Tougher sentences don’t prevent crime

Crime Legislation

Re: Tory blasts senators for `gutting’ crime

The Harper government’s proposed crime legislation, including mandatory sentences for some drug offences, is ideologically and politically driven, not evidenced-based, and smacks of everything that is wrong with our criminal justice system. A classic case of crime as politics. This legislation, if it ever sees the light of day, will prey on the socially, culturally and economically disadvantaged, especially aboriginals and the mentally ill.

For the record, excluding the provincial system, there are approximately 13,000 federal offenders in custody and about 8,000 in the community on some form of conditional release.

Correctional Services of Canada manages more than 50 facilities, employs more than 16,000 people, and has an annual budget exceeding $2 billion. And this government wants to blindly and wilfully add to this disinvestment in society and to these dismal statistics.

Tougher sentences, however defined, and more and bigger jails simply do not prevent crime. A case in point: California’s prisons are so overcrowded that it has had to turn thousands of criminals loose. It now spends about 2 1/2 times as much per prison inmate as it does per student in its renowned University of California system. Do we want to emulate this in Canada?

Emile Therien, Volunteer, John Howard Society, Ottawa


Note-1: The Harper Conservatives, being the retrogrades that they are, once again haven’t a clue on this issue. Willing to throw vast amounts of money towards ‘making criminals’ rather than putting that same money to real use in addressing our nation’s growing deficit in societal needs, that cause much of the criminality in the first place.

Not surprising (coming from the conservatives) that there is nothing here addressing white-collar crime. Once again, we see that the Big crooks hang the little crooks but don’t hang each other, do they?


Note-2: For a very good provincial synopsis of our two-tiered justice system, check out Darryl Raymaker’s recent post:



“The Law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich, as well as the poor, to sleep under the bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread.”

from John Prince
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  1. Good day John, I just sent these comment to you email:

    Thanks for your email. Well, I know alot about the true stories. Just like what Michael Moore said in the begining of his movie, Capitalism: The love story, Warning, for poeple who easily get sad, up set, or have heart conditions, what you are about to experience can be extremely disburbing, and you may want to leave the theature now. Turn out, I love his movie, accept, I change its name to, Capitalism: The disturbing story. I have those stories, while keep in mind that you were sad for me in the last email I received from you. So, Which story would you like me to tell you first, Sir? lol

    This morning, I just talked about the cause of national and global economic financial crisis with Bill, a local Fire Fighter during my breakfast at the Star Bucks coffee shop arround the corner. I came home, went into your Blog site, and Mr. Raymake’s site, today’s posts just compleletly knocked me out, on top of my conversations at the coffeeshop earlier today. The posts hitted at the centre of my heart. Again, I will say those are the most issues occupying my heart and soul right now. They are the exactly links to the current national/global economic crisis, which in my opinions, as well as Mr. Michle Moore, President Obama, and the rest of millions of people around the world agreed that: The crisis is mainly, the result of serious corruptions within the Capitalist, the goverment/corporate corruptions, plus the financial industries including the banks, the insurance company, the Bay street, the Wall street, the independent wealth managements corruptions….& so on….

    I stronly believe that, if anything that is going to make and break the next federal election, is going to depend on the above subject, and how our political candidates will present their platforms to the Canadians. Mind you, with all do respect to Mr. Raymaker’ advices to his pal, the Liberal leader, Mr. Iggnatieff, as per Mr. Raymaker’s letter, which posted in his blog recently. Personly, I think that, they are good advices, but in my opinion, what will make Mr. Iggnatieff the great leader in comparison to the “ordinary leaders” is how he is going to manage, to bring Cadana forward to stable economy, which means, he has to take the first difficult step, against the whole bunch of crook politicians within his own party and the rest of them, in order to control political, & corporate criminals who are currently destroying our nation, and the world. This 1st step will only be seen in those great leaders who are, “in the politics for the nation and its people, in stead of for themselves”. Well, unfortunately, we don’t get them often, ie. Jesus was the last one we have in the wolrd, in over two thousand years, in my opinions. This is the reason why, the Liberal and the Conservative are almost tide in their popularity polls, because non of them has any attractive agenda, to control & corruption and bring the culplits to justice, in my opinions. Mr. Iggnatieff populality is now slightly less than Mr. Harper in central Ontario now. The medias assumed that, some of the Tory’s attack ads work. In my opinion, that’s not true, it’s not strong cause; the real cause is what I stated above.

    To be continued next post.

  2. John – you have got a great blog! Simone – a very good analysis. Keep it up!

    Darryl Raymaker

  3. I am grad some one like you and Mr. Raymaker bring up the issues relating the current goverment agenda in: Controling “crimes”.

    I agree, that the goverment tends not to focus hard enough on serious,white collar crimes,ie. the goverment & corporate corruptions;the real culplits of today’s national/global economic crisis.

    The goverment tends to focus havily on non-political crimes such as, crimes related to young people, the identity theaf and so on. I do not mean that we should ignor these crimes, but expending bigger jail is not going to solve the problem.

    Dealing with the root cause is going to solve the problem. Same as white collar crimes, we the people, and the goverment must deal with these crimes at the root cause levels, NOW.

    THE WHITE COLLAR CRIME IS THOUSANDS YEAR OLD PROBLEM. It causes repetitive economic crisis forever. It has a life cycle about every 1 or few decades, for economic bubbles to burst,& new one begins. We do not want to see it happen again. Although, we may be lucky to see it happen again if we live long enough. Or,the crisis may become worse over the next 5 to 10 years, if the National deficit is growing the way Mr. Flaherty constantly announced.

    One thing is for sure, it will repetedly happen sooner/later, if we don’t do the right thing, to prevent it right now.

    It has been happening to me and my family. I know how it feels like, when people loss their homes, assets, and all aspects of their lives are affected, and destroyed.

    I painfully watch people lost their lives, by various form of suffering deaths: From mentally and physically illnesses, pain & humiliation, broken home/family members, committing suicide, or killing thier family and loves, then killing themselves, mostly by men.

    I wish, I’d save theme,& tell them, there is hope. We must work together.

    Will we let these evil capitailists,the main creators of artificial financial/economic crisis, put the future of our children, our country, our wolrd in crisis?

    I will not let these crisis happen again. I will refuse to live with them. I will not leave them. I commit myself in this life time to work against them.

    To be continued

  4. Do not prejudge that, all rich and powerful people are infavor of the evil capitalists. The real evils are only few among them, who repetedly committed white collar crimes. They are the ones that, we must control & bring them to justice.

    It is hard work, and that is only the first step to control economic crisis. It will send the first real shock wave that, hits home.

    It will make the crooks’ friends in high places come to terms with: The real purposes in life, the real reasons God put them in this world,& the real reason we, the 99% non-corrupted people voted for them & put them in the office, to faithfully govern our country & its people.

    THE TIME HAS COME GENTLEMAN, WE MUST DEAL WITH THE WHITE COLLAR CRIMS. I say the white collar crimes, to filter this simple debate, what I truely, reffered to is what I breifly attampted to described above.

    I am setting up an internate campaign to END ARTIFICAIL FINANCIAL & ECONOMIC CRISIS. It will eventually ends proverty, that is usually affect most vulnerable people: The chilren, woman, single parent, elderly, the sick, the handicaps, the minority, the second class/marginal people in the society….& so on.


    We recognize that, God did not equally create people to acheive same level of sucess; so that, each of us was designed to hold a different role in the society. However, we must do our best to help the poor as the results of underacheives, none of their own false.

    I need your supports, your strong vioce, to lead the people to sucess in this project. Our country is recognized as one of the world leaders, therefore, we will be expected to lead the world.

    Thanks for your times to read my comments. I invite you, your family & friends; Please jion:

    1- My Face Book (FB) Internet Campaign Discussion Baord: MOVING CANADA TO STABLE ECONOMY, AND PREVENT FUTURE ECONOMIC DOWNTURN. I appologize for any inconvinience. My “Web sites and I” are currently underconstructions. Also, please join me at:

    2- Mr. Michael Moore Face Book Discussion Board under heading: Any Ideas on how to fight against capitalism or at least make it fair for everyone?

    3- ttp:// my blog site

    4- my web site for World Peace Internet Campaign

    5- An establishment I support & links to my FB

    Best regards;

    Simone Sanoubane

  5. John Prince says:

    Last night, I was looking at my Google page at different internet news stories when I saw 3 stories back to back dealing with murder/suicides, involving not only parents but in each case three little children as well. To hear of one case is disturbing to say the least, but to hear of three of them in one day coming from all parts of our country (B.C., Alberta and Quebec) is shocking!!!

    Anyone who follows the news knows that this is a continual trend that is apparently only getting worse due in many cases to economic hardships families are forced to deal with these days, because of the actions of ‘gangsters and banksters’ in our political, corporate and financial institutions, who have once again wrecked havoc in households throughout our country.

    To say that these ‘white-collar’ criminals are entitled to special treatment (low sentences, country club prisons, early parole, bail while appealing their sentences after being convicted and sentenced (sic), etc.) because their crimes are ‘non-violent’, is as far from the truth as one can get.

    Simone, thank you for your ‘book’ of comments here on this post. :-) Seriously, you have given all of us some good ‘food for thought’ and I for one will checkout the links you provided to see what constructive actions individuals can take, rather than just bitching and complaining.

    As caring human beings we cannot continue allowing families to destroy themselves, because of no fault of their own. ‘We have to save the children’. In order to do so, we must hold those accountable for their deaths to a higher degree of responsibility than what we are presently doing. In my opinion, the real criminals are the politicians who condone, support and by their callous behaviour allow this carnage to continue.

    A State that breeds violence will beget violence. Politicians need to be held accountable and the laws need to be changed, not only with respect to how we deal with white-collar criminals, but the rules and regulations that govern our corporations and financial institutions as well, and the root causes of the inherent economic failures within our system must be addressed too.

    If our politicians and government(s) won’t protect us but exploit us instead, then down with them I say!


    Always a pleasure to hear from you and thank you for your kind words. A man of your stature who is not only wise but who has a caring heart and fights for the little guy, stands tall in my books.

  6. Zoe says:

    The white collar scumbags cannot always claim a bad childhood for the carnage they leave in their wake. Greed, lack of legal deterants and the attiudes of pathetic politicians continue to leave Canada wide open for business. The carpetbaggers that plagued your part of the world came from upper class homes wanting for nothing.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Any examples of what we are discussing in The Crowsnest Pass?

  8. John Prince says:

    ‘Excellent’ comments. Thank you!

    Anon @11:23
    Good question, and one that I and others have been waiting for an answer on but with no success, so far?:

    Bridgecrooks is another that many people, especially investors (but us locals too), have concerns with, but with nothing proven yet, as far as I know?

    You know what they say, “if it smells like a duck (fraud), walks like a duck… well, it’s probably a…”

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