Conservative Torture: SHAME!

Conservative Torture

Graphic via The Skinny

Conservative Torture

I have long maintained that Harper’s conservatives in conjunction with Mainstream Media (MSM) are turning our country into a Fascist state. This latest ‘torture business’ and what follows, proves my point…

Here is a very good advance peek post into the future, on the how and why of Canada’s very own Human Rights ‘Torture’ violation cover up, soon to be followed by, ‘so what’… LETFREEDOMRAIN

If things land up transpiring as LETFREEDOMRAIN suggests, then Canada really has lost all international moral authority, and thanks to the conservatives, we have finally hit rock bottom with these guys in charge. Oh, the Shame of it all…. I just want to take these guys, Peter Mackay, Stockwell Day, Harper, and the rest of the Cons involved in this ‘dirty business’, and beat the living crap out of them!!! How dare they do this to Canadians, and to Canada!

Maybe, Harper and his conservatives should replace their current logo on the Big Cheques they have been handing out, with the one above. After all, it is more fitting of who they are and what they truly represent.

Pretty accurately describes much of the atrocious behaviour surrounding the prisoner transfer and torture controversy, doesn’t it?


Actions lie louder than words.

from John Prince
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2 Responses to Conservative Torture: SHAME!

  1. Ken Chapman says:

    It is mortifying and alarming what the Harper government does in our name as citizens of Canada. Torture cover up is a possible war crime and this is how Canada conducts itself? Bush and Cheney are gone Steve, you don’t have to be their toady any more.

    And for the Harper Cons to attack the cred of the whistle-blower and then to say it was not “personal” is more proof of a Harper penchant for cover up instead of coming clean.

    This lack of INTEGRITY, accountability, transparency and obvious abuse of power and authority by OUR government can’t even be justified as ends justifying means. The ends that Harper is pursuing are so OBVIOUSLY wrong to begin with.

    Canadians are better than this. Time to acknowledge that the Harper government hasn’t got the integrity and other qualities of good character to speak and act on our behalf.

  2. John Prince says:

    … Canadians are better than this.

    We always have been and we will be again, once more people start expressing justifiable outrage at the Harper conservatives turning Canada into a mini-version of George Bush’s ‘ugly’ America. The ugly American, we are not. The ‘proud’ Canadian peacekeeper we have always been and will be again… but now, regrettably, with a tarnished past.

    “Hell no, we are not going to take it anymore!” should be our people’s mantra. It’s time Harper’s conservatives were put out to pasture, where they belong. Their time is up! We’ve had enough of these ‘back street boys’.

    Thanks for your comments Ken, and for dropping by.


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