Contempt for Canadians in Harperland

Goodale commentary: Contempt for Canadians

A question often asked about the current minority Parliament is what causes it to be so bitter and rancorous? Some of the reasons are becoming more apparent.

The problem starts at the top – with Stephen Harper who believes he’s a privileged soul, above the law. He shows nothing but contempt for ordinary Canadians. Here are just a few examples:

Four of Mr. Harper’s closest associates – including two people he appointed to the Senate – are being hauled into Court this week.

They’re charged with violating Canada’s election laws. Following a police raid on Conservative Headquarters, the Director of Public Prosecutions says there’s “voluminous” evidence of serious illegal conduct. Mr. Harper condones that conduct.

And there’s more – The Conservative minister for foreign aid (Bev Oda) misrepresented the views of senior government officials, doctored documents, tried to cover-up and failed to tell the truth.

And more – When the House of Commons asked for documents detailing the multi-billion dollar cost of Conservative mega-jails and extra corporate tax cuts, Mr. Harper just thumbed his nose. That earned him a contempt citation.

And more – The Conservative minister of immigration was caught in an illicit political fund-raising scheme designed to manipulate newcomers to Canada – the very people over whom he holds decisive ministerial power. What a massive conflict-of-interest!

And more – The person hand-picked by Conservatives to be their “integrity commissioner” (investigating government wrong-doing) has a cozy relationship with Conservative ministers, fails to investigate a single complaint, gets chastised by the Auditor-General, and walks away with a half-million dollars and a promise to keep her mouth shut.

And more – The Parliamentary Budget Officer has calculated the cost of Mr. Harper’s new stealth-fighter war planes. The price-tag has nearly doubled to a shocking $30 billion – the biggest procurement boondoggle in Canadian history.

Abuse and dishonesty in Harperland know no bounds!

Ralph Goodale, M.P.

from John Prince
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  1. Anonymous says:

    I can’t recall ever feeling such contempt for a prime minister as I feel towards this one. There is absolutely nothing about the man I respect. Almost makes me ashamed to say I used to vote for the Progressive Conservatives but then I tell myself this group isn’t really the Progressive Conservative party.

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