It seems my blog posts are well read, but they generate ‘no comment’ with respect to what others think and feel about our ‘modern world’. Maybe, I should start another blog with broader appeal, rather than limiting it as I do somewhat, to mainly the Crowsnest Pass area?

In any event, I am tired of sharing what I know and think only to have it fall on apparently deaf ears. So, I too, will do as one of our blog councillors is presently doing, and go on vacation (despite his still drawing a municipal pay cheque and still attending council meetings, committee meetings and board meetings, all while avoiding (or ‘hiding’) from his blog world on the ‘pretext’ of a summer vacation), while another seems to have tunnel vision and concentrates on only one issue – The Centre – while at the same time offering no vision or action plan on what comes next.

Anyhow, to say I am disappointed in the apparent ‘apathy’ running rampant in the Crowsnest Pass (and lack of ‘real leadership’), would be an understatement, to say the least. It’s one thing to wash your hands of local issues, but quite another to wash your hands of the world you live in. As I said in my last post – nonjudgmentalism is a moral vacuum.


Seemingly insurmountable obstacles confront all world reformers, when pure idea meets the opposing force in the inertia of the human mind and the resistance of entrenched power. It represents a revolution of the dynamic against the static, of higher values against pseudo-values, of freedom against slavery, and it is not limited to one time in history, nor to mankind as a whole, but occurs repeatedly in the life of individual man.

from John Prince
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4 Responses to Apathy

  1. Yes John there is a large amount of apathy, and yes we need stronger leadership. As far as being confrontational I have never been shy about taking on any issue. You yourself sat on a council here where you were always part of the minority ( And you know and understand the frustration that comes with that). For the first time in my time on council we have an issue where a majority is prepared to stand up and say “no” we are not going to go with the establishment this time. As far as other issues lets see what happens here over the next six months and then judge.

    By the way I love the Beatles as well.

  2. Aaron says:

    Of course, people might be outside, enjoying the weather while on vacation. :)

    I’ll respond with a blog post of my own.

  3. John Prince says:


    You’re a good man and an honest and hardworking member of council, and I certainly did not mean any disrespect.

    If anything, I am just trying to encourage you to give a good right hook to your illustrious leader, :-) by being more ‘confrontational’ in leading your fellow councillors to greater autonomy, from the ‘disastrous’ cronyism and self serving policies of the past, that this community has been subjected to for far to long.

    Just like the retrograde days of Chicago’s Mayor Daley eventually came to an end, so must it happen here too!

  4. John Prince says:


    It took me a while to track you down, and I am glad I did, even though you have now `officially` ended my self-imposed `vacation`. :-) Thanks in large part to your blog post below:

    Ways to increase blog comments. In Alberta

    Again, thanks for your interest… and thoughtfulness.


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