Justice for the Rich….

…. and the Law for the Poor.

Conservative Government

Are there two kinds of law in this country now under the conservative government? Justice for the rich and well-connected, and the law for the poor. In Canada it seems the RCMP and police can run amok leaving dead bodies wherever they go, with impunity. Take a man out of the drunk tank and leave him outside to freeze to death. Take him for a drive out in the country and drop him off to freeze to death. Have overwhelming odds on your side, and still resort to Taser/Gun use, and kill them where they stand. Doesn’t matter if you are a juvenile in a holding cell, a senior laying in a hospital bed or a pregnant woman. Stun them, Gun them, Kill them All! With no accountability.

Not only are these murders of our people getting away with their crimes, but lift a finger against them in self defence and receive the maximum the law allows. There seems to be two types of justice in our country. We are turning into a fascist state and every time we hear of another killing, sexual assault, theft, physical assault, etc. etc. being perpetrated by the RCMP and other law enforcement agencies, I wonder who the real criminals are, and who I really have to fear, don’t you?

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Land of the Taser, Home of the Slave


Bureaucracy defends the status quo long past the time when the quo has lost its status.

from John Prince
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5 Responses to Justice for the Rich….

  1. Jose says:

    There is little doubt that problems exist within the police system. Your examples are proof, but I do not see you give any examples of the many cops shoot down in cold blood, just doing their job. Chasing the drug gangs, arresting them and seeing them on the street in a few hours can’t leave a good feeling. Any domestic violence visit becomes an “unknown” for the police now, and one step away from a bullet in the head or a charge by a knife wielder. I guess the cop should wait for the shot or stab and then try to react. Or just wipe off the spit, or take the punches.

    The general disregard or contempt for the law by the general public may be earned in a few cases, but it has increased to the point that many police have left the forces or do so as quickly as possible. Who replaces them may add to the problems you state. It likely will not get better. Being a cop is probably one of the most thankless jobs there is. Hopefully the bad apples are weeded out.

    Your frustrations are well founded, but I doubt if the police or Canada, Alberta or the Crowsnest are any where near fascist. That may come later, and then we’ll see how bad things really can become….. In the meantime, I’m sure that you have your vehicle’s speedometer calibrated frequently!!!

    I doubt if the justice problems you state started with the conservative government. The rich have always had the advantage, and I doubt if that will change with the type of government Canada has.

  2. John Prince says:

    Jose, Thank God for good cops. My concern and focus is on the bad. And with the justice system that almost always finds them ‘not guilty’. Officers found not guilty of assault on homeless man

    It is a known fact that over the last few years the minimum requirements and standards on being a policeman/RCMP today have been seriously relaxed, and now allows for 5’0′, 300lb women and 6’6″, 100lb men (slight exaggeration intended) who need backup for every situation, because they are scared of their own shadow, or over compensate by over-reacting. The stats speak for themselves, and the bodies keep piling up.

    The worst though comes from above, that advocates, condones and encourages ‘deadly force’ on the slightest pretext, with total disregard for human life and our civil liberties.

    It may not have started with the conservatives but they are the one’s presently in power who are actively taking away our rights under the pretext of fighting gangs and terrorists, and whose justice system turns a blind eye to all the senseless killings that are going on with increasing regularity. Sounds pretty fascist to me.

    Example in point is the killing yesterday in Calgary of an unarmed supposed car thieve who was surrounded and boxed-in at a carwash. This type of behaviour resulting in cold blooded murder is becoming pretty common these days. You and others need to wakeup because one day it could be you that falls victim to your ‘friends’ in blue.

  3. John Prince says:

    Jose, btw/ if you noticed the two links I gave you above are from the other day. I did not have to go into the archives for these examples, because as I have already stated, the alarming frequency of police brutality and murder is happening practically everyday.

  4. John Prince says:

    Again today, another fellow citizen is killed by police.

    Police fatally shoot knife-wielding man in downtown Vancouver

    And again, the print media writes up the story in such a way as to blame the innocent and justify the actions of poorly trained, misguided officers who obviously have watched too much TV and are in over their heads in the positions they are in. The following quote sums up the problem:

    ‘Our officers are trained to use deadly force only when it is necessary to protect themselves or others from grievous bodily harm or death.’
    — Vancouver police Chief Jim Chu

    According to the TV reports, many of the 50 or so witnesses to this senseless ‘murder’ say the female cop over-reacted and that other forms of non-lethal intervention could and should have been used. Such as a baton, pepper spray, even a bullet to the leg. But no they have been trained to use deadly force under the slightest pretext. Do they get several years of paid leave every time they kill one of us, or is it just for the ‘thrill’? (sic)

    I guess because it was a homeless man, his spirit and soul don’t count. We’ll have to wait for when the police non-knowingly shoot an establishment type before the reigning in of our ‘gun-ho, kill them all’ police force will take place.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The G-20 is a classic ‘show piece’ not unlike the Nazi’s “Torch Parades” to terrorize and intimidate the public into whatever the facist leadership dictates. Next stop, hooligan central in South Korea!! Perhaps that’s why the yellow journalism of Western ‘demonocracies’ have trumped up North Korea, trying to make a mountain out of a country that has been persecuted by the West and literally starved of essentials.. Good Job all you Christians out there, meanwhile we trade with the most despot country in the world.. China!! Yep, 5,000 state sanctioned murders (modest estimate) of it’s citizens. Bet Herr Harper would love a shot at that kind of oligarchy here eh?
    Canadians, they’re sooo Colonial.

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