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Corporate Media Propaganda

It’s amazing! Corporate Media seems fixated on Dion’s video foible and the ‘supposed’ dissention within the coalition forces, as they have talked about nothing else since Harper’s dissolution of parliament. I got news for them, the history books won’t even mention any of that business (not even as a footnote), but they will talk about Harper’s ‘historic’ heavy handed suspension of parliament in order to hold onto power, while the country was in the midst of an economic crisis. There is the real story! But not one you will get from our mainstream media.

Everyone from Rick Mercier to Rachael Maddow to media around the world are reporting this story as it is, in total disbelieve, that a Prime Minister in ‘Canada’ (not some banana republic) of all places, could do such a thing. While our Canadian media are playing it up like it is all about Dion?? Give me a break!!

Media shape and control the kinds of opinions that appear, the kinds of information that comes through, the sources through which they go.”


“Propaganda is to democracy what violence is to a dictatorship.”

from John Prince
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