Conservatives ‘Soft’ on White-Collar Crime

Two-tiered Justice System

Today, I saw on TV and later read the following news story playout with respect to Justice for the Rich and the Law for the Poor

As reported in today’s Financial Post:

Canada’s corporate crime record gets a boost

… Canada, long criticized for its dismal record on white-collar crime prosecutions, secured its first major victory Wednesday in the high-profile conviction of disgraced theatre impresario Garth Drabinsky.

… Mr. Hannaford said he is concerned that Canada’s “very generous parole and release system” will result in a much lighter sentence for Mr. Drabinsky and his former Livent lieutenant, even if they are sentenced to as much as five years in jail for their crimes.

I bet you the end result is less than a year of time — and that’s not deterrence at all,” he said.

: Isn’t this something! They apparently stole $500 million dollars and then dragged the case through the courts for 10 years. Harper and the conservatives talk a lot about getting tough on crime. Ya, with the little guys (especially juveniles (kids))! But nothing, obviously, on their friends in high places.

How much longer are Canadians’ going to put up with this ‘two-tiered Justice System’ we have here? If you are going to hang the ‘little guys’ we want to see the ‘big guys’ hanging too! Otherwise, its not very ‘democratic’, now is it?


One of the main events in capitalism is the creation of inequality… we notice these official speeches on foreign policy promise freedom, but they never promise equality. We cannot export equality. You cannot give away what you haven’t got.

from John Prince
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