Appeal to action….

…. and support for a Coalition Government.

An Appeal to action

Today, by way of an email link to my earlier post, I sent all the members of the Coalition, an appeal to action and my support for them to form a Coalition Government, to ensure the protection of ordinary Canadians, during our present crisis. In this regard, I received the following email reply from The Liberal Party of Canada leader himself, Michael Ignatieff:

Subject: Making the right decision for Canada – Prendre la bonne décision pour le Canada

Dear John,

During my January economic listening tour – and by way of thousands of emails – you provided me with a litmus test for the upcoming budget, and I shared your views with Mr. Harper. I told him that in order for his budget to earn the support of the Liberal Party, it must do three things: 1) protect the most vulnerable Canadians – those hardest hit by these difficult times, 2) protect the jobs of today, in every region of the country, and 3) create the jobs of tomorrow, strengthening Canada’s competitiveness and productivity without leaving our children to inherit a legacy of debt and deficit.

Later today, when the government releases its budget we will be looking to see if it meets this test and whether Stephen Harper is serious about addressing the economic challenges we face after failing to act for so long.

In order to make the right decision for Canada, I will be taking some time to review the contents of the budget, and will return with our Party’s decision on Wednesday. In the meantime, I want to hear from you. Please let me know if you think the budget meets your test.

As I’ve said before, we are in this crisis together and we will get out of it together. I look forward to hearing from you.



Comment: Well, he has and will be hearing from me again. Will he be hearing from you?


There are three kinds of people in the world: those who make things happen; those who watch things happen; and those who never know what hit them.

from John Prince
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