Council Minutes – January 08, 2013

Just read the Unapproved Council Minutes of last Tuesday and some business here really got my attention.

Three examples:

Example #1

Chief Administrative Officer’s Report

The Chief Administrative Officer advised that a reception will be held with Riversdale Resources in February 2013, and will ensure an invitation is extended to business and community leadership. An agenda for the event will be provided for Council’s review at the January 22, 2013 Council or Governance and Priorities Committee Meeting.

Comment #1: I was under the impression Riversdale execs. were meeting with the general public at large in the community and not just with a select chosen few?… can’t wait for my invite.

Example #2

Councillor Gallant excused himself from the meeting at 8:02 pm due to pecuniary interests.

The Director of Finance and Corporate Services confirmed any changes to Bylaw 862, 2013
would have to be presented to Council for approval.

• A fee for showers only at the Crowsnest Pass Swimming Pool will be added to the Bylaw
• Suggested that the Maps section requires further clarification, including definitions added in
reference to the size of maps requested

M#-6737-13: Councillor Mitchell moved to defer First Reading of Bylaw 862, 2013 to the
January 22, 2013 Council Meeting.


Councillor Brian Gallant returned to the meeting at 8:07 pm.

Comment #2: Where exactly does Gallant have a pecuniary interest here? The swimming pool? Mapping?

Example #3


Diamond Jubilee Medal Award – Albert Headrick

Myron Thompson, Chief Administrative Officer, reviewed a written report in reference to acknowledging
and congratulating Albert Headrick as the recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.

On behalf of Council Mayor Decoux expressed congratulations and a thank you to Mr. Albert Headrick.

The Chief Administrative Officer advised that a reception will be hosted for local recipients of the Queen
Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.

Comment #3: I don’t understand this one at all as Mr. Headrick has only been in the community a few months? This does have all the earmarks of ‘politics’ at play here, now doesn’t it?


I was born at night, but not last night.

from John Prince
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22 Responses to Council Minutes – January 08, 2013

  1. Anonymous says:

    This council has a communications problem, and this problem is getting worse. They go from one fiasco to the next. October 2013 will be very important for our community because we simply can’t afford four more years of this weak performance.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Diamond Jubilee Medal

    Eligibility criteria;

    ‘•Have made a significant contribution to a particular province, territory, region or community within Canada’.

    Mr. Headrick is doing what he is paid to do. (And for a very short period of time). I certainly don’t recognize his ‘outstanding contribution’. This is political crap at it’s best.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This medal may be for work he has done in other community.

  4. Anonymous says:

    What is their next nomination for? The Victoria Cross?

  5. Anonymous says:

    It will be VERY interesting to see who shows up for this reception, for someone that has done nothing but create chaos in this community.

  6. Anonymous says:

    3:58, Possibly…

    ‘Fireworks noose loosened’

    ‘In the fall of 2009, residents were slapped with restrictions imposed by then fire chief Albert Headrick that said anyone wanting to set off fireworks in the city had to complete a $150 safety course before doing so. Only a handful of people took the safety course so this past November got rid of the course requirements.’

    I don’t think that he was nominated in Yellowknife as there appears to be a bit of damage control happining there.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t it nice that the proof of the pudding will rear it’s head at the awards ceremony. I can hardly wait for the spin.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Congradulations on your award Mr. Headrick, you are in the same company as Justin Bieber!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Mr Headrick, the classy thing to do would be to show some humility and professionalism by declining to accept such medal and state that “I was just doing my job”. I would have a lot more respect for you.

  10. Anonymous says:

    You have respect for him????????

  11. Anonymous says:

    Just an absolute slap in the face towards those that have put years of effort into this town. How about Daryl Ferguson, or Aggie
    Mitchell (a recipient of the Order of the Crowsnest Pass), or a mitt full of other people on a list too long to mention them all?

    What a travesty.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Yes Darcy Hernblad who got Albert Headricks job in Yellowknife for reasons unknown as to why Headrick left Yellowknife ,reversed Headricks rediculous restrictions concerning fireworks in Yellowknife. He pulled the same bull there as he has done here. Thunder in the Valley was not only a great tourist draw but very important to our economy. Thank you Headrick for the damage you have done here in the Crowsnest Pass . Who was the demented person that nominated you for an award .

  13. Anonymous says:

    I wish that I was in need of a job and had an anti pyrotechnics attitude, that matched a certain adgenda, a short time ago. I may have realised a great salary and they would have rewarded me with a new pickup truck and a medal.

    I would be angry but I am having a hard time picking my butt up, from off the floor, after laughing so hard.

  14. Anonymous says:

    More on our council’s inept communication strategy, this is not how neighbours communicate with each other. This is how they have been communicating with the local volunteers from day one and now it is spilling over into the region. We all need friends; especially in the next five to ten years, when the new mine will be a hot topic. Read on from Nanton News

    Ranchland surprised with Grassy Mountain Mine sale, annexation plans

    By Sheena Read, QMI Agency

    Friday, January 11, 2013 10:59:57 MST AM

    Members of the Municipal District (MD) of Ranchland council and administration arrived at the offices on Tuesday to find that a major land sale within its boundaries had taken place and that work was underway to annex part of the Ranchland area into the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass.

    It was rather shocking news for the council and staff.

    On Monday, Crowsnest Mayor Bruce Decoux announced the sale of a 35,000-acre portfolio of coal properties and freehold land assets by Devon Energy and Consol Energy, to Riversdale Resources Ltd., an Australian-based company, for a total of $49.5 million US, payable by the end of June, 2013.

    The portfolio includes coal assets from Devon and Consol, and includes the Grassy Mountain Project, which is within the Ranchland boundaries. The Grassy Mountain project makes up $35million US of the purchase.

    The Grassy Mountain mine is located in a Category 4 zone under the Alberta Coal Development Policy and has not been in operation for decades. Previous ground-based work includes about 364 drill holes, two trial pits and 54,000 tonne bulk sample. It has a “Canadian 43-101 resource of 192 million tones and a reserve of 55 million tones, although Riversdale sees the potential to expand this further,” a press release issued Jan. 7 by Riversdale Resources states.

    Riversdale has already begun work to evaluate the potential for a four million tonne per year mine producing hard coking coal primary product, with a secondary PCI product, made possible through the use of coal mining and washing techniques that had not been developed in earlier work.

    Along with the Grass Mountain mine, Riversdale has purchased the Adanac and Lynx coal exploration leases and the Bellevue coal exploration leases, which contain 160 million tones of estimated resources, as well as freehold land.

    It was news to Ranchland.

  15. Anonymous says:

    It was news to Ranchland.
    “It’s fair to say that this is the first we’ve heard of this development taking place within our borders, and we’ll be looking forward to discussing it with the possible proponents” said Coun. Ron Davis Jan. 8. All they had heard was that the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass was trying to annex some of the Ranchland area, but that was just in rumours, and have yet to receive any notice or information.
    Greg Brkich, Ranchland chief administrative officer (CAO) said that at the fall Alberta Association of Municipal District and Councils (AAMDC), Assistant Minister of Municipal Affairs Greg Weadick told them that Crowsnest Pass was wanting annexation of Ranchland areas because of a coal mine area.
    “He didn’t know where, but it left us quite bewildered,” said Brkich.
    On June 2, Crowsnest Pass had sent a letter to Ranchland council asking if Ranchland would discuss annexation, but the letter didn’t give information on who would be doing the annexing, or why. Ranchland responded that it was not interested in annexation.
    “It came right on the heels of the Devon (sour gas plant) closure,” said Brkich.
    Annexation is not a new topic for Ranchland.
    “Various municipalities have made suggestions in the past,” Brkich said.
    “Crowsnest Pass has not been giving us any information on why they’re wanting annexation. We haven’t been included in any of the discussions,” said Davis.
    However, Ranchland council said that the Riversdale purchase certainly clarified the desire of Crowsnest Pass to annex the Grassy Mountain area.
    “We don’t know the extent of the purchase,” said Davis. “We became aware of it on Jan. 8 of the possible activities. It’s not possible to comment when we don’t know exactly what has been purchased or where. We look forward to finding out the details.”

  16. Anonymous says:

    Ranchland council was surprised that the press release and conference were held announcing the sale, and the proposed annexation of Ranchland area.
    A blog posted by Crowsnest Pass councilor Brian Gallant on Jan. 7 gives details of the sale and the impact on the area, and states, “If we do not annex at least this portion of Ranchlands (sic), we are losing out. It would be similar to how Fort McMurry (sic) did not get any assessment from how much of the oil sands operations before they became the RM of Wood Buffalo.”
    “There’s a whole process that hasn’t been addressed yet,” said Deputy Reeve Harry Streeter.
    “In anything like this, it’s usually discussed between the two municipalities before it’s made public. This is way out of protocol,” said Davis.
    In the Crowsnest Dec. 18, 2012, agenda report on the annexation process, CAO Myron Thompson stated that the community strategic action plan supports “an initiative of amalgamation of Crowsnest Pass and MD of Ranchland. Under the economic and sustainability pillar was an action plan that identified the need for the municipality to establish dialogue with municipal districts and landowners with the objective of expanding our municipal boundaries.”
    The report states that under further review, Crowsnest Pass wanted annexation rather than amalgamation.
    “I would think that we’ll contest it,” said Davis. “We’re not interested in giving away part of the MD for the possibility of it (the mine) being something. This is early stages as I see it.”
    The council discussed that they understood Crowsnest’s need for industry, and the impact the mine operation would make on the area, but were looking forward to discussing the issue face to face with Pass council and with the company.
    The Dec. 18 Crowsnest Pass council meeting minutes state that council has approved a motion to arrange for an in-service session on annexation.
    Jerry Ward, public affairs officer for Municipal Affairs, says that Thompson has presented a report and initiated discussion with the MGB, and this, along with the in-service session, are the first steps in the required process.
    The process must outline a stakeholder involvement process with public meetings, and inclusion of stakeholders such as landowners and affected municipalities.

  17. Anonymous says:

    There is one thing that we tend to overlook; although the Blairmore Fire Dept has been decimated there is one big ace in the hole.

    These volunteers still have their Federally issued licences!

    Depending on what happens in Oct and providing that we feel strongly enough as a community, to further this cause, these guys may come through with what is true community spirit.
    It may be slow at first and leasons learned could be implimented.
    Lets call this new one the ‘Crowsnest Pyrotechnics Society” (sorry Bruce, it would be another one of those annoying volunteer societies).


  18. Anonymous says:

    Comment #2: Where exactly does Gallant have a pecuniary interest here? The swimming pool? Mapping?

    The MGA says:

    172(1) When a councillor HAS a pecuniary interest in a matter before the council, a council committee or any other body to which the councillor is appointed as a representative of the council, the councillor must, if present,
    (a) DISCLOSE THE GENERAL NATURE of the pecuniary interest prior to any discussion of the matter, …

    Municipal Councillors’ Guidelines for Conflict of Interest gives the example:

    “For example, you might say “Mr. Mayor, I am
    abstaining on this matter because I am a
    shareholder in the company. I am leaving the
    room and I ask that my abstention be
    recorded.” “

    174(1) A councillor is disqualified from council if

    (g) the councillor contravenes section 172;

  19. Anonymous says:

    The Chief Administrative Officer advised that a reception will be held with Riversdale Resources in February 2013, and will ensure an invitation is extended to business and community leadership. An agenda for the event will be provided for Council’s review at the January 22, 2013 Council or Governance and Priorities Committee Meeting.

    I will add the agenda and invitation list to my next FOIP request.

  20. Unsure where they are going with a shower bylaw John. The pool has been charging for external groups to use the showers for years. Perhaps Albert is trying to get the shower upgrades that the Pool Society has been requesting for years. Why don’t they consult the Pool Board on this?

  21. Anonymous says:

    The shower thing was probably suggested by Gallant to allow runners in his Sinister Seven race to use the pool showers.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Here is some info from a FOIP request about semi-official closed-to-the-public meetings:

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