Black sheep of the family

What do you do when you’re the black sheep of the family and no one wants to have anything to do with you so they exclude you from family events? I must say that is how I felt when seeing the reason why the patriarch of our local newspaper (sic) did not include me in the family photo.

As mentioned before in an earlier post Lisa Sygutek the publisher of the Pass Herald refused to provide me with the same equal opportunity she gave Blair Painter when he announced his candidacy. To add insult to injury while at the same time using her vehicle to once again promote her “dream team” favourites while excluding others she gave Blair another kick at the can to promote himself in this week’s edition of her paper.

So for those keeping track this is now 2-0 for Blair against me thanks to his being a good ole’ boy while I am merely a black sheep of the family. Who like Cinderella of old has been relegated to sitting in a dark old rusty cellar, alone and ignored. But who still believes in dreams, while at the same time believing in doing something about them. And just as what she did in fighting back against the evil witch by staying strong and hopeful, I too won’t let this bring me down.

Anyhow, doesn’t seem to be much fairness and egalitarianism coming from the gal who will be our Returning Officer this election, now does it? Then again, she has always been upfront in exhibiting her biases, prejudices and lack of impartiality. As what we so clearly saw demonstrated to us, for example, when she managed the CLC during its dying days that cost this community dearly in so many ways, least of which was the total disregard and waste of our limited tax dollars. So we shouldn’t be too shocked…. disappointed, yes, but shocked, no.

Other members of Lisa’s family who also received favourable mention in her paper this week in announcing their intentions to run in the coming election were Dave Filipuzzi and Dean Ward.

So as the black sheep of the family and obviously the underdog, with no money, no media exposure, not being a lucky spermer (not being born here) or part of the ‘good ole boys club’ what chance do I have in running for mayor? About as much chance as I had when I ran before…. little to none.

But you know, people are getting smarter, more fed-up with the on-going never ending merry-go-round of nepotism, cronyism and self-serving ways of the elites and ‘good ole boy’ groups here, and therefore maybe there’s a chance? So before the weekend is out I will announce my candidacy to the only medium I have available to me, which is right here on this blog. Stay tuned!


Just heard on the radio that Larry Mitchell will be running again. And with this it is SNOWING outside…. another bad omen. Like what one of my commenters just said, “Please shoot me now.” :-)


What you can become depends upon what you can overcome.

from John Prince
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Larry Mitchell – really! Nice guy but he is not an effective Councillor. Who cares that he attended a funeral in Vulcan or that he attended a parade.

  2. Anonymous says:

    John, What you have been saying about the spermers and the good old boys has just proven you right. They have publically shown everyone that is capable of thinking, that this is the way the Pass is run and by whom. Please run , I think there might be enough people in the Pass who are SICK of this total political monopoly. By this time people should realize that they are going to get the same peon treatment. They all have enough money , and don’t have to worry about scraping together enough to pay their taxes and the exhorbitant utility bills on top of that. We better vote wisely this time. I don’t want to be controlled by people who only see us as CASH COWS

  3. Anonymous says:

    Well said 10:27!!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yes 10:27 well said.

    As for the snow, well, on the bright side, that was a lot of rain, maybe it’s not such a bad thing that it’s going to hang around on the hills for a couple of days before making it’s way down our way.

  5. Anonymous says:

    John, what about you making an announcement on Pincher Creek Voice beside your blog. A small community like ours can put a picnic table at Tim Horton’s on a couple Saturday mornings and invite people to ask questions and express what they would like to see happen in their Community. I will come and give you a hand pass out hand made flyers and not paid volunteers for free. WE the PEOPLE have to make sure OUR COMMANDO gets elected to continue the mission of Fairness for all, Equality, Transparency, Respect, and living within our means. We will only accomplish this if we VOTE FOR JOHN xxxxxxxxxxx Stop the Abuse Make the Move!!!!

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