Council’s ignorance is only exceeded by….

…. their ineptness and failures.

Alternative Media Snubbed

As most people are probably aware politicians like nothing better than to be on good terms with the media, schmoozing up to them every chance they get, hoping to ingratiate themselves in order to further their cause, agenda, or their political career. That’s what politicians do. But not our politicians.

Today, while at Stone’s Throw Cafe Councillor Siegbert Gail and I acknowledged each other’s presence, upon my entering this fine establishment, with a nod and a hi that went no further, he not making the effort to engage me in conversation (despite my having sent him two emails this week, with no reply?), and I returning the favour.

Shortly after, Councillor Brian Gallant came in with his wife, ignoring me as they passed by, chatted with Sig and his wife for a few minutes, picked up their order and left without so much as an “up yours, Prince”. I wonder why? :-}

This past week, I sent two emails to Mayor and council receiving reply’s only from Gallant which I have already spoken about in a previous post and one from Councillor Emile Saindon (who sent me the Firefighters pic) in which he asked me “… we have had 2 budget meeting in the past week one in the afternoon and one at night and do you know how many interested residents should up 0000000. Not even the press came. Why is that John. Would like to hear your reasons?”

My response was: “I’m open to coffee anytime to discuss your questions. I’m just surprised its taken you over two years to want to do it again i.e. talk to me?”

That exchange took place last Monday, today is Friday. I’m still waiting to hear back from him as to when we’re doing coffee?

In the meantime, the mayor and none of the other councillors have made an effort to either reply to my emails or contact me in any way, which I find surprising as I do represent the media, ‘alternative media’, that is. You would think with the petition, and all, these guys would want to talk with residents, especially the media? But no, they make no effort to do so. They avoid us like the plaque? Maybe Lindsay Goss’s recent well publicized encounter with a department head from municipal hall has something to do with that? All I can say in defense of myself and alternative media in general is ‘I don’t carry around a tape recorder.’ :-0 :-)

Council’s relationship with the media makes me think of one of my favourite political characters and stories which was the one about former Premier Dave Barrett who was so exasperated with Vancouver Sun columnist Marjorie Nichols that he shouted expletives at her in the hallway of the legislature: “F**k you. F**k you, you venomous bitch.” (I’m thinking, Lindsay got off lucky. :-D) Now council members here may not have said this to me, to my face, but I sense this is what they are thinking. :-)

On a serious personal note, I don’t know why they feel this way? I don’t bite, am willing to talk with anyone about anything, believe I’m fair and honest in my dealings, can be trusted to maintain a confidence, while holding no malice towards anyone on council. Maybe they fear the fact I have my own thoughts and opinions and will voice them, believing as I do that honest open debate allows for free expression of ideas and opinions, and therefore will not hold back what I think, while having little tolerance for BS? Do they think their policies and positions are so weak they will not stand up to scrutiny by a strong-willed individual, such as myself? What is it they fear, if not this?

In conclusion, let me just say that in my opinion and experience, council makes no effort to bridge the gap, the great divide between themselves and those they govern, and wonders why they are so misunderstood and not liked with the residents they were elected to serve? With them, “If the mountain won’t come to Muhammad then Muhammad must go to the mountain” makes no sense. Assuming as they do, that everything and everyone must go through council chambers and once they leave those hallowed chambers their job is done. A more dysfunctional mind-set and group, I do not think we ever had? They see us as the foe. How do you deal with someone who thinks of you (residents and media alike) as the enemy, to be avoided at all cost?

Is it any wonder this council is so ignorant of their surroundings and the will of the people, when having such a standoffish attitude towards people here, as they do?

It is no surprise then that they are seen as failures in communicating their message to residents here. It is because they are totally inept in human relations and what it takes to be a true politician.

These guys would do themselves a service by taking Peter Rosner’s recent advice by way of comment that I hereby borrow: “I do not like that man I must get to know him better”. All politicians, current and wannabees, would do well to heed this wise saying, for in it leadership and good governance are sure to follow.


The greater the ignorance the greater the dogmatism.

from John Prince
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14 Responses to Council’s ignorance is only exceeded by….

  1. Anonymous says:

    Time to let it go and wait for the next election.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Why would any citizen go to a budget meeting.You have 2500 citizens signatures on a petition and council has in essence flipped us all the bird in response to that petition. If 100 of us showed up at a meeting would council do anything different.I think not other than to call the cops to make sure they are secure.To 3:47, you can give up if you want but the rest of us will fight to the bitter end.My guess is you are either a councilor or a supporter of council and would like nothing better than everybody stop telling the TRUTH about the WORST council in the history of the CNP.

  3. Jose says:

    It seems that no one attending these Muni meetings is sending a louder message than if people showed up to see these guys go about their one-sided rubber stamping business.

    It also appears that we are making the assumption that Hon Doug Griffiths and his Municipal Affairs Dept has all but ignored the Ratepayers Petition, using only the form letter as a reply.

    One would think that the shear number of signatures obtained and the request to REVIEW the local Government and Administration cannot just be ignored by the Minister. If the Minister does indeed leave it there and has sided with the Mayor/Council, we have a much greater problem than just with our Municipality.

    Things do move slowly so let’s hope that there is some action from Edmonton before the slack Christmas Season is upon us. Was there a hidden message in the Mayor’s latest Newsletter re “council’s petition”?

    Perhaps the cold shoulder you and others are receiving goes beyond just not liking the unruly subjects.


  4. Anonymous says:

    “Council’s petition”? Is that code for something? Has council hijacked the Ratepayers petition? Somebody help us out here.

  5. Anonymous says:

    “WORST council in the history of the CNP.” I don’t know about that? Least liked, for sure.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Nothing to do with liking or disliking. Wait until all the bills are added up. It will take several years before “the savings” kick in.

  7. peter rosner says:

    “Resistance is futile you will be assimilated”—The Borg
    What we are seeing now is the Christmas lull– goodwill to one another the olive branch is being extended amongst people who really cant stand each other. They may end up at the same function and will put on airs. They are feeding their good wolf by new year the bad wolf will need to be fed again. Winter time most will go into hibernation too easy to curl up on the couch than challenge council. By spring this council will be in their crosshairs once again. Should have results by then of the “Inquiry” that municipal affairs sends here to do nothing. Right now the cracks are starting to show, by the end of winter we will see if any of the councilers break away from the script.——— For my previous quote on your post you can thank Abraham Lincoln for that one, brilliant man— cant wait to see the movie.

  8. The Doomsayer says:

    John, you wrote; “On a serious personal note, I don’t know why they feel this way?”

    Perhaps at this time we need to revisit a short discussion we had a while ago about hate & you felt nobody really hated you. After your experiences with council members, would you want to revise that statement? Speaking personally, I would much rather have them hate me, the other alternative is plain contempt which could be much tougher to swallow.

    My suggestion is no more simple nice guy who nods & moves on. Walk up, say “Councillor whoever, love to chat with you, I’ll buy coffee, lets spend some time now”. If you still get brushed off, then you really have your answer.

    On a semi-serious side note, isn’t it time we contacted Guinness World records? When in the history of man has anyone ever known a governing body to operate in such a unanimous fashion? Not a peep of discord, not a hint of friction, no dissenting votes, what gives? I tell you, it just isn’t natural! I swear, it must be the invasion of the body snatchers, we’re dealing with a bunch of pod people. Everybody better load up their sprayers with Roundup, who knows what the next knock at the door will be.

    But on a really serious note, does anybody have a few hundred-weight of spare coal laying around we can give the council, etc for their stockings? Let’s send it delivery collect to the municipal office.

    Unfortunately, I think Peter is right, we are headed into a Christmas lull that will only work to the councils advantage. Come the new year, we will be treated to the razzle-dazzle dog & pony show promised us by the CAO, time will slide by & it truly will be October before we can clean house.

  9. John Prince says:

    Aside from one sick puppy who keeps writing hateful and personal attacks here on this blog that go immediately into the trash can, I don’t believe councillors hate me. I think it is more fear than anything else. I have a certain reputation for standing up for what I believe in, and for people, especially the underdogs. I believe my reputation with these people precedes me and as a result I am intimidating to them.

    Some may question why I didn’t make an effort to force a conversation with these councillors. The answer is two-fold. One is they had their wife’s with them. The second reason is why force a conversation with those who obviously don’t want to talk to you despite being given every reason and opportunity to do so? These councillors are readers of my blog have received emails from me and still choose to ignore you? What does that tell you? It tells me they’re either scared or ashamed, or both.

    It’s not my style or desire to smear their faces in it, belittle them or call them out in public. I’ve been in their shoes, know it to be at times a thankless job, and believe they think they are doing the best they can. Unfortunately for them, I and most people in this community believe they could do better. In this regard, we the people are not deceived by their unanimous voting patterns having no dissent which has all the earmarks of tyranny and as such a government run by dictate and one man’s agenda, than by a truly democratic process that begs to differ. I, too, coerced, having nothing but quicksand to stand on with respect to positions and policies, would be ashamed if I were but a sheep afraid of the big bad wolf.

    With respect o the lull to come? I believe it is incumbent on all conscientious citizens here in the Pass to take advantage of this time to start putting forward ideas on what we want to see from our next council. And for those interested in running for a seat on council to step forward now, make themselves known, share their opinions, ideas, take stands on issues, so that when the time comes people have a good grasp of what you are made of, and who and what you stand for so that we know what we are getting and have no more surprises like we got the last time, because we voted for a name not knowing the person. Voters need to educate themselves this time around better than they have in the past to ensure we get what we really need and want, which is a truly democratic council made up of ordinary, caring citizens. We’ve had enough tyranny, dictatorship and mismanagement by so-called professionals to last a lifetime. Its time we took back our community and made it work for us for a change. Us the people.

    I totally agree with your comment about the Minister, there’s too many signatures on that petition to simply ignore and dismiss with a simple form letter.

    “Council’s petition”. I’m still trying to figure that one out?


  10. Anonymous says:

    Coffee with councillors is not going to change anything. It might make you feel better, but this council is going to stay the course.

  11. Anonymous says:

    A councillor for the MCNP?

    We will do as our Führer says. “Ours is not to reason why but to do and die.”

  12. Anonymous says:

    If what I am hearing is correct, I do think that people are going to be looking for candidates for the election that are younger. Heard from a few people in this regard. I think a lot of people think that the older ones are a little too set in their ways. Points to ponder I guess. If we get some of the same people that were in before, I think it will be same things, all over again myself.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Interesting time stamps and blog posting times. hummm…

  14. Anonymous says:

    Hi John The people in your connunity turn in to sheeple after they are elected.And after couple metting with the Mare they turn in to meat head no COMMON SENCE only good for the market in France Boucherie Chevaline > Voila.

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