Conservative ‘bagman’ in town

…. spreading ‘loot’ to party faithful.

Conservative Bagman

Must be an election in the air? I see from this week’s Crowsnest Promoter (and last week’s… and the week before that…) Conservative ‘bagman’ (Ted Menzies) spreading the ‘loot’ to party faithful.

Some kind of system we live under where a ruling federal political party can use taxpayers money under the guise of creating ’employment’ (ya, for fellow conservatives and their friends) to buy votes.

Just one little problem with this make work project. After the trails are in… POOF!!!… there go the jobs! No longevity here, but by that time the election will be over, won’t it?

Once again, we see a typical conservative stop gap temporary solution benefiting the well-connected, while doing nothing for the rest. Thank you oh great leader Harper for once again demonstrating how your government serves all the people… except separatists, socialists, liberals, greens and anybody else who is not a conservative… or a friend.

Is it any wonder why Harper and his gang have got to go!?


Conservatives do not believe that people can work together and help each other so they do not believe in government and law. Instead they believe in a dog-eat-dog, everyone on-their-own and out-for-themselves society where the strongest survive and it doesn’t matter what happens to everyone else. So whenever conservatives gain power they abuse it and use it to get money for themselves and their friends.

from John Prince
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