as a taxpayer, I received 3 cards featuring his family, wife Christine also a sitting politician and the family dog.Even the frigging Finance Minister doesn’t get it! Guess my humour didn’t cross the border into Alberta ;)

  12. John Prince says:

    Anon @12:41
    The sheeple in this community turned a blind eye to their adopted son and master who could do no wrong, despite warnings after warnings that he was. They vilified those of us who spoke up and dared to tell the truth of his misdeeds and the disastrous resulting fallout from them for this community if he was allowed to continue. Population decline, business closures, stripping away of millions of dollars in reserves, assumption of debt from zero to the tune of millions (and the resulting servicing of that debt), neglect with respect to aging equipment and infrastructure, priorities that were out of sync with what the people here wanted, lost opportunities, untold millions of dollars in liabilities (think Bridgecreek) and on and on it went. The lying, cheating and stealing were allowed to continue unabated, year after year, for over two decades. The insurmountable cost in dollars, damage and carnage that was done to this community is staggering, and will take many years of due diligence and hard work by many and much, much money to fix and put right again.

    Yet, today, this man is still revered and held in high esteem by many in this community, while I and people like me are considered black sheep and as such continue to be hard-pressed, persecuted and scorned for having dared to tell the truth in warning them about the calamities that were to befall them, if they did not wake up and listen. But as it has been said before “In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is stoned to death”.

    Some today hold this man and community in contempt. As one well-known and vocal former female councillor (after losing an election) put it “F*ck them, they deserve what they get”… I couldn’t agree more. But I still can’t get over the fact that I am considered the bad guy for giving this community my all, sacrificing much and receiving precious little in return, with only its best interest as my guiding principle, while this scoundrel walks around this community scot-free, given the respect deserving of a saint, with pockets full, knowing no hunger or deprivation, whatsoever, suffering no repercussions from what many consider to be criminal actions long in the making and duration. Go figure how the people here think? Except that they glorify gangsters and hang the do-gooders.

    Is it any wonder that I am bitter and hold these people in such contempt and want nothing to do with them any more? Having wasted years and suffered much the only consolation I and others now have is in seeing these people, who being the instruments of their own folly, now wallowing in the dung of their own making?

  13. Anonymous says:

    John, he is scot free now…I lost my retirement and my kids inheritance due to lies, greed, and trickery. I have had several interviews with the RCMP. The old guy’s name is front and center. Don’t worry.
    I still have some faith in the law and the land. You can only hide out for so long.
    Have a great weekend.

  14. Chloe says:

    Hopefully the names of Bill Bradley and Colin J. Becker are front and centre as well. May the whole slimy lot of them rot. I too, still have a snippet of faith in the legal system knowing however that it moves very slowly toward justice at the end of the day. One thing Bradley can be sure of is that the parents who gave him a home are surely turning in their graves with shame. Take care.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Yes, Chloe, it will take quite a while. That is exactly what I was told. Just something else for these fine human beings to look forward to. I hope they enjoyed the high life immensely… ;)

  16. Chloe says:

    Bradley and posse enjoyed the high life long before taking in investors money. Under Power of Attorney, he spent his fathers estate, leaving his Dad destitute. Yeah, a real ‘prince’ of a son. Take care.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Chloe and John, unfortunately sociopaths do not feel remorse about anything. The world revolves around them. The world owes them something…and in their mind, they certainly deserve their ill-gotten gains.
    Unfortunately, Sociopaths do not know they are sociopaths.
    Fotunately though, all sociopaths are miserable and never satisfied..they do not know what it is like to feel love, let alone empathy. Everything is a possession to them…even family members and lovers. What a miserable existance…empty human shells. Let em rot.

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