CFO has to go…

CFO Concerns

Joni MacFarlane’s editorial in this week’s Crowsnest Promoter (see below) raises some SERIOUS legitimate concerns with respect to the management of our municipal finances.

Municipal misstep

Last month provincial Tories told Albertans they’d missed the mark on energy prices and now faced a sizable deficit caused in part by their incorrect estimation.

Although critics charged Redford’s predictions left them exposed to a downturn they should have seen coming, there was a certain measure of tolerance for misjudging the market.

Not so in the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass.

Special meetings of council revealed a significant over-estimation of the drop in property assessments.

Ongoing budget deliberations failed to reveal that property assessments had decreased by 5.2 per cent instead of two per cent.

Unlike Redford’s lower than expected energy prices, residents are struggling to understand how this miscalculation was made.

Property assessments are compiled and sent to Edmonton by the end of February where they are verified that correct procedures were followed.

It’s hard to understand how the value of that assessment came as a surprise so late in the game.

If critical financial information is not shared within the walls of the municipality, it speaks to a problem far greater than being faced with a mill rate increase and budget cuts being made at the last minute.

We would encourage a thorough review of the process with transparent accountability of how and why this happened. Only in this way will taxpayers be assured their money is being managed by those fully able to do so.



For me, the last two paragraphs raises three concerns:
1. Mayor and council were apparently not provided with proper and critical information from the finance department, in a timely fashion.
2. Transparency and accountability seem to be completely lacking with respect to this matter i.e. no apparent reasons and/or repercussions.
3. Lack of professional qualifications and experience on the part of the CFO (and CAO) is of major concern to taxpayers, as millions of our dollars are involved here.

As Joni rightfully states, “taxpayers (must) be assured their money is being managed by those fully able to do so.”

This should be obvious, and the public has every right to demand that this is in fact the case. Otherwise, heads must roll and someone has to go. CFO or CAO, I don’t know? But word on the street for some time now has definitely been for the former.


Finance is the art of passing money from hand to hand until it finally disappears.

from John Prince
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5 Responses to CFO has to go…

  1. If anybody is interested you can read what happened next after the Assessment mess the following Monday April 15 @

    Dean Ward

  2. Anonymous says:

    CFO for sure, the one that handles t he money, obviously.
    Same, no numbers for Rum Runners. Ridiculous

  3. Anonymous says:

    CFO or CAO,
    one of them has got to go.

    For as we all can surely see,
    The Pass does not grow money trees.

    We have some pine and Douglas fir,
    Some aspen and some spruce for sure,

    But money trees are scarce these days,
    And so admin must change their ways.

  4. Anonymous says:

    CFO followed by the CAO along with the useless director of non-works that has even less relevant experience. Where the heck…do they find these people.

  5. Anonymous says:

    But, we all know in the end, nothing will happen. We will still have the inept people running finance. It is very sad that people can’t do their jobs that they are hired for. But, finance situation did not happen overnight. Don’t think she started yesterday. So, not unique to this council.

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