Buddy’s ‘diatribe’

…. or the pot calling the kettle black.

Buddy’s ‘diatribe’

This week’s ‘diatribe’ by Buddy at the Pass Herald against ‘anonymous’ bloggers is worth a read, for two reasons:

First, the author knows a thing or two about libel and lawsuits having been successfully sued on at least two occasions that I am aware of. So assumably the author is an ‘expert’ in this area, but surprisingly, the selective renderings he gives as examples are far from slanderous and defamatory, in my opinion. I doubt very much if most people would have found them ‘objectionable’ and that is probably why the blog administrator allowed them to be posted. But, hey, I’m no ‘expert’.

Second, he seems quite oblivious to the fact that his paper has for years allowed ‘anonymous’ postings through their ‘Bricks’ & Bouquets section. Some of which, in my opinion, have been outright (or at the very least bordering on) slanderous and defamatory. But somehow in his mind that is ok? Do we have a double standard here??

So to sum up Buddy’s attack against anonymous bloggers, we find his ‘subjective’ opinions on what is and what is not slanderous and defamatory is questionable, as is his ‘blindness’ to the fact that he was and still is a trend setter in the area of ‘anonymous’ posts, through his ‘Bricks’ & Bouquets section. If this isn’t an example of “The pot calling the kettle black”, I don’t know what is?

In conclusion, the wonderful adjectives he uses to describe anonymous bloggers, such as: sneaky, lying cowards… who use the Internet to spread their vicious lies and opinions designed to humiliate and discredit citizens in the Crowsnest Pass, suggests this is what he thinks as well of those who send in comments to his paper, for his ‘Bricks’ & Bouquets section. How sad!

Today’s new reality, “Freedom of the press is no longer limited to those who own one.”

from John Prince
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2 Responses to Buddy’s ‘diatribe’

  1. Anonymous says:

    John here is my letter to the Editor we will see if it is printed.

    Dear Editor

    With great interest I read this week’s editorial regarding blogs, a long time ago I would have totally agreed with your comments, regarding people making statements about other people or issues and not having the guts to put there name to those statements. I personally always have taken the position that I would not say or do something unless I put my name to it. Then I started reading “Bricks and Bouquets”!

    Dean Ward

  2. John Prince says:

    It was nice to see in this week’s Herald how Buddy and Dean were so ‘cordial’ to one another. Maybe, there is hope for this community yet? :-)

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