Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious

A Sad Comedy

The following letter to the editor in this week’s Crowsnest Promoter (not available on-line) by way of satire, takes a serious issue, pokes fun at it and the deceitful and foolish clowns responsible for it i.e. the fiasco known as this year’s Rum Runner Days, while heaping an abundance of well-deserved scorn on them at the same time.

A well-written letter that I’m sure most residents here can relate to:

A success story: the big picture of a few people is realized

Dear Editor:

For some people, I am sure Rum Runner Days was exactly what Mr. Gallant and Mr. Lonsbury said it was – a success. The weather was good, there was nobody parked along the tracks, no traffic in town, parking was absolutely a non-issue, crime apparently was rampant, but an enforcement blitz handled this well through stringent enforcement of selected laws.

The parade started on time and there was no problem finding a place to stand or sit to watch. There were no bands to interrupt the peace and tranquility of our lovely town. The horses could stand some training, maybe to use the supplied toilets, rather than do their business right there on the street. At least, it was not on people’s lawns (horse or human, what’s the difference).

There were no line-ups to get on the midway rides, there were lots of portable toilets so nearly everyone downtown had their own biffy, little or no garbage on the streets, no garbage on the soccer field following the music, no line-ups to impede the local residents from shopping in the local stores, no chance of running out of ice at Sobeys (one cooler of ice was sold, instead of the usual six coolers).

The Show and Shine was well attended by both vehicles and people, and the parking passes did a remarkable job of keeping those out-of-towners under control.

I should mention that the evening was not interrupted by any loud thundering noises or those blinding flashes of light that were so annoying. Even CN accommodated us
by having no trains go through the Pass between 9:45 p.m. and 11:15 p.m. The planning to accomplish this must have been phenomenal.

Traffic control was outstanding. I drove downtown just to see how the parking plan was working. The term “ghost town” came to mind.

The anticipated 20,000 people for Rum Runner Days may have been slightly exaggerated so there was basically nothing going on in town, and if this is classed as success, it was a roaring success. It is nice when a plan comes together to give the town a morale boost and the big picture of a few people is realized.

There certainly should be no excessive costs this year and our revenues should be up since we are more family orientated this year, with the Wine and Food Festival both of which had a significant dollar value attached. Maybe this year we will finally be able to get an actual cost of the festivities that the municipality is responsible for.

It appears thanks and kudos are in order to the Council members and the members of the community who have made this dream come true. Eighteen years and thousands of volunteers in the building of a great attraction; one year and seven people in the demolition. It is unfortunate that the Rum Runner Days committee and the town merchants had to take the brunt of this success. Hard work, planning and goodwill could not compete with treachery. So, to our town council, thanks again, we will be watching to see how this works out for you in the long run.

Wayne Girven


There is no fate that cannot be surmounted by scorn.

from John Prince
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31 Responses to Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious

  1. Anonymous says:

    From the Aug. 7 Council minutes:

    “Emile Saindon, Rum Runner Days Committee Chairperson, questioned how and where Council would like the final report presented from the Rum Runner Days Committee.

    M#-6610-12: Councillor Lonsbury moved that the final Rum Runner Days Committee Report be provided at the September 18, 2012 Governance and Priorities Committee Meeting.


    Shouldn’t there be a report from Administration on how much was spent? They were writing the cheques, not the RRD Committee.

    Also the cost of employee time, equipment and resources devoted to RRD – the RRD Committee cannot properly evaluate these costs.

    And when will Council vote to authorize this spending?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well considering there has never been numbers forthcoming regarding spent monies from the finance person, I really doubt it would happen now. Apparently there has never been any accounting in this regard from finance department. I don’t understand it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You and Dean can quit gloating anytime now. You both wished it turned out to be a disaster and it was, Happy now!!!!!

  4. John Prince says:

    Anon @3:44
    I never wished no such thing. Tell me where on my blog I said otherwise?

    What I did wish for was that council would listen to the people rather than solely to the small minority moneyed-classes such as the Amundson’s (From the Aug. 7 Council minutes: Correspondence was received from Fran and Peter Amundsen, residents of the Municipality of Crowsnest
    Pass, congratulating the Rum Runner Days Committee for organizing a wonderful weekend.).

    Paying out-of-town consultants to tell you what to do, rather than talking to the locals, or dare I say, even a blogger or two, would have returned different and more favourable results, and wouldn’t have pissed off tens of thousands of people, hurting our ‘brand’ in the process that took years in the making.

    Still waiting for this council to get some intestinal fortitude, man-up and admit their ‘costly’ mistakes, so that we can all move on.

    Present a cost-accounting, learn from your mistakes, promise to do better, including a return of a even bigger and better TITV for next year.


  5. Anonymous says:

    You are some smart ass trying to tell others what to do when you’re to chicken shit to stand up and be counted. At least John and Dean are not hiding behind anonymous. Go to your room and close the door from the inside. That will be best for your community.

    Fred Poirier

  6. Jim Kevorkian says:

    Anon @3:44

    What a piece of S??T you are. At least we know where Mr. Prince and Mr. Ward stands. I have been coming to TITV for the last 10 years(with my young family) and thought it was a wonderful event. It is easy to criticize behind an anonymous name.Be a man and be counted.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I think “anonymous”is the best and only way to go in CNP. Lots of blogs have the same thing; sometimes you can get good ideas; do not need to have names. Just IDEAS.

  8. Anonymous says:

    anon 7:38
    Anyone who expects someone else to implement their ideas must be retarded. If you have a good idea you should be proud and try to put it to work and feel good about it that you did good for your community. If you’re a bag of S??T push someone else into the pool because your too stupid to swim yourself. That’s what I read in your idea. Am I right, Mr. Smart idea?

    Fred Poirier

  9. John Prince says:

    Fred and Jim, thanks for your comments, but boy ‘ol boy you guys got to lighten up. You’re coming across like a couple mean Pit Bulls (nothing against Pit Bulls by the way, as I had one for 11 years and he was nothing like what some people have branded this breed. Loved him like I love you guys :-).

    I personally think there is nothing wrong with posting anonymously (I even do it myself on occasion) and therefore I agree with Anon @7:38. However, using one’s name or a moniker can help people follow that person’s ideas, opinions, way of thinking, over time. After repeated comments, over time, it allows for the building of trust (or otherwise), respect (or otherwise), confidence, etc. Also, if a person is well-known in a community it can also add weight to an argument, or point of view. I guess it can have its advantages and disadvantages, especially living in a small town, but it’s always nice when one really knows who one is talking to, isn’t it? Even a moniker overtime builds a relationship, whereas posting anonymously doesn’t.


  10. Anonymous says:

    Yikes, Lighten up, do you think so…..

    I did not even think retarded was a word anymore. I don’t think decent people would say that anymore. Almost like the ‘N’ word.
    No one can judge another place unless they live there. It could be a full time job.

  11. Anonymous says:

    One doesn’t have to live in Syria to know its not a nice place to be right now, but one can still have opinions about it. Same goes for here.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Opinions are good; being called names is not.

  13. Anonymous says:

    You’re right.

  14. Anonymous says:

    So you don’t like the word ‘retarded’? You come up with a better one. I never spent one day in English school to learn all the fancy words to satisfy all the idiots that refuse to help John clean up the mess you’re in.

    Patience is not my best quality and we have the same mess here in Port McNeill, B.C.

    Welcome to the birthplace of the retard. Here the fish swim backwards, like our politics.

    Fred Poirier

  15. Anonymous says:

    “Here the fish swim backwards, like our politics.”

    hahahah. Good one!

  16. Aug 9 3:44 Anonymous said

    “You and Dean can quit gloating anytime now. You both wished it turned out to be a disaster and it was, Happy now!!!!!”

    First of all I would of responded sooner but I was on holiday. But I am back now.
    Why on earth would I be “gloating” I have lived in this town for almost thirty years. Why would I “gloat” over seeing the number one reason the Crowsnest Pass was put on the map flushed down the toilet?
    (The Mayor said this himself at a council meeting last year)
    Why would I “gloat” over the municipality spending ten of thousands of dollars to put on a event that everybody in town knew (with the exception of 10-12 people) was going to attract at best a few thousand people?

    No I am not happy how this weekend turned out, and neither are about ninety percent of the people I have spoke to. No I am not happy a lot of taxpayers money was spent that weekend. Bellcrest and Coleman receive $5,000 to help put on a “Family Orientated” weekend.
    What do I predict next year? maybe an attempt to rekindle the TITV but somewhere in the spring negotiations between the BFD and the municipality will break down and a “pyrotechnics” outfit will be brought in to save the day. Just my opinion.

    One last question for anonymous, TITV was cancelled on March 6 by motion of council. Over the concerns raised about safety in meeting with the RCMP and the ongoing costs of the event.
    Those same meeting would have happened prior to 2011 TITV between the RCMP and council, the cost issues would have been no different than 2012. Why was 2011 TITV not cancelled? (Sorry deferred)

    Dean Ward

  17. Anonymous says:

    Dean, never mind ‘spring’ negotiations, council better get on it this ‘fall’. We don’t need any more delays, excuses and the blame game, saying we ran out of time and got to cancel it again next year.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Not everyone is so keen on getting it back. I do not think TITV defines CNP by any means.

  19. Anonymous says:

    the fireman volunteered all the man hours to setup and set off the pyrotechnics display formerly known as TITV what do you think the costs to hire another pyrotechnics company to come in and do it would be?($100,000) Where are they going to do the show?(BURMIS I WONDER WHAT THEIR BYLAWS ARE LIKE) What are they going to call the show (TITV IS COPYRIGHTED)? AS LONG AS THIS COUNCIL IS IN PLACE I DONT THINK THERE WILL BE A TITV!!!!!!

  20. Anonymous says:

    “I do not think TITV defines CNP by any means.”

    So what does define us, if not TITV?

  21. Anonymous says:

    Thunder may not have defined us but it did provide the opportunity to showcase the community.Other communities our size would have been so happy to have an event that draws that size of a crowd.As for moving Thunder to a differant area it defeats the purpose as it must be close to the business area.As for hiring someone else to do the show that would be unbelievably stupid and would not work because without the volunteer support the results would be a disaster.Thunder is done unless council can admit there mistake and approach the fireman with an olive branch.My guess is no way this arrogant council would even consider doing that.

  22. Anonymous says:

    There are many things that define us if you need to put it in those terms.
    1. Awesome lifestyle – everything that we need but no rush or line ups.
    2. Beautiful gorgeous mountains.
    3. Beautiful lakes nearby.
    4. World class snowmobiling and ATV trails.
    5. Affordable rates so people can buy a house.
    Off the top of my head.

  23. John Prince says:

    Anon @11:33
    Plenty of communities have most, if not everything, you mentioned including our B.C. neighbour next door. But they didn’t have what we had with TITV. Also having everything you defined hasn’t stop the bleeding here over the years with our declining population, now has it? Or with our ongoing economic stagnation.

    No, TITV defined us, put us on the map while also being a revenue generator for the community.

    Council’s actions in not recognizing this and with almost two years gone by with absolutely ‘nothing’ done on the economic front speaks volumes to their inability to recognize the obvious while lacking in the wherewithal department to rejuvenate our economy to provide much needed jobs and economic stimulus.


  24. Anonymous says:

    Of course everyone can think up negative items if they want, but as far as our neighbors having the same if you mean Sparwood, ha ha. They are paying over $1.30 for gas. Housing is very expensive, and they have HST. How could it be worse. We are still way more affordable. Sparwood is a trucking town. But there is good and bad no matter where you live in life.

  25. John Prince says:

    Anon @12:16
    I’ve found in life that people who start off by calling others negative (as Gallant often does) are often people who can’t handle the truth.

    I mean the ‘hundreds’ of communities in both Alberta and B.C. having already pretty much what we have as you defined it, but not TITV.

    If our claim to fame, as you put it, is that we are so affordable compared to B.C. then why are people and families moving ‘away’ from here, rather than moving ‘to’ the Pass?

    I’ll tell you why. It’s because over the decades we’ve never had a progressive mayor and council that didn’t want to keep things here just as they are, for them and their kind. When that changes, so will things here.


  26. Anonymous says:

    There has been a lot of real estate activity going on the last few months. Still lots of people buying.

    Of course anyone knows that in a smaller community you are not going to get oil and gas jobs. hello.

  27. John Prince says:

    With this mayor and council, and the mayor before, you ain’t going to get any kind of jobs period. Until you recognize this fact, you ain’t going nowhere.

    see anon 12:18


  28. Anonymous says:


    Up until the end of June there has been 1 less sale of residential properties (see link below – bottom of the page) YTD than last year. Whoopee do!

    You really ought to do your homework, instead of trying to mislead people.

  29. 12:58

    First of you are right, sales are comparative to last year. Talking about doing homework, it would be interesting to compare the average values of homes sold this year compared to last year.
    I suspect you will see a minimum of 10-20% drop in prices.
    The point being don’t believe that the “volume” of home sales compared to last year is the sign of a local economy that has levelled off and turning around.
    I suspect it’s more a case of some great bargains to be had.

    Dean Ward

  30. Anonymous says:

    The Muni has a Call for Interest if you want to join:

    Agriculture Services Board
    Crowsnest Pass Senior Housing Board
    Family and Community Support Services Board
    Municipality of Crowsnest Pass Municipal Library Board
    Crowsnest Pass Municipal Heritage Board
    Municipal Ski Hill Authority
    Community Policing Committee
    Municipal Subdivision and Development Authority
    Municipal Subdivision and Development Appeal Board
    Culture and Heritage Committee
    Sports and Recreation Committee
    Economic Development Committee

    The Rumrunnerdays committee is not included. I guess they have enough members. When is their next meeting to start planning RRD 2013?

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