Billy Boy, takes aim at town

Ratepayers unhappy with Minister

Don’t take your guns to town, son
Leave your guns at home, Billy
Don’t take your guns to town… – Johnny Cash

Excuse the humour here but I think Billy Kovach and the rest of us Ratepayers would like nothing better than to shoot up the town right now. Judge for yourself, by reading Bill’s Letter to the Editor (not available on-line) below, that’s in this week’s Pass Herald.

An update from the Ratepayers

We finally got a reply from the Minister. It was dated October 29th, 2012 and is identical to the letters sent out to the rest of the people who wrote to him only ours is an original signed by Griffiths. It was mailed on Nov. 1st the day we delivered the petition to Edmonton.

What is real disturbing about this whole thing is the Minister states they do not play a role on settling disagreements about matters that are the responsibility of the local government and the electors. So WHY does the MG Act allow us to do so?

He also states he supports council’s efforts to carry out their legislated responsibilities.

I thought an elected government was to be responsible to the electorate but I guess I’m wrong.

If you get elected in Alberta you can establish your own agenda and dictate whatever you want to your electorate. AND, we will like it even if it hurts.

It’s frustrating, the whole thing stinks right from the regime here in the Pass to the Minister in Edmonton.

I feel we have to reply to his letter but maybe we should wait until we get an acknowledgement they received the petition. What do you think?

I also got an e-mail from Pat Stier asking to keep him posted and if there was any way he could help.

Finally, Mr. Headrick and his fire chief should hang their heads in shame and leave town.

I haven’t heard that much BS since he spoke at our meeting with council at MDM. Where do we find these guys?

As for Marion’s report on Rum Runners, she sure made it look rosy.
If I heard her correctly it still cost us $44,000.00 according to her figures.

Bill Kovach

I too received a letter from the Minister dated October 29th that was mailed on November 1st. Therefore, Bill, I believe you have a form letter like the rest of us and as such need not worry yet that the Minister and our provincial government has abandoned us to ‘Pompous Bruce’ and his band of miscreants both on council and in administration. In this regard, I believe we need to wait for an official position with respect to the petition that you and members of the board of the Ratepayers Association delivered to Edmonton.

p.s. I might add more to this after dinner… For now, I gots to eat. ;-)


Idealism is what precedes experience; cynicism is what follows.

from John Prince
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6 Responses to Billy Boy, takes aim at town

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ratepayers should do a better job of updating their Facebook page as this letter isn’t even on there??

  2. Anonymous says:

    If I was in Edmonton, I’d probably give the same response…another council, another angry Crowsnest Pass electorate. If it happened once, maybe I would care but when the same situation repeats itself over and over again, with a lot of the same angry “players”, I would think that they might start questioning what the root of the problem is.

    This is not an endorsement of the current council or administration, they have their problems, but just maybe, some of the residents have a whole host of their own too.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Not to worry about the Crowsnest Pass or Edmonton. Crowsnest Pass is a great place to live. Everyone should just relax and enjoy the Mountains, no place like it.

  4. The Doomsayer says:

    “Liberty is lost through complacency and a subservient mindset.”
    Posted by John on 11/5/12
    These words will never ring truer & more to the point in what is happening here right now. I re-posted John’s quote & my own thoughts on Nov 6 but after reading Anonymous @ 3:29 PM “Everyone should just relax and enjoy the Mountains, no place like it.”, I feel it needs to be said again.

    If we all just sit back & relax, the Crowsnest Pass as a great place to live will cease to exist. The “laissez faire” attitude of many people here is the reason we have the current problem. We have to take responsibility for our lives here & all facets of it, not just sit back & hope somebody, anybody will look after us.

    The petition was a huge step in the right direction, finally a majority of people working together but not forceful enough. It should have asked for a recall, a review isn’t even a slap on the wrist to the mayor, council & assorted flunkies.

    Stand up, write letters & make phone calls to the MLA, MP, Premier, hell, even Harper himself, scream, holler, bitch & protest but whatever you do, DON’T sit on your butt while we lose a great place to live.

  5. Peter Rosner says:

    Well said Doomsayer– I am sure some feel defeated by the reply. It shouldnt surprise them. There is still power in numbers.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Let’s raise a petition to suspend the minister! According to the census – we only need about 700 Thousand Signatures!

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