Are You Not Entertained!

Are you not entertained!! Is that not why you’re here?

For some posts now I have deliberately tried to be raunchy, outrageous and provocative, with a swaggering in your face attitude. What with my “lucky spermer club” comments and in my last post with respect to my in-breed and retarded remarks. I did this to provoke anger and resentment in targeted readers to get their attention and by doing so hopefully engage them to ‘THINK!‘. Rather than with past practices to meekly and blindly follow the crowd.

I must have succeeded because according to my poll to the left I apparently have more followers here on my blog from the Decoux/Painter camps than of my own. I’m packing them in! :-)

Seriously, they say most people vote against someone than for someone. It has been my intention and part of my diabolical and ingenious (if I do say so myself) plan to open people’s eyes to those who are trying to hide in the shadows waiting for the All-Candidates Forum to do their 2 minutes speil and hope they can bamboozle everyone into giving them a seat on council, without ever fully coming into public scrutiny and thereby have to stand up and defend and debate their positions and platforms on a regular and steady basis. My job, as I see it, is to expose these people for what they truly are and in successfully doing so have you the discerning voter vote against them… as you rightfully should.

Decoux’s arrogance, aloofness and insufferable secrecy, uncommunicativeness and heavy-handedness combined with Painter’s slavishness to special interest groups from the Ratepayer Executive, to former Firemen, to business groups and special interests will make him a slave to all and a master to none. After all, when you’re in debt and try to please everyone you usually end up pleasing no one. I won’t have these problems because I believe in openness, transparency, having an open-door policy and speaking with the people to hear what they have to say in determining their wants and needs, while at the same time not making myself beholding to any group or individuals that will impair my ability in performing my duties fairly and equitably, treating ALL residents here fairly on an impartial basis no matter their station in life or their position.

A 2 minute speech, answer a couple of questions, and hope for the best is what some of these people are hoping and praying they can get away with. Play the ‘nice guy’ by one, or come across as a lovable pompous good ‘ole boy by another, while playing it as safe as possible by both, giving away as little as possible of their real intentions.

In my books that don’t work and should not be tolerated, because the stakes are too high in that we will certainly land up with mediocrity again, and a go nowhere mayor and council, despite the steady stream of empty rhetoric, broken promises and pie-in-the-sky wishful thinking by these people that soon blows away like dust in the wind.

What’s needed is a no nonsense attitude by someone prepared to stand up and fight on this community’s behalf against the powers that be who have for far to long ignored our desperate plight here in the Pass because of weak-kneed mayors and councils who treated their positions as part-time, ego-tripping, social affairs who were to afraid and preoccupied with their own personal agendas or aggrandizement to make waves on our behalf. Below is a good example of the types of battles mayors and councils need to be engaged in these days if we hope to have a chance of getting out from under and not slowly descend into decay and ruin as what has recently happened with Detroit.

B.C. municipalities seek property-tax changes

Our municipality like all others in this province and country need other types of revenue streams other than solely relying on an ever-increasing property tax bill to local residents which has become a heavy burden and a drain on so many of our people here, especially on those in the low and fixed-income and senior pension bracket.

We need to wake up and shake up those guys in Edmonton and Ottawa and get some much needed attention, action, investment, economic development, and job creation in these parts. In addition to the changes in the aforementioned property-tax system which will allow municipalities to tap into different sources of revenue streams to fund their operations.

They say the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Well, I plan on squeaking like hell! While some of those others running will continue trying to play nice, bow down, grovel, and be subservient to their masters in high places and pray like hell some crumbs fall off their plates and land on ours so they can return home and play the hero for getting us next to nothing… AGAIN… while doing diddlee squat in getting addressed major issues of concern to people living here.

I promise you one thing, with me as Mayor, we will get our problems addressed… and you will be ENTERTAINED!



I don’t want you to think like me. I just want you to THINK.

from John Prince
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33 Responses to Are You Not Entertained!

  1. Anonymous says:

    John, perfect example of how some people act like shepple.

    Hilarious Examples Of People Who Can’t Think For Themselves

  2. Anonymous says:

    So far you have 48 people who can join the mayor and council in the loonybin that he should have built so they can all be locked up together for our safety, and the welfare of the sane people in the Pass.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master; whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is always their victim.

  4. Anonymous says:

    You are different from Dean Ward.
    If you question him on something he does not like, it is not published. Way to go.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I actually was just wondering why he had lost the last election after being in council twice. Just curious, but he did not post anything. But now people seem to think all of a sudden he is a shoe in.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The last election, was a perfect example of the link above. (Hilarious Examples Of People Who Can’t Think For Themselves.) I, and a number of other people, voted for a name, not knowing the man. Well, I certainly won’t make that mistake again, not if I have a choice. Now, about the not posting anything… long have you been reading this blog?? There have been many posts about the subject. Unfortunately, it looks like there is quite a few sheeple voting. Either that, or they know something I don’t. If they do, I wouldn’t mind finding out where they get their information. Is there something I’m missing? Blair Painter….who is he…..and what can he bring to the table?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Just watched the Gladiator clip……geez, I wish I knew enough about computers to superimpose your face in there John! Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to imagine it. Good one though. Now, whose face shall we put on that last big sucker to go down…….!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Asked a few people why Dean Ward was not re-elected. They all said they were upset with him as he was the biggest advocate for getting the Center in Blairmore closed.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Thank you. Just interested to find out the reason. Not sure why he wouldn’t answer my question. Seems like common knowledge.

    I guess people are getting over that now if you can believe his blog.

  10. John Prince says:

    Anon @8:10
    Thanks so much for this. From the following link you will see I am already a big fan of Nenshi…

    10 Reasons Why Calgarians Love Nenshi (or, How to Be a Leader)

    He is sooo cool! This is what we need in politics today, seriousness of purpose but with a sense of humour. He’s not a pompous fool nor does he suffer from being insecure. He’s not afraid to call a spade a spade, or to break with conformity by being totally original, while also demonstrating a comfortable in his own skin type of self-confidence.

    A true leader who at the same time can make people laugh. A truly magical combination. Gotta love him!


  11. Peter Rosner says:

    As of today 95 people have responded to your election pole. Is this an accurate reflection of this community I don’t think so but I could be wrong. To date only one person has officially announced their intention to run for the mayors chair and another for council. We don’t know if Dean Ward or some other person will challenge for the top dog and to put labels on them without knowing their platform is just making assumptions. Personally I don’t see Bruce and Brian running for the same position as they are smart enough to know they would be vote splitting with Brian probably winning that one. As of right now Blair is getting all the attention (without a platform) only because their is no one else in the race. Also I don’t believe Blair is going to be as old school as he has been labelled. If a credible candidate steps forward he is going to have to work at finding that middle ground. You could have just put the names out there John because that’s who the votes are for I don’t believe that you are any more middle ground than Blair. Until I see a platform that I can believe will work and the personality to go with it my vote is on hold. To Anon 4:42 I have been reading Johns Blog for years and have actually responded quite a bit over the years but took some down time recently. Now we are getting close to municipal elections most of the cards are on the table just need the rest of the candidates and the report from municipal affairs to influence our opinion on who to vote for. Oh I know people are saying the report means nothing anymore their mind is made up but we should give it a read. It probably will not take long to figure out if they have put a spin on it then it will head for some Dark shelf in the municipal office basement along with the rest of the studies and surveys and petitions etc. Like you always say people will vote against some one rather than for some one. That was proven in the last election.

  12. Anonymous says:

    To Peter Rosner: “Their platform” You don’t know sheep can’t read? “Making assumptions” You do that very well yourself as long as it hurt John, Brian and Brucy bla, bla, bla. “Middle ground: “John is no more middle ground than Blair.” This is one thing that a union man of your level is not smart enough to figure out? The unions of today are quite a bit sheeple themselves, you should know that by now. What comes out of your mouth goes through your mind first. I can read hypocrisy in your post am I right or wrong? “I’ve been reading John’s post for years” I did too that is why I can call you’re a hypocrite without blinking an eye. “Against someone” What was proven in our last election sheep can’t read that’s where the word sheeple comes from. FROM ME PERSONALLY YOU’RE NOTHING BUT A WASTE OF SKIN!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Anon Sept 8@ 9:57AM. Your comments come from a person who thinks highly of himself and is full of crap. Talk about being a hypocrite. Peter has been quite rational, union man or not as you mention, but his thinking is far ahead of your dribble. Middle ground, old school or new school, what does it matter. The voters will decide and if we go with the flow we are the fools.

  14. John Prince says:

    Unfortunately, old animosities and antagonists seem to have reared their ugly head again.

    Anon @9:57
    Peter’s entitled to his opinion and I agree with Anon @10:18 he is one rational guy. Let’s keep things civil here and have some interesting debate. There is no need for personal attacks.


  15. Anonymous says:

    10:18 I am 9:57 I thank you for responding to my post. Is that not what debate is all about. I respect what you think of Peter, I don’t know the man. But I have been reading his comments for the last 3 yrs on this blog and he’s been abusing John as much as possible every chance he gets. I say to you, let him defend himself. This is my personal opinion without having talked to the man, just reading his own words. “If we go with the flow we are all fools.” You are correct on that one. At times, I am myself full of crap but I don’t STINK.

  16. peter rosner says:

    Pretty hard to defend yourself against a faceless enemy. Once again I have proved a point against some of the cowards who comment on this site. I challenge John on a regular basis to get him thinking what good is it to encourage him when he is going down the wrong path or gone to far with comments about local people. I have said many times politics is fine lets leave the personal attacks out of it.

  17. Anonymous says:

    To Peter Rosner, the last thing John needs is advice from someone like you. When you go down fighting for what you believe in that is courage and pride to give your best, which is something above your limited understanding. The local people know John; they understand the difference between an undeserving LUCKY SPERMER and a deserving other who’s earned it.

    We have no politics in the PASS. Too many people like you try to control others. You don’t even realize you’re doing it to John in your comments. This guy is ten times SMARTER than you but you still try. What is your point???? If you’re so smart why not put your name up against John and debate as a politician, not as a gutless and devious pain in the ASS???

  18. peter rosner says:

    To ANON 6:42 if you don’t think there is politics in the Pass then im sorry you are either missing the big picture or someone of limited intelligence. the local people know whats going on and what the potential candidates including John really stand for. We will see when the voting booth closes. Of course I am trying to control the thoughts of others that’s what politics is about. I may not get through to John but believe me I influence his readers. John and myself have debated many topics over the last few years so where have you been? Like he says himself he doesn’t want us to think like him he just wants you to think. I have always fought for what I believed in and paid for it as well so save the lecture. Only a coward would hide under the cloak of annonimity and continue to take cheap shots the type that stands for nothing.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Gee, I wonder where Fred Poirier is these days?

  20. Anonymous says:

    Dean Ward LOL.. biggest turncoat in the Pass.

    He spends his final years in office trying ot get the Crownsest Centre shut down, and gets voted out of office.

    Suddenly he’s buddy buddy with assocations operationg outside of councils authority (pool board)!!

    And now he’s best friends with Lisa Sygutak!!!!

    Dean Ward is a SNAKE…. only cares baout him!!!! No loyalty at all to ANYBODY!!!!!!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Peter, Peter, Peter “Of course I am trying to control the thoughts of others” What makes you so smart?? Having a discussion about the election would be to explain to someone what you believe is in the best interests of our community and who can bring this to us. But you want to control their vote. SUPERMAN ROSNER from CNP. A vote is a conscious decision. I don’t believe that’s any of your business to play with that. John wants them to think!!! Peter wants to control their minds.

    Another thing Peter, some of those SHEEPLE could believe that you are smart and intelligent just because you’re a union man. Did that ever cross your mind???

  22. Anonymous says:

    10;12 Most people also don’t know that after being the force to shut down the Center, allegedly because it was costing too much $ to fix. After he got the center closed, Dean Ward and that council sank hundreds of thousands of $ into the MDM, including an elevater and no one wants to go there.It is out of the way and very limited parking, the elderly have a hard time walking up that hill to participate in anything, so they don’t. It was also found that allegedly the old school is full of asbestos, like most old buildings here. This was all done against the peoples wishes or input from the people. Sound familiar?

  23. John Prince says:

    Anon @10:12
    Everything you said is fair comment in my opinion that you are entitled to, EXCEPT the name calling.

    So be warned, I will not post any further comments from anyone who does not keep this in mind, no matter how reasonable and valid you may think your point is. State your opinion, WITHOUT getting personal.

    btw/ How come Dean is the flavour of the week all of a sudden? Has this anything to do with the CLC being demolished? Finger pointing?


  24. Peter Rosner says:

    I never mentioned anything about being a union man here that was suggested by others but yes its a label I wear proudly as I have helped a lot of people over the years. But that’s not the discussion for here. Its possible my opinion may influence others but I hope it is because I have a reputation for “Telling it like it is”. As I have mentioned earlier this has cost me dearly over the years but like John I refuse to compromise on what I truly believe. I will always hold our elected representatives to high standards if I am aware of an issue that should concern the public. I am not running for office so some of your questioning should be directed for John but since you asked I will tell you. One of the biggest issues we face is the highway realignment and when is it going to happen. There will be very little investment here until we get that sorted out. Next we have to get our volunteer base back together and put ourselves back on the map with Rum Runners/Thunder in the Valley but at a manageable level. So all the issue are addressed. Next or more likely first is we have a lot of mending fences to do here the divide and conquer strategy this council has used on residents here to implement their policies has caused some hard feelings and it is going to take a very articulate and personable mayor and council to address this. Are we doing enough to help local business I understand they pay fairly high taxes with no service at all. The beauracratic monster that has become of our adminisrtatation office needs some streamlining. I could go on but these are things our potential mayor should be looking at.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Peter, Peter 7:05 Reading your comment makes me sick. “I have helped a lot of people over the years”. You or the union you were working for??? After you get s—t you copy John “Telling it like it is” I don’t think so!! A person like you tries to influence others, that’s not good. You should go back to the basics and look after your own mind and vote for John. You will learn something.

    Please don’t insult John by comparing yourself to him at this time that would be misleading the voters. Yes, the question here is you? What common sense do you have to be able to tell others who to vote for? Why just before the election, like you did before, remember? Stick it to John with a grin. If you would have come out with all this BLA, BLA before you said John is going down the wrong path, on and on, then I would not be on your ASS. Have a nice day in your cocoon. If you phone me we can go for coffee and then afterwards we can both work on JOHN’S CAMPAIGN. What do you say?????

  26. John Prince says:

    Anon @5:56
    If Peter’s intentions are to come back here to this blog just before the election to undermine me, again, he will soon be joining Willie singing On the Road Again as his comments will ^not be posted. He can go to his own blog or other venues for that purpose, but I certainly will not allow MY blog to be used as a forum for personal attacks against ME… or others.


    btw/ I appreciate you standing up for me but I’m a big boy who knows how to defend himself. After all, I am from the other side of the tracks. ;-)


  27. Anonymous says:

    Thanks John, for explaining the situation. However, a worm will always be a worm.

  28. Peter rosner says:

    Leave your number I would be glad to have coffee with you.

  29. Anonymous says:

    PETER, can I trust you? I am a small guy, you and a friend could kick the shit out of me because I support John. I don’t want to bring him with me because we want to talk about him. I am a very open person and love the TRUTH, would that be a problem? I feel this should happen to clear the air but I want to make sure its done right, and we understand each other. You tell me how it should be done? Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for now.

  30. John Prince says:

    I just want you guys to know, I’m not running a dating service here. Both of you guys have been off topic for several comments now. Why don’t you guys go over to Peter’s blog and you can kiss and make up (or fight) over there, as this is getting ridiculous.


  31. Anonymous says:

    John, thanks again, you could be making big Money for dating services. :-)

  32. Anonymous says:

    God said Adam and Eve.
    Harper said Adam and Steve.
    You promote what ever you want??
    John you can’t be blame!!!!!

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