All fired up and no where to go

Residents All Fired Up

Pretty much sums up the mood of Pass residents here while we await word from Minister Doug Griffiths with respect to the Crowsnest Ratepayers petition.

I see from going to the Municipal website that the Ratepayers will be attending tomorrows G&P meeting of council. What this is all about is anybody’s guess as they have been doing a terrible job keeping members informed. Even their main form of communication with us which is their Facebook page says nothing about this meeting?

I’m guessing they will be asking council if they are finally ready to respond to the list of concerns they delivered to council last October. Knowing how this council operates, I’m sure this meeting will be short… and less than sweet.

Meanwhile the citizenry await with baited breath next week’s announcement by the Minister as to what if anything he will do with our request for intervention by him and his department into our municipal affairs. If he decides to do nothing, as per his form letter to individual residents, do the Ratepayers have a contingency plan? I think not.

Answers should be forthcoming on all fronts next Wednesday, Dec.05/12 when the Ratepayers have their next general meeting (location & time?). Let’s hope so.


Dissent is the highest form of patriotism.

from John Prince
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3 Responses to All fired up and no where to go

  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree that the ratepayers do not communicate very good. There is somewhat of an update on Sashas blog.
    I also agree that this council will do as it pleases unless they are forced to do something different by the province.
    Someone mentioned earlier that the new firefighters are costing us about 4500/day.This seems about right.It use to cost us about 1000/day.Over 1 million dollars per year differance. We are in big trouble folks.

  2. Sasha JaegerBaird says:


    To be held on


    In the


    • Progress report on the petition
    • Discussion of G&P meeting
    • Open discussion


    There is power and strength in numbers

  3. Anonymous says:

    I guess Ratepayers are waiting until the meeting tonight to discuss the Governance meeting yesterday.
    No information today. I am finding them as secretive, or more so, than the Council.

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