Anybody got a match?

The Poor and Downtrodden Amongst Us

I can’t help thinking about the poor and downtrodden in our community and province as I sit looking out my window at the second blizzard this week that has been going on all day, making life cold and miserable for man and beast alike. The reason I’m having these thoughts is because I found out today from social services that a single person seeking social support in this rich province receives $583.00 a month. That’s it!

Now $583.00 is not enough to put food on the table for a month, if you even have a table, considering there is no money for rent and other basic necessities from such a miserly amount, that can’t possibly go far enough for food alone, never mind the rest that a human being requires in this modern age where we are no longer self dependent for our basic necessities, but reliant instead on Corporations and government for everything these days.

Knowing the above it is not surprising to me there are so many homeless in our country today, living lives of quiet desperation, misery and neglect in the land of plenty.

How cold and miserable it must be tonight for those many thousands throughout our community and province who have no shelter because of the GREED and indifference to their suffering by those selfish few in our community and elsewhere, who think so little of their fellow man as to begrudgingly give him such a pittance as to make him a beggar and pauper, and unable to put a roof over his head in the great white north.

How much more hard pressed are our locals I wonder with no shelters, no affordable housing, no adequate transportation system, and a food bank that limits an individual to only 6 visits a year. Oh, and lets not forget that there are no real jobs here as well, and a provincial government social support agency (which is anything but) geared more to moving you out of your community than upwards in it, along with the fact of our municipal government and local establishment groups track record of wilful neglect of these people, and you have a community with an underclass and underbelly that boils with resentment.

Multiply this community by the thousands of others like it throughout the land and you have the makings of a revolution based on class warfare. With poverty at a record high and climbing, and with 1 in 7 children going to bed hungry in this country every night, along with a political system that serves solely the corporations and establishment in exploiting the masses by turning them into ‘wage and debt’ slaves, it is not hard to imagine the brush fire a tiny little spark can make, when all the ingredients are there for it.

Anybody got a match?


Poor people of all races now have little chance of ever making it up to the middle class – for a complex of reasons including economic: the loss of jobs as capitalism goes global; technological: the sudden demands of computer skills at work; and attitude: Americans are really unsure if they want to provide equality of opportunity, because they believe a market economy thrives better on inequality… they are going to let poverty be a goad.

… we practice inequality everywhere while pretending to equality.

from John Prince
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3 Responses to Anybody got a match?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ontario is trying to do something for their people while Alberta continues to turn a blind eye. SHAME ON US!!!

  2. Chloe says:

    John I don’t think you will see any meaningful change with the new council. There is a definite snobbery with some members as to the worth of the Food Bank or the fact that not all residents can afford to live in palatial palaces. It wouldn’t appear that any of the council members have a problem paying their bills.Obviously as there isn’t a shelter at this point, no previous councils thought it necessary. Why do you think the new council gives a damn? Just wondering if any of them are affected by the coal dust? Take care.

  3. John Prince says:

    If I understand you right what you are saying is that the vast majority of our people which is made up of seniors and low income people cannot expect much representation from a council made up of the well-to-do? Probably right, time will tell? I hope not!

    I find it disturbing that the majority here have no real representation from within their own class and instead it seems we are always ruled by the elite only, and by teachers mostly. But I have spoken on this before to no avail.

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