Conservative mismanagement

…. to blame for deficit.

Tax and Spend Party

One of the biggest fallacies in Canadian politics has been that the Conservatives are good fiscal managers. What a crock! You only need to see what they did recently in Ontario, Sask., etc. and what they have done here in Alberta (and the Crowsnest Pass) with their reckless spending and total disregard and incompetence, and lack of preparedness in managing our economy and Heritage Fund for the current and upcoming hard times. Now we see it here again on the federal level….

The Conservatives have been and always will be a tax and spend party. Tax the little guy (who they have nothing but contempt for) while giving to the big guy.


Conservatives do not believe that people can work together and help each other so they do not believe in government and law. Instead they believe in a dog-eat-dog, everyone on-their-own and out-for-themselves society where the strongest survive and it doesn’t matter what happens to everyone else. So whenever conservatives gain power they abuse it and use it to get money for themselves and their friends.

from John Prince
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