Councillors just don’t get it… or do they?

Councillors just don’t get it

The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions, that I wish it always to be kept alive.
– Thomas Jefferson

The above words could never be more true than in the case of residents living here in the Pass where the tyranny of our councillors has set in and democracy is no more.

92% of those who voted in our last municipal election believing in their hearts of hearts that they had made a mistake in voting in the councillors they did, decided after two years of governance by this council by way of force-feeding that enough was enough, and signed a petition to have Municipal Affairs investigate the actions and ramifications of both our council and administration’s rule over us. The law-abiding actions they took were in accordance to democratic principles as spelled out in the MGA.

What they received for their efforts was bureaucratic stonewalling and BS. Council completely ignored the petition signed by an overwhelming majority of eligible voters here in this municipality, in record time (15 days vs 30) I may add. Mayor and council did not convene an Open House to address the issues and concerns of the citizenry, but instead managed the situation as if it did not exist, by turning a blind eye to it? What arrogance! Municipal Affairs are doing likewise. Tyranny has usurped democracy here in the Pass.

As a result of the above the Ratepayers Association at their last meeting passed a motion to go to the media including W5 to bring the glare of unwanted publicity on this sordid affair. Failing this, some even are prepared to go the way of Thomas Jefferson’s advice above and resort to acts of civil disobedience.

On this last note, on Emile Saindon’s blog he takes great exception to this course of action and can’t for the life of himself phantom the reason why people might entertain going this route. For a bright guy, he ain’t to smart. :-(

As it has been said “The best way out is always through.” In other words, you councillor Saindon and your cohorts on council do not have nor were you ever given a mandate to ram through and force upon this community the things you have been doing. Your actions are those of not respecting the people who voted you in, especially in lieu of the fact 2510 recently told you to stop and desist from what you are doing. You give them no voice (Town Hall Meeting) and no opportunity of dialogue, only your upright middle finger. You are a cowardly bunch who hide behind the rule of law that serves your interests only, while ignoring the masses here, leaving us pretty soon with only one option i.e. “The best way out is always through.”

It seems you councillors just don’t get it. Or do you, and you believe the best course of action is that of an ostrich, bury your collective heads and hope the problem will go away or that you can ride it out until the next election with the connivance and assistance of your buddies and fellow collaborators in Edmonton while continuing to ram down the throats of residents here that which they do not want, because in your infallible wisdom (which in fact is more ignorance and arrogance than wisdom) you 7 people led by an educator having no prior municipal experience know better than what 2510 of your peers do. I think not!

You have misjudged this community’s resolve to not be taken advantage of or to be ignored. You will not listen. We will be heard! A mighty roar will soon go out that will reach Edmonton and beyond. That you can take to the bank!!


There’s none so blind as those who will not listen.

from John Prince
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4 Responses to Councillors just don’t get it… or do they?

  1. Anonymous says:

    John you insinuated the MARE lead the council i for one don t see it that way at all.Those 6 councillors are there to watch that the MARE don t get carry away with his cart full of POWER you gaved to him on election day but none of them seem to be doing there job.THose are the slack ASS that do not belong in those seat.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Your blog post only shows you “Don’t get it” I read the petition, and even contemplated signing it. It was only about asking for an inquiry – to come to the point.

  3. Peter Rosner says:

    “They must find it difficult those who have taken authority as the truth rather than truth as the authority”—C Massey ——————Conformists to the core

  4. Anonymous says:

    Well said mister Peter Rosner.

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