Are the Lucky Spermers getting in line?

Lucky Spermers

Now that the ‘old school’ establishment elite crowd have selected their mayoralty candidate for the upcoming municipal election from amongst their own ‘lucky spermers club’, are all the other lower sperms getting into line to support their candidate?

Hard to say? But yesterday, when as Parade Marshall at the mall in charge of organizing the floats and getting them all on their way in an orderly fashion, as well as after the parade during the day’s various festivities, what became evident to me after talking with some of the higher order sperm club members is that they appeared quite incapable in a reasoned, intelligent and convincing way to explain the justification for their decision in supporting Blair, other than of course he’s from the ‘lucky sperm club’, otherwise known as the ‘old boys club’. In fact, their endorsement seemed lackluster at best appearing to come more from a sense of obligation than from any personal conviction. This was especially evident to me when I questioned their decision on the basis of qualifications for the job, political experience, and especially his credibility considering he’s been missing in action all these many years during untold number of upheavals in our community. Where’s he been? And why are we only now hearing from him? Now, only after his fire department was taken away from him. Which suggests, he’ll be a one-trick pony if we put him into the mayor’s chair. Is this what we need at this critical time, after everything that has happened, and with so much to do ahead of us? Do we really need or want someone whose never even gotten his feet wet before, who most likely will treat the position as a part-time, ego-tripping, social affair? Have we not had our fill yet of self-serving neophytes? Are we such masochistic suckers for punishment that enough is never enough?

Seeing these elites I spoke to among us squirm in a two-faced, hypocritical manner was not something to instill confidence in them and their decision making processes or in those around us, who we as a community might soon get saddled with as our leader, but dread instead. More déja vu dread.

To early to tell whether the lower sperm (which makes up the majority here) blindly buy into what and who the higher sperm tell them to vote for once again (as they did last time when voting for a name, not knowing the man), or whether they’ll finally get a pair and vote in someone who will actually work in their best interests as a whole, rather than for someone who’ll be beholding to the establishment class and special interest groups and they’re self-serving kind, at the expense of everyone else.

Conversation with the Mayor
After my Parade Marshal duties I rushed down to the parade route at centre access to watch the parade also. When the mayor’s car rolled by and upon spotting me Brucy Baby cried out to me if I wanted some candy to be thrown to me? To which I replied “No, save them for the children”. To which he sarcastically replied, “I was just trying to sweeten you up” (must be a faithful blog reader :-))

Maybe if over the last three years the mayor would have taken the time to invite me for coffee in order to get to know me he would have discovered that I’m as sweet as sweet can be… when I want to be. ;-) Too bad the mayor most likely won’t be around for next year’s parade because for his insolence towards me in public today I’d make sure to place him at the back of the parade, in-between all the blaring and honking fire engines. :-o :-)

Although in all fairness, afterwards at the park, he did thank me for helping out with my volunteerism. I believe he was sincere although he couldn’t help getting in his digs again about, according to him, my lack of sweetness. Was this a cry for help with a kiss? Asking me to sweeten up and stop being so sour on him and his administration? An indirect way of asking me to go easy on him.

Again this year money raised through the 50/50 draw instead of going towards living souls in needy and deserving organizations, such as those relying on the Food Bank, instead we see limited resources going towards dead souls. In an economically and socially depressed community such as ours how much longer will this madness by our elite establishment types be tolerated of on-going and never-ending granite monuments to the dead, and not even bread crumbs for the living?

For those that don’t know, 1 in 6 children go to bed hungry in this country every night. How many do you think suffer the same fate here in the Pass?

Rum Runner Days
I really don’t know what the crowds were like along the parade route but I do know we had an excellent turnout of parade participants on what turned out to be a picture perfect day for a parade. The recognition and honouring of Lawrence Rosia at Gazebo Park was well attended by both the public and by numerous and well-known and respected dignitaries… and then there were the politicians that participated also. :-)

The Show ‘n Shine had a special and I think more appropriate location this time around being across from Allied and Rexall up to the post office. They did impress having untold number of beautiful vehicles. Again this year they were truly the star of the show.

The rest of the entertainment was equally as great including the petting zoo and fun activities for the kids, wrestling with big Eddie Gatzky and his boys putting on a great show, music, vendors, and on and on it went.

All in all as great an event as it could be considering the main attraction unfortunately was missing again this year, that being TITV. Maybe next year?

Congratulations to all the volunteers, especially Penny Warris the organizer, for putting on a super event. You made us proud!!


When you don’t give up, you cannot fail!

from John Prince
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37 Responses to Are the Lucky Spermers getting in line?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Brucey Baby is good at giving out candy. Too bad nobody taught him how to make a good meal. Maybe then, our town wouldn’t be falling into such a state of decay.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Our choices are clear. Nag, pony, or stallion. Who are we going to choose……I can hardly wait. It’s just too nice out there to wish for October yet, but it’s tempting, that’s for sure!

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Jack says:

    John, you must be in campaign mode. Sweet Sweet Sweet. I thought you told it like it was.

    1. Parade- The parade was better then last year but no where near what it use to be. No Shriners-no marching bands- no bag pipes leading our Veterans. At the beginning it felt like a funeral.

    Where was the municipal street cleaner to clean up after the horses?

    2.Gazebo park events were terrible.
    Even my kids asked who were the singers on stage.
    Concession was terrible. I couldn’t get a hamburger, French fries or cotton candy for the kids.

    The recognition of Mr. Rosia was great and well earned. Not sure if that was the time and place to have it and then to top it off they announce that they are having a reception in Coleman away from everything. Go figure.

    3.Show and Shine- Great job by the show and shine guys. I personally thought it was a terrible place to have it. It was the main attraction and should be on the main street.

    4. The petting zoo was great for the kids.

    5. What can I say about the wrestling? Even my 2 boys wanted to leave.

    6. Where was the amusement rides?

    Maybe we can bring back the old Rum Runner/TITV days and have another Saturday in August for our local families.

    What a great idea- one weekend for Sinister 7- one weekend for Rum Runner days- and one weekend for our family days.- Brining people into our community for 3 weekends. Great idea for our next Mayor.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Jack for Mayor

  6. Anonymous says:

    I find your LUCKY SPERM CLUB comments to be very insulting to many people that may read your blog or not. It seems to be pointed at people from here that have been here a couple of generations and I have always thought that it was easier to get people behind you by not opening conversation with an insult. Its funny how the supposed endorsment of mr painter by the ratepayers make them old school in your mind, its kind of funny but the ratepayers were started in response to the former mayor that you also had a problem with so to me they definitely aren’t the so called establishment types but maybe outlaws. And to the comments about someone not being polliticly involved before that is something that may have just built up and he decided it was time to do something. And I think that having a business in the community that depends on the area going forward may give him a bigger stake than most here, and it also gives him the qualification of being able to meet a payroll through good times and bad.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Yes, LUCKY SPERM CLUB is insulting, to those of us ^not^ from that club who for decades have been excluded from the running of this municipality and from full participation in this community’s affairs being governed solely as we have been by this exclusive club of lucky sperm. Feel insulted all you want but it is really the rest of us who are insulted by you and your kinds on-going selfish and self-serving actions in this regard.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Funny how the minute that questions are asked about insults thrown around that the assumption is that I am a so called lucky sperm. The Funny thing is I have been nothing but insulted by the previous way this municipality was run and by who. I am realy hoping for a definition of WHO is lucky sperm and how to avoid them, and also the people that don’t like things so they just want to call names and insult others. because that seems to be what is going on. Also now kind of curious what my kind is and what crime I have committed, maybe not calling someone else down and thinking they need to be given the benefit of the doubt like anyone else that is self serving its kind of funny.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Not very specific, but long on insults I have always found that to be the last refuge for a person without anything sensible to say

  11. Anonymous says:

    Lucky Sperm Club

    a person is a member of this club if they fit the following criteria:

    1) they have achieved financial success because of their father’s hard work but think that they are some kind of business genius
    2) they have a general arrogance and disdain for others
    3) they think they put their pants on both legs at one time
    4) they shit ice cream
    5) they were born on third base and think they hit a triple
    6) they are one of the dicks that show up at bars with their collars popped up
    7) when in a fist fight, they often resort to kicking guys in the nuts then driving off in their shinny cars.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Spermers here think they’re just like the royal family, just as entitled. That needs to change.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like many people in many communities good thing I am not one of them and a little harsh to make that assumption. I have seen that In many communities and jobs and so on and I have just found that there is not a single thing that can be done about it. So as not to give myself an ulcer I just get on with life and do as good a job as you can at what you do. There will always be people who may have advantages or not but calling name will never take that away or give those advantages to anyone else. And not everyone that isn’t of the same thinking is a lucky sperm but don’t like to be lumped in with them, and ranting here wont change a thing.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I find this entire blog to be dribble. Envy is running deep and not a word about hard work, saving money, and living responsibly. There is nothing wrong with taking advantage of a good thing handed down. It appears that the anti spermers would be happier if the the spermers pissed away all their money or better still gave it to them. Won’t happen, never has.

    Back to the subject of the election, it’s not hard to see why there will be a limited field for mayor.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I know what you are doing John you’r trying to shame these people into action but it won’t work.Their sense of entitlement is too ingrained in their psyche.Better to teach an elephant to fly.At the risk of alienating people you have a lot of guts for trying though.Unlike so many others who are afraid to speak.

  16. John Prince says:

    Have had a number of sick and disturbing comments from so-called defenders of the sperm who do more of a disservice to their cause and candidate of choice than a service. In that if I were to lower my standards and in doing so shock and offend my readers by publishing their comments (including one that makes a connection between sperm and my wife) it would clearly make my case in what I am fighting for in standing up to these brain-dead, degenerates, who blindly follow and support even bigger dickheads than themselves.

    This is a high class joint that does not tolerate low-life’s. Therefore comments from these degenerate life forms (sic) will be terminated at their source and sent to the dead sperm pool where they can rot in hell.

    “Nowhere in their incoherent ramblings did they come close to what can be considered a rational thought. Everyone is now dumber having heard it. I award them no points and may God have mercy on their souls.”


  17. Anonymous says:

    “There is nothing wrong with taking advantage of a good thing handed down.”

    That is the point. What is handed down is hypocrisy. How to get elected by people like you that don’t know what is going on inside those back room meetings. In these small towns the majority of the people that get rich are doing so off the backs of others, like Mr. Gallant. It’s about using something and not paying for it. Or asking the Mare to give you a letter of recommendation to get a grant, or a loan interest free saying this will help the community as a whole. Or getting zoning approved for you or a friend’s questionable development. That is a “Lucky Spermer”. Most of what they have is from being involved in politics and manipulating others in the back room. I would call them not Lucky at all, after your conscience is gone what do you have? You become a liar, no respect for yourself, family, or friends. You only see money as your saviour. “Not my cup of tea”.

    We still have the silent majority in this community with common sense that can understand what I am saying. Most of the one that are called “Lucky Spermers” are the one’s where their family or friends have been a drag on our community. Their interest first, with our tax dollars.

    I insinuate a lot because I don’t get the proper information from our council. Prove me wrong and I will believe you and apologize.

  18. Anonymous says:


  19. Anonymous says:

    Humorous that you like dishing out the insults and don’t care that you offend people but when some mud gets thrown back you don’t like it.

  20. John Prince says:

    Anon @10:06
    And who exactly did I offend and how? Be specific.


    p.s. I find it interesting that people here are avoiding the main question. That is, is it right for ‘old school’ to keep running things here for their exclusive benefit with the rest of us excluded from the process, and at our expense. And is there enough ‘old school’ around that realizes this way of running things, putting in ‘lucky sperm club’ members only is ^not working and that real change needs to take place in this regard.


  21. Anonymous says:

    So lets talk about the new school where do you stand on the changes they have made? Which do you support which do you oppose. Where is the middle ground on the Fire Depts.
    Do not count out Decoux I believe probably 40 per cent support him maybe the new schools vote will be even higher if he steps aside and hands the leadership to Brian.
    That does not leave a high percentage for the opposition to fight over. The new school could achieve victory with a minority of the vote. I do not think that is what you want is it?


  22. Anonymous says:

    John, Why not grab some balls announce your intention to run for mayor (and quit hinting at it) and stop the name calling and criticizing those who have announced their intentions. Be a man – wish them the best and work on valid ways to come out the winner against them. Continue with your current approach and you will never win!!!

  23. Anonymous says:

    If the New School is the present elected group and the Old School is running things for their exclusive benefit (and running the Ratepayers choice), this leaves trying to convince the rest of the voters to take a different path- the middle road.

    Lots of ex firemen and family and friends to convince to go middle rather than Old School. Lots of potential voters could care less. Lots of p’d off spermers and new school hangers-on are committed. Looks like the short squeeze is in.

  24. Doomsayer says:

    How do we tell who’s the good guy?

    Let’s leave aside the sperm, lucky sperm, unlucky sperm, hand delivered sperm & spermicidal tags for a moment & look at this. For most of us, we have never personally met or spent any significant time with the person being discussed. Therefore we have to rely on the so-called “public appearance. So let’s look at a few people.

    Blair Painter: don’t know the man personally, wouldn’t know him to say Hi on the street. So what do I know publically? He owns a business, was a volunteer fireman & is supposedly one of the “old boys club”. As to his business, approx. 75% of the time I have gone in to find something, no stock & I get the usual tag line “it’s on the truck”. Is this how we want our community run? If he is elected, what happens to his competitors who also supply the municipality? Kudos for being a volunteer, we can’t do without their service but will his cadre of pissed-off volunteer fireman push him to victory? What is their price if he is elected?

    John Prince: don’t know the man personally, wouldn’t know him to say Hi on the street. So what do I know publically? Everything the man is has been posted on his blog, in the papers & discussed to death here & elsewhere. Would he be a good man? Very possibly, we need an in your face getter done attitude. Will his infamous so-called temper be a hinderance. Only time will tell.

    Bruce Decoux: don’t know the man personally, wouldn’t know him to say Hi on the street. So what do I know publically? If there ever was a man that I would help ride out of town on rail, covered with hot tar & feathers, he’s the one. Damage like he’s done doesn’t go away soon.

    So what do we want? I personally would like to see numerous, not just one town hall meeting with all candidates so everyone gets a chance to meet the people. I would like to see the candidates, especially for mayor, get out & pound the pavement door to door. Meet the people so we know who you are. Use every public function between now & October to introduce yourselves to us, the voters. Get out to the Baynes Farmers market on Sat, I see numerous Passites there who have cabins on the lake & several who are vendors there. Get out to every venue during “Doors Open”. Let us know who you actually are.

    In other words, if you, the candidate wants to run our community become a personally known face, not just another “public appearance”.

    “My tastes are simple: I am easily satisfied with the best.”
    ― Winston Churchill

  25. Anonymous says:

    Anon July 22 8:13AM. You misread my comment. Rather than piss away the money or assets handed down, many of the old school, as you call them use it wisely. This doesn’t mean they all use it for payoffs, favors etc as you insinuate. You lump everybody into the same pool. That is the problem with your assertion since you lose the respect and votes of many of these “schoolers”. Shotgun approach rather than single shot.

  26. Anonymous says:

    @ Doomdayer: just wondering where you base the “old school” tag from? As far as I know, the person that have painter this tag has a self serving interest in pointing out negatives. I agree that several forums should be held so we can get accurate information, not opinion of a competitor

  27. Anonymous says:

    There is nothing stopping Painter or Decoux from setting up their own blogs but I doubt you’ll see that happen, so don’t you and others be so quick to find fault with John, the only one who bravely does. The difference between a nag, pony and a stallion, in my opinion.

  28. Doomsayer says:

    To Anonymous @ 3:36

    Let me clear your mind for you.
    A; If you reread my comment AND take the time to check any or all of my previous comments, you will see I have never used the term “old school” to refer to anyone.

    B; Again, reread my comment. I said “supposedly one of the “old boys club””, in reference to John’s post “other than of course he’s from the ‘lucky sperm club’, otherwise known as the ‘old boys club’.”. I did not indicate that I believe Blair Painter to be such.

    C; Not exactly sure what you are trying to say with your second sentence.

    In other words, try to take the time to actually read AND comprehend what is written.

    “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”
    ― Winston Churchill

  29. Anonymous says:


    Your usual good stuff….thanks.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Just got the news…..”it’s a Prince!”

    I’m a hoping that I’ll be able to get that news TWICE this year!

  31. Anonymous says:


    The anti-spermers would be happy if the spermers paid their FAIR share of taxes in relation to THEIR income. The load is NOT shared equally. This is what needs to change.

    As long as the spermers keep running the show, you are right, it’s never going to happen!

    I don’t believe that “never has” means “never will.” We have the ability to change that, we just need a few more good men like John to keep prying our eyes open….even when we would prefer to keep ’em shut.

    Wake-y, Wake-y people, if we keep snoozin’, we’ll keep losing!

  32. Anonymous says:

    Anon 12:19am. How do you know that the spermers whoever they are don’t pay THEIR fair share of taxes? Who pays more taxes than they should?. Maybe some info to support your claim may be helpful. And just who are the anti spermers?

  33. Doomsayer says:

    To Anonymous at 12:19 AM,

    I think Anonymous at 10:11 AM has it right. Property tax is not tied to income of the property owner but appraisal of the property. As such, everyone is the same, tied to the whims of the appraiser. If you feel you are paying to much, ask for a re-appraisal.

    Income tax, however is the jurisdiction of the federal & provincial governments & beyond the control of the municipal governing body.

    If you think for a moment, property tax is going to be tied to personal income, give your head a shake!! This isn’t “Animal Farm”.

    “We contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle.”
    ― Winston Churchill

  34. Anonymous says:

    I’m afraid I was thinking ahead….municipal (fix it first), then start on provincial, then go for the jugular…federal.

    We have to start somewhere, if we don’t take the first step, we will never start the journey.


  35. Anonymous says:

    If you fix the Municipal all the rest will fix itself.
    All the votes to elect the Pro.and Fed’ come from the Mun.these higher gov send us some program or grant call them what ever you want they just want you to belive there the good guys nothing else.Why do you think when you find somethig crook localy it take so long to fix it because another crook is told to fix it on and on that is why we need JOHN expose those PARASITES.
    No money come to town without the knowledge of our local poticians no money is disperse without their know how also the creterias so call.
    If you knew how much money is misuse in our Municipality you realy PANIC.You vote for John you will find out the truth.
    You can run a Municipality honestly everyone benefit.
    You can run it the way it done now only the friend of the politicians and the Counsultants benefits.
    I say vote for Jonh.
    And I say to JOHN SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That FIX.

  36. Anonymous says:

    You want to start the journey good.It will only start if you vote for John
    With all the rest your on a trip to the same crap .With John you will be on a cruse and you decide the PORT by been part of direction.
    This is your destiny your choise if you do nothing don’t expect something.
    For the last 20 years we live a nightmare with our municipality.
    Don’t you tink we should try the TRUTH for a while.
    Can’t get worse we are at the bottom.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Ok, I have just confused myself, and a few more I think.

    July 23 @ 1:45 is July 23 @ 12:19 (not 10:11!)

    I was replying to 10:11’s response to my 12:19 post. I’m afraid it’s all terribly muddled, and it’s all my fault. Sorry!

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