Outstanding Mayors

Canada Needs More Outstanding Mayors Like These Two

Here’s a couple stories about two separate outstanding mayors from different parts of Ontario taking principled stands:

Closed session meetings aka In-Camera Meetings

Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee medal

How refreshing to know that not all leaders are weak-kneed conformists who simply go with the flow, not wanting to rock the boat by calling a spade a spade.


Whoso would be a man must be a nonconformist.

from John Prince
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  1. Chloe says:

    Thanks for sharing John. Is the Headrick fellow the only one receiving a medal in the Pass? It really cheapens the value when it is awarded for political reasons and not for dedication to community. Enjoy the weekend.We are shovelling out from under a wall of snow ;(

  2. John Prince says:

    Aggie Mitchel is one of the recipients here I can remember who I thought was well deserving, but some others I have read about both locally, provincially and federally I must agree with the mayor from the Township of Admaston/Bromley in that these recipients have actually demeaned this award and honour to the point where it is practically valueless today. Much like what Senator Brazeau did yesterday by putting a further stain on the senate, which is fast becoming a house of ill-repute. Much like what the Jubilee medal is becoming, a badge of dis-honour, rather than of honour, because of the types of people receiving them who to many of us seem far from deserving.

    I understand 50 million people like yourself back east are going through what you are dealing with. Just remember no two snowflakes are alike, so you won’t have to shovel twice. :-0 :-) lol!

    Take care Chloe. Stay warm. Best!


  3. Anonymous says:

    John, Rob and I are Albertans ;) Thanks for the chuckle, take care.

  4. peter rosner says:

    Somehow it seemed as though the farm had grown richer without making the animals themselves any richer–except, of course the pigs and the dogs. Perhaps this was because there were so many pigs and dogs. It was not that these creatures did not work, after their fashion. There was as Squelar was never tired of explaining, endless work in the supervision and organization of the farm. Much of this work was of a kind that the other animals were too ignorant to understand. For example, Squealer told them that the pigs had to expend enormous labours every day upon mysterious thingscalled ‘files’, ‘reports’,’minutes’and ‘memoranda’. These were large sheets of paper which had to be closely covered with writing, and as soon as they were covered they had to be burnt in the furnace. This was of the highest importance for the welfare of the farm.


  5. Anonymous says:

    I hate Warren Kinsella. He’s an uninformed idiot.

  6. Rob Bernshaw says:

    Hi John I posted this to my FB because there needs to be more politicians like these ones that have the courage to stand up and do what is right in life not what is politically expedient. thanks John for sharing this with us. I will also put a link in the comments section of my most recent column Omertà http://www.pinchercreekvoice.com/2013/02/omerta_10.html

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