Bill 50, Brought to you By Alberta Liberal Caucus

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Bill 50

Bill 50 is the single biggest assignment of wealth to corporations in Alberta history.

Government needs to control the pace of economic development so that regulatory processes are allowed to run their course. It is no excuse to eliminate ‘critical oversight’ simply for the sake of unbridled economic development; that is undemocratic and can lead to economic chaos. Bill 50 will become ‘Ed’s Folly’.


The country had fallen into a state of moral putrefaction, with corruption running rampant throughout the government ranks.

from John Prince
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  1. Jose says:

    The Govt laid out utility corridors around Edmonton many years ago; now the city has encroached upon these and people do not want a buzzing power line in their view. This, plus the farmers’ resistance to have a power line cross their land, leads to an impasse. Various Groups jump on the bandwagon, and it takes years to get a decision made. Delay, delay is the objective. So someone has to take the bull by the horns. Good for Ed!

    I understand that the power line from Edmonton to Calgary, and the one from Edmonton to Bow Island(?) are primary carriers – point to point power. So why the power plant has to be in Edmonton for Calgary power, and not in the Calgary area, is interesting. With the Lethbridge to Great Falls, Montana power link approved, I think the intent for this power use becomes clearer. Hope it’s a two way street!! But by chance, perhaps the Govt is really looking ahead, and is doing what is right for the future. Hopefully the lines will be the new single pole types that don’t impact the view as much. (Remember when Wacky Bennett was building the Dease Lake railroad – truly visionary – and the new NDP Govt stopped its construction? It sure would be nice to have that railroad, which by now it would be to Alaska.)

    Without these power lines, in a few years when the brown outs start, the same people will be complaining that the Govt didn’t do anything when it should have. A no win situation. Maybe you can go onto the hill behind your yard and plug into a “current bush” for your power?

    For the Green power types, when you all start complaining about the wind turbines all over South Alberta and the many power substations needed to move this power to the present grid, (funny how this is forgotten) perhaps the planned lines aren’t that bad. Not to mention the NEW power lines needed to move all of this wind power once it ramps up. Can’t wait for that ky-ying in a few short years.


  2. John Prince says:

    Somehow, I thought I would hear from you on this post. :-)

    I will tell you honestly that I know not much on this issue and put this video on my blog primarily because it is the first video I’ve seen put out by the Alberta Liberals, which for me is novelty in itself. And the fact some of the old timers have been complaining for some time about the cost to be born by us Albertans, and who really stands to benefit from all this. However, with this in mind, let me say this…

    This is just another example of the US getting something for nothing again, at our expense. No thanks!

    In this regard, I remember having a conversation with someone years back in which it was stated that we (Canada) would soon become a state of the US. The reply was, ‘why would they want to take us over and have all that responsibility of managing and governing us, when they get everything they need now, for nothing, minus the headaches and expense, under the present arrangement?’ Good point!

    But don’t worry Jose, these days there always seems to be a compliant ‘conservative’ government willing to kowtow to the corporate needs of their friends to the south, who in return will show us their appreciation by hosing us good every chance they get, being the owner/operator/suppliers of almost all our utilities and services. But hey, what are neighbours for?

    Ah, for the good ol’ days of the Trudeau era again, who put caps on foreign investment and would never have tolerated our complete economic dominance by a foreign power, which not only takes us for granted, but takes unfair advantage of us in the process as well, being the shrewd, ruthless, B-22 bomber diplomacy type people that they are.

    We are an energy rich nation whose people are left beggars. For the most part, because of the cowardly, self-serving traitors in our midst.

    But hey, that’s only my opinion. What do I know; I’m one of the oppressed. :-( “Hey, Yankee. You want to buy my sister?”

  3. Anonymous says:

    Of course, when we become another state of the US, we’ll all be able to move to the old US. Someplace warm, like Arizona and stay all year. Or maybe Hawaii….

  4. Jose says:

    Good bait for sure, John. The USA is now run by a Marxist regime; coupled with their corporate friends they now have Corporate Fascism — not a real dichodomy since they are all the same bunch of crooks. Goldman Sachs RUNS the USA, with tentacles spreading over the World.

    If the Liberals win in Canada, you’ll really see some fleecing on behalf of Goldman Sachs. Bank of Canada head Carney is an ex-Godman Sacher; USA Sec Treasurer Geithner is an Ex-Goldman Sacher who has traces back to a certain Middle East country (remember the Madoff looting — follow the money — he was the head of the NY Federal Reserve when the funds were transfered). Liberal Iggy was coached in the USA by them for many years, and has come home to “do good”.

    After being bailed out by the TARP money to the tune of $12.9 Billion, short selling the very “good” investments they sold their clients as sound and safe, and making $20 Billion in the last year off of the sheeple through insider stock trading, Goldman Sachs is flush. They are investing in Canada now. It is not only the Chinese and Koreans that are buying up our resources.

    Over the years, we have seen the USA, Britain, Japan and others invest in Canada and eventually go home. Noot this time. The Arabs, Koreans and especially the Chinese are here –to stay. Look at Africa and South America to really see what their foreign investment is doing. The Chinese are farming and drilling for oil there –with their people and troops– and are sending the loot back home. These guys look to the long term and don’t invest for return but for their security. The New Imperialists.

    At present the USA is in a real mess, and may not pull out of the downspin. If they don’t, we are all likely sunk. If they do, we may keep floating along and pine for a Trudeau to come along. (Hmmm…Remember his Energy Policy – $10.00 oil for the East and soak the West?) So bash the USA all you want; when push comes to shove they are better than what we are in the process of getting.

    The Greenies will save the day with their wind, solar and who-knows-what type of power. Nuclear anyone? Oil may be on the way out over time. But that is not what everyone really wants Canada for. WATER ANYONE!!!

    As events soutn of the Border evolve over the next few years, don’t be surprised when some of the USA Regions join Canada. We won’t see Canada as another USA state. Hope there are enough guns and ammo to go around and protect us…..


  5. John Prince says:

    “New statistics indicate one in 10 American homeowners is now delinquent by at least one mortgage payment and one in seven is now either delinquent or in foreclosure.”

    The US can’t save Canada. Like you say, they’ll be lucky if they can save themselves. And it is not USA bashing that I am advocating but instead doing to them what they have done to us i.e. play hardball.

    I remember back in 1988(?) when I lived in Vancouver, I went door to door against the Canada/USA Free Trade Agreement (FTA) because I believed then, and have subsequently been proven right, that we should not put all our eggs in one basket. But instead, look at expanding our trade with the growing economic engines of the future: China, India and the EU, for example. Harper and the conservatives have just recently come to realize this to be a prudent course of action, while still doing nothing about reopening the FTA that only exploits us.

    Canada must save itself. In order to do so we must have leadership that can wrestle back control over our economic engine and resources, much as Levesque did with his nationalization of the province’s electric companies under Hydro-Québec (which ushered in the beginning of significant and beneficial economic reforms for the people of that province), and as other leaders have done in other parts of the world. This will not come about with the conservatives, nor with the Liberals, both of whom are controlled by the Goldman Sachs (Zionists) exploiters of the world. Who’s left?

    Only a revolution will change things here. I’m still waiting for Canada’s Timothy McVeigh’s to step up to the plate. Lord knows, with the blatant disregard for human life being perpetrated by our RCMP and local police forces…

    Canadians should soon wake up to the fact that we are now living in a police state, run by a Gestapo government in cahoots with the multi-nationals who are exploiting our people and its resources daily, while beggaring our nation and its people in a land of plenty.

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