Post 2010 All-Candidates Election Forum

All-Candidates Election Forum

Well this year’s 2010 All-Candidates Election Forum is now over with and will go down, I’m sure, in the history books as “It was an exhausting evening”, as someone rightfully put it by way of a comment to my last post.

With that having been said, I do think people left knowing, for the most part, who stood out and who didn’t.

To be brutally honest, I thought both Irwin and Sygutek clearly showed they were relics from the past, who are still stuck there (re-living past glories) and as such have lost touch with present day reality. Their legacy in most people’s eyes (but not theirs), I believe, is that they failed miserably in the running of this municipality, were there for power and for the sake of power only, and as such have left us a mess to clean up and straighten out.

Of the female candidates, I thought Sasha JaigerBaird did well, especially her dealing with the affordable housing issue (although I think she should give serious consideration to grounding her daughter, for at least a month :-) ) Doreen Glavin, who is one of my morning coffee buddies, who I know to be quite knowledgeable about our local issues and knows the people in this valley well, was not given the opportunity because of the types of questions directed to her to articulate herself as well as I know she can and would have liked to.

Of the male candidates, Andrew Saje came across well, although a bit polished as though his questions were planted ones and as such his answers had been rehearsed beforehand? But he does have a professional presence about him that most people I believe found refreshing. I know I did. I thought Brian Gallant spoke well and intelligently, as did Douglas Raines (although Doug certainly came across as one who loves to talk, and therefore, I wonder if council meetings will ever end once he’s on board :-) ). The incumbents, I thought handled themselves well (although Choppy, at one point might have been a little too ‘curt’) considering the 4-3 split kept coming back to haunt all of them. Dean and Ian, I thought, came across as confident polished veterans who knew what they were talking about and made no apologies for taking the stands they did. (In this regard, I personally believe they deserve more credit than blame for what they have successfully accomplished during their term on council.) Both Jerry Lonsbury and Emile Saindon projected themselves as thoughtful individuals, who I believe would bring a lot of common-sense and practicality to the council table, while Merle whose angry outbursts and moral indignation, brought a constant sense of humour to the evening, by making us all laugh.

Of the mayoral candidates, to be honest, I cannot say much as it is difficult to listen and concentrate on what another is saying when you are up next thinking about what you have to say. I, however, thought my closing speech was well received and have since confirmed this with others. As was my Curriculum Vitae and Brochure. And of course, I humbly submit that I honestly and firmly believe that I am still the best and most capable of the three to lead this community into the future, over the next three years. If I do say so myself. :-)

All in all, I think we as a community could have done better to ensure we had a more suitable location (e.g. MDM) to host this event. It should also have been broken up into at least two forums (one for the mayoral candidates and another for the council candidates), and candidates opening speeches should have been allowed (as they have in the past) in order to get a better feel for the candidates, before heading into the Q&A phase.

I do not believe yesterday’s forum fulfilled its stated purpose as well as it could have, but what is done is done. Next time around, I for one as Mayor will make certain we do it much better by ensuring suitable and adequate facilities are made available and that if necessary more organizations get involved to better facilitate the process of holding more than one forum, so that the public is given every opportunity to better educate themselves as to who the candidates are, and what they stand for. In my opinion, too much time was wasted and taken up dealing with River Run and the 4-3 split. These issues should have been dealt with much earlier by this council in public forums of there own, rather than trying to cram these matters into an election forum, where in my opinion, they took away from dealing with the future direction of our municipality.

What’s next? Three weeks of media blitz in which, following past practices, they first distort the picture of what 280 people saw with their own eyes at this forum into something else, for the benefit of the establishment types who are running in this race, in order to bamboozle the remaining 5600 people in our community who were not able to be there. Followed by several newspaper editions from each of our newspapers with their subtle and sometimes not so subtle barrage of ads, smear campaigns and propaganda telling you who you should vote for (or not), in their efforts to do all they can to predetermine the outcome of our municipal election for their political masters. Oh, and lets not forget the constant daily bombardment over the airwaves from our local radio station as well.

If you manage to survive all of the above, while still maintaining a certain amount of sanity and good judgement, then you will do well to remember…

On October 18, vote JOHN PRINCE For MAYOR


There are two ways to slide easily through life; to believe everything or to doubt everything. Both ways save us from thinking.

from John Prince
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  1. Thank you Joihn for your kind words. It went better than I expected, but not as long as I had hoped. Three questions and 3.75 minutes was just not enough to answer. The public can’t get to really know us this way.

    BTW, Amanda was grounded for 5 hours. As many hours as times that she said the “word”. She wasn’t allowed to say anything about the election meeting from midnight to 6:00 am. lol

    Just kidding. She was sleeping.

    Gotta love kids! Especially one’s that are passionate about something. She’s my best help!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I came to the forum but had to leave because of a allergy attack. Closed quarters and no air circulation was a problem. Others left because of the cramped quarters. This forum should of been held at the MDM or the Highschool. They should of known people want change and from the turnout they do. Why were the candidates not given time to introduce themselves and give a speach on the issues so people could get a feel for how these people will represent us for the next three years. What are the real issues facing us all. I see by the way people are running that Mayor Irwin has a buddy that does not know the real issues facing us all and Dean Ward has a puppet in the mayors race. People need to meet and talk to all candidates and pick the best for the job. People who will represent the whole community not just the rich. Don’t vote for a candidate unless you feel they will do the best job for all of us. Sharon Voytko

  3. John Prince says:

    Yes, I agree and so do many others I have talked to that this forum did not afford the candidates and voters the opportunity to really get to know one another. Some even believe this was done deliberately in order to give an advantage to those who are well known and/or to slide a certain mayoral candidate in on an uninformed and unsuspecting public?

    Good to hear from you again and thanks for your comment. I agree with you and spoke out on this earlier on my blog as well as personally appealing to the Chamber that the Elk’s Hall would not be able to handle the crowd, nor was it the best venue considering we have better and more suitable facilities in our municipality. Further to this I spoke with one of the chamber directors that evening and was informed that the municipality (C&R) made no effort to try and accommodate the chamber by allowing the forum to be held at MDM, and in fact, were adamantly against it being held there?? If this is true, heads should role here, don’t you think?

    I too believe there is something sinister and underhanded going on (as I have just alluded to in my comment above to Sasha) in the establishment (chamber) not holding two forums to allow the people to really get to know their candidates so that they can make an informed decision on who should be leading them over the next three years. Who knows the issues, the people, the problems, the history, and has the will, determination, experience, vision and know how to lead us into the future? One mayoral candidate has no council experience and will need to have his hand held for the first year or two while he learns the ropes, at a time when there is no time to waste, while the other has demonstrated nothing in the way of individual leadership abilities but instead looks like a craven opportunist who is hoping to have a team within a team from the get go to hold his hand as well and help him in his endeavours at leading this community. Both candidates give every indication that if successful they will be nothing more than puppets having their strings pulled by others who are hoping at the end of the election they too will be sitting at the council table. Real leadership is being demonstrated by the only other candidate for Mayor who needs no one to hold his hand while he learns the ropes, as he has already been there and done that. He not only has the practical experience but time tested proven leadership abilities and personal and moral characteristics of one who will not be bowing down and serving no master, but one… the electors who put him into office. That other mayoral candidate is, of course, moi!

  4. Anonymous says:


    I would greatly appreciate the name of the person in the municipality who was “adamantly against it being held at the MDM”

    Dean Ward

  5. Anonymous says:

    I feel that both Mayor Irwin has a follower running for Mayor and why he chose to run for council himself to be able to keep his fingers in the pot and Dean Ward the same. Its about control and no change. With all the candidates running I want people who will face the issues and stand up for their beliefs without following a leader who does not want to change.I am sure some of the council candidates are followers to put in by these two. We the people are paying the price. We need honesty and no secrets for their own personal agendas. We have had enough of that. Its time the public is informed of how the issues are being delt with and every three months the Mayor and Council should hold a meeting for the public to keep us all informed. I want to know and I am sure the rest of the citizens do to and get input from the citizens at the same time. I stand up for what I believe and I want the same from our leaders. Get a place in the municipality site and get input from the public. I see Pincher Creek does this. This way the citizens are being involved in the way things are being run. One small step like this and its getting our community involved. Sharon Voytko

  6. Anonymous says:

    Andrew Saje rehearsed? How would he know what questions to rehearse for?
    Andrew Saje is an excellent speaker and very smart person who does not need a written paper to read from.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I had a look at the CV’s of all of the mayoral candidates that bothered to submit one. (yourself and Decoux). Looking at his – he is not as under qualified as you would like to suggest and have some believe. If anything, looking at it pretty objectively – he appears to be fairly well connected at several levels of government and could be what the community needs. Not sure what you are trying to achieve by “going negative”. It does not do a lot for your case in my opinion. We have seen enough of that already in the previous 3 years. As far as the incumbents go, flush them all. We cannot afford another 3 years of divisiveness and dysfunction at the expense of our community. Their record and reputation is pretty clear. We need change 18 October.

  8. John Prince says:

    Anon @8:58
    You should speak to Andrew on this. I did.

    Anon @8:12
    First, go here…

    … for why Bruce is not the man to be leading us, at this time. Maybe the next term, after I and my new council get things straightened out, but not now. We don’t need a neophyte, someone who needs his hand held for the next year or so while he learns the ropes, having no council or municipal government experience. We need someone like me who can jump right in and get to work at turning things around here.

    With respect to your comment on his being ‘connected at several levels of government’. Excuse me, but if I am not mistaken, Irwin was well connected too, and it got the good people of the Pass a big fat nothing. Zero! I’m well connected too, knowing many ministers and bureaucrats and the Premier, who was our Transportation Minister at the time I was last on council, and whom I have had several meetings with. So there!

    Telling the truth can sometimes come across as being ‘negative’, but it is still the truth. How you deal with it is up to you… I have no control over that.

    What I can say with total honesty is I believe I am the best man to lead this community, who not only has the qualifications and experience needed at this time, but also the drive and determination which I have demonstrated and proven over the years in standing up for both our community and its people. I want to stand up for it again as its Mayor, and in doing so, deliver to the good people of the Pass a Municipal Hall that helps us all, while at the same time bringing a much needed ‘breath of fresh air’.

    Thanks for your comments.

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