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Medical Services

Today, in reading the Crowsnest Promoter newspaper I see both an excellent editorial by our community’s star editor/reporter Joni MacFarlane on how privileged we all are to have such an excellent medical system here in the Pass, and a story in the Community section welcoming Dr. Ian Sudbury as our newest doctor.

With the above in mind, yesterday, I visited the Crowsnest Medical Clinic in Coleman and waited approximately 40 minutes at this walk-in clinic before seeing our new doctor above. I must say, I was impressed with this man’s professionalism and caring manner, and with the medical treatment he prescribe and the tests he recommended I take at our local hospital.

After visiting with him I went immediately to the hospital, checked in with reception, followed by getting blood work done, some kind of electric suction cup heart testing machine was next, and then a couple of x-rays were taken. I do not think all this took more than 30-40 minutes.

I agree with Joni, I cannot say enough about how fortunate we are here in the Pass to have an abundance of highly trained and professional doctors, nurses, and various other medical people including nurses-aids, orderlies, receptionists, etc., along with a number of medical facilities scattered throughout our community, including best of all, a modern hospital.

We are truly blessed here when considering the horror stories we hear from time to time coming from the big cities and smaller communities lacking in all this, finding themselves having to put up with long waiting times and/or needing to travel at times great distances to receive what we are fortunate enough to take for granted, by literally just having to step out our front doors and in a timely manner immediately into the caring arms of highly trained professionals.

Kudos to the medical establishment in our community! And welcome Dr. Ian Sudbury, who I personally can attest to as being an excellent addition to a community already blessed with the best!


“Change induces stress”, and some people react to stress by getting sick. When people feel they can control events, they’re less likely to get sick.

from John Prince
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  1. Anonymous says:

    And still you missed some of the benifits of still having one of the best local hosptals where relatives and friends are close and have the ability to visit regularly. A person requiring acute or chronic care can still be visited by their own personal physician, and on a regular basis, thus remaining under that person’s care.
    We also have yet another new walk in clinic to treat some of those nasties that do pop up from time to time.
    Also consider the economic impact provided by those involved in the the execution of medcal services here.

    Those in the ‘Big Smoke” would be envious.

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