Corporate Review Report too ’embarassing’….

…. to be dealt with in the light of day.

Corporate Review Report

I was planning on attending last night’s meeting of council where discussion and formal acceptance of the Corporate Review Report was to take place. Until, I went on-line to the municipal website to view the agenda, only to discover it is the last item on the agenda, prior to the inevitable in camera session (where I’m sure the real discussion will take place). Putting it so late ensures fewer if any participants… was this the intent?

Does council find this Corporate Review Report too embarrassing to deal with in the light of day? If so, then I suggest this report is headed for the same dusty shelf the other one is on. By putting this extremely important agenda item so late in the evening council gives me the impression that they do not want to take ownership of this document, and therefore… it was for naught.

Having to depend on our local media for what individual councillors say and think is not my idea of getting the facts, considering how biased they all are in favour of our local conservative establishment, and its leader. Nor do I want to see them easily dismiss this document with mindless chatter about things that don’t matter, while ignoring those things that do.

Rather than have ‘establishment media’ tell me what to think about the Corporate Review Report, and what the issues should be, I would have preferred to listen to my councillors tell me what they think, and then decide for myself. Thank you very much!

Council should hold a public meeting to allow residents to make up their own minds, by being allowed to question their representatives.

… then, afterwards, we can hang one or two of you by way of example to the rest. I guarantee you good government after that! :-)


Nondeterminism means never having to say you are wrong.

from John Prince
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3 Responses to Corporate Review Report too ’embarassing’….

  1. Anonymous says:

    This corporate review is a waste of time and money.Anybody who follows local politics could have summed up most of the report with ease.Will things change?Not likely.The Herald chose to focus on the 4-3 issue and that council meetings are decided ahead of time.Thats not going to change.You focused on the Mayor.I do not see him changing.What we have in the CNP is 2 groups divided, until we are 1 nothing will change.We need something that we can ALL focus on positively.Ideas anyone??

  2. Anonymous says:

    Can anybody tell me how long decisions have been made prior to council meetings in the Pass?

  3. John Prince says:

    Anon @1:49
    ‘Excellent’ summary of our true situation!

    One idea I can suggest is that we remove the mayor and replace him with Dean. That way we kill two birds with one stone by first, removing someone who has proven he cannot do the job (based on past performance and the results of the past two Corporate Review Reports) and second, give Dean a trial run for the next year to show us what he can do, and then judge him on his performance, whether we want him to continue on in that role come next election… or not?

    Anon @4:39
    During my term on council with this mayor, they happened to me when I was on the losing end of the 4-3 split vote, and it was common knowledge the four would meet and decide issues beforehand at one of the local papers. But he and his media did not have a problem with it at that time, nor did the consultant from Edmonton in the first report. Now that the mayor is on the losing end the 4-3 voting pattern and secret meetings is an issue. Go figure??? Hypocrisy at its worst! And obviously not a way to run a municipality.

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