Canada: a safe haven for Banksters and Fraudsters

Canada: Home to Banksters and Fraudsters

Well, Canada’s Finance Minister, Jim Flaherty, announced today that he will not be joining the EU’s efforts to curtail GREED by taxing those in the banking sector who continue to receive bonuses that most people consider obscene.

Flaherty says bank bonuses must comply with rules, but rejects new tax

Britain, France, Germany back new taxes on bank bonuses

In addition, Robert Nicholson, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, continues to talk tough on crime (the blue collar type) but does little to nothing on white collar crime. He wants to label our kids ‘criminals’, and throw the book at them and send them to penitentiaries with long prison terms, while going easy on his white collar ‘friends’, by sending them instead to ‘country club’ prisons, with slap on the wrist sentences. In other words, he and his conservative cohorts are strong proponents for a two-tiered justice system in Canada. One that provides ‘justice for the rich, and the law for the poor’. I say to hell with that!! If you are going to hang the little crooks, we want to see the big crooks hang to!

Our country is being transformed by Harper’s conservatives, into those who have and those who don’t. With the don’ts out numbering the haves, but with the haves keeping everyone in line by utilizing their Taser toting goons, who lately seem to be dishing out state sponsored torture and terrorism on our populace, on an ever more frequent basis.

The message from the government is clear. Canada will remain a safe haven for banksters and fraudsters, who can continue ripping our citizens off with impunity… and with our conservative government’s blessings.


Corruption is merely a nasty word for the autumn of a people.

from John Prince
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4 Responses to Canada: a safe haven for Banksters and Fraudsters

  1. Dear Mr. Prince; This post is realy driving my blood presue..again, even thoght I am fully aware of these issues long time ago. God save us all. I am realdy to send these sons of bitches to hell…what a bunch of of Godam bastards!

  2. Anonymous says:

    But, John, were the Liberals any different? Or more importantly, would they be any different if they were in power now?

  3. mycdnprince says:

    Always a pleasure to hear from you and this time you made me laugh until my stomach hurt. :-) lol! I wasn’t expecting such a reaction, and especially coming from you. As a result, I was blown away. :-) Maybe, if more people expressed outrage and indignation as you did things would change for the better? Politicians need to hear how real Canadians feel and think about those actions of theirs that work for the most part against the majority, for the benefit of the minority.

    Anon @10:08
    I doubt it. I think it is endemic. Corporations (and their white collar criminals) now govern society perhaps more than governments do. The system needs to change. With this said, however, I do believe the other parties have a social conscience which is something the conservatives lack. They also have a sense of ‘justice for all’, whereas, conservatives continue to demonstrate they believe in a two-tiered justice system of, like I said above, ‘justice for the rich, and the law for the poor’. Who needs that kind of government!? I truly believe any of our other federal political parties would do a far better job governing us, while maintaining our beliefs and values, than the conservatives. They truly are a pox on our nation.

  4. Dear Mr. Prince. It was only a tip of the ice-berge. There are more to come. Despite, my emberassment, I am grad you turn it into humerous. The truth is, Sir: It twisted my nerve so bad since December 9 evening until now, my mindgrain-headache is remaining in me.

    So I thought, had to get up and move around before a big stroke hits and tears apart my Central-Neuro-Vascular-Blood-Vassles. Here is my accomplishment to day, which I have posted in all major Canadian politician face book web sites:

    CONSERVATIVE POLI-BAD-APPLES, THAT STINK THE WHOLE GREAT BASKET. My point: They must eliminate racist minds before attempt to run our country. Talking about immaturity, narrow-minded, expressed negative attitude to adopted Chinese babies during snobby trash get to getherness. If you thinK that human destructive attitud…e was bad, how about, even a lifeless Asian cook book, for Chrismast present turned their deep unconscious dark racist attitude came alive, at a bright light surface. Mind you, that is only the tip of the iceberg, in their deep conscious attitude of racism. TO BE CONTINUED

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