The Facts of Community Futures and W.E.D.

Corrupt Organizations

Here is a man from B.C. speaking out against the “two most corrupt organizations in Western Canada: Community Futures (CF) and Western Economic Diversification (W.E.D.)”.

This man, who has been speaking out for years, has dealt with many of the issues and problems we in our community find ourselves now dealing with as well… The Facts on Community Futures

He too has seen millions of federal dollars come into his community only to disappear into the bank vaults of CF’s, never reaching the people it was intended for i.e. local small businesses and entrepreneurs. How can this be you say? Well let me tell you!

W.E.D. is the federal agency in charge of this program and is of course run by ‘bureaucrats’, who turn a blind eye to what is really going on. Bureaucrats who care more about their own thing, than doing the right thing, and as a result there is little to no transparency or accountability. It’s called ‘willful blindness’.

So while communities like Fred’s and ours see stagnation and decline all around us, W.E.D. paints a Potemkin village picture for their bosses in Ottawa that the money is getting out there. And it is, but not to the people it was intended for. Instead, it goes to the greedy and not the needy. While the bureaucrats tap themselves on the back and the politicians glow in the sunlight thinking they are doing good things, the reality is people (communities) are dying a slow death from starvation, neglect and want… in a land of plenty.

p.s. Thanks Fred for being a tireless crusader on behalf of the people against those who would exploit and use us for their own greedy and self-serving good, instead of ours, as it was intended and suppose to be.


As long as people will accept crap, it will be financially profitable to dispense it.

from John Prince
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2 Responses to The Facts of Community Futures and W.E.D.

  1. Fred Poirier says:

    Hi John,
    this is to explain what was the intent how does the Community Futures was suppose to work for you but few smart parasites took over the control of it and steer it in the wrong direction.

    1)The policy and the program of the community Futures are determined by it’s Board of Directors, who are elected each year by the membership.

    2)They intern employ a paid manager who’s basic responsibility is to organize and execute the Community Futures program and carry out his policies.

    3)But here we have no members at large to elect the Board that means the manager don’t have to listen to them because they don’t have the authority from the public to spend our tax dollar. You have a big mess!! A large amount of money controlled by 3-4 people at the destruction of our community as a whole.
    With the consent of the Vancouver bureaucrats
    visit this site and find out for yourself

    Bureau rats
    the word bureau in french means you sit behind a desk and you do a proper job for the government. If you mislead the public we take out the word bureau you become a simple rat and don’t forget they are not in your community.
    In your community the people that work for the Community Futures are employees of a society payed to do a proper job again under the direction of a Board of Directors that don’t have the permission from the public to tell them what to do.
    That’s how we became to realize that democracy and accountability in our small community is just an illusion it sounds really good and that’s it it has no substance.
    Thank You.

  2. John Prince says:

    The same scenio you described plays itself out here as well. It’s like all these CF’s are reading from the same script on how to circumvent the process, and play by their own rules, for their own benefit. Real control is in the hands of 1-2 people calling the shots for a whole community’s life blood.

    We have a blood clot that needs to be removed, in order for our community of communities blood to flow freely once again. It must be done! And now we know where their nest is. Easy to clean them out. Afterall, if you want to start fresh, then you need to throw out the trash. :-)

    In this regard, I have made attemps to get certain councillors involved in this issue, to no avail. ‘Politics’ seems to be on their minds, and as such getting re-elected again is a much higher priority these days, than doing the right thing, and what you were elected for in the first place, than going after the establishment, and risking not being (re-elected).

    Politics and cowards make good bedfellows.

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